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  1. I’d take it in a minute! young, thin, rich, way hot chicks, and plays golf for a living... sign me up!
  2. If it were me, I’d include the pw and the Aw. Then I’d get a sub70 sand and lob wedge, say a 54° and a 58°, with matching shafts (or whatever you feel is needed) and grips And then I’d spend more time learning how the 58° can be used instead of using a bump and run 8 iron. but! thats just how I would do it. I would rather take all the “bad bounce” variables out of the picture, and just pitch a 58° up tight.
  3. i keep getting the last tourney on the spreadsheet...
  4. 36/40..76 Shot good front, bad back... flogging at its best...
  5. Doug, Camarillo 105 pv1 found one once, played it a hole, lost it. No memories stuck in the brain
  6. We also finished In just under 5 1/2 hrs for 18. So at least the torture wasn’t an all day event !! 5.5 hours? Omg, that IS an all day event!
  7. Played in a pretty good rain on the front nine, which turned into a wind storm on the back, but I managed to get 3 birdies which helped me to a 77 for the day.
  8. Me an “the cooch” threw a 75 down today with 32 putts.
  9. Mark Crossfield gushed all over the 785’s newton gushed for the blades... they are an awesome set...
  10. Make no mistake, neither of these are GI clubs, they are all business. I’m just trying to convince myself, at a 4.3, that I can handle them...
  11. Yea, they’re probably above my pay scale in playability, but dam they’re pretty
  12. One of these... usually the 54°/12°, but sometimes the 58/10 for those steep deep walls to a close pin. Or even the 50/10 for a longer throw. That’s probably not the way a “pro” would do it, but I don’t know any better... sub70’s wedges have really been good
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