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  1. This is one of the best sets ever made.
  2. I’m afraid the pats reign is coming to an end. The only reason they’re still relevant is because their division always sucks. brady is old and bilicheat wI’ll quit when Brady does. The Giants hung with them for 3.5 quarters last week... I’d like to see how they’d do in the nfc west game after game. but, their defense is strong against all those losers, so they still appear good. i hate the 49ers, but they appear pretty darn good right now... go Hawks
  3. Haven’t played much for the last 2 weeks due to a variety of things, but got out today. Front was a +5, but recouped with a -2 back for a 74... the new swing dominated the back as I didn’t use it on the front. Just when I was about to give up on it, it worked... this game....
  4. Yea, The skins are a total barn fire right now... the 49ers are either really good, or Cleveland really stinks- probably somewhere in the middle panthers better without Cam? Seems that way right now eh? Seahawks / Rams game was pretty exciting.
  5. Cat?, I thought it was a panther...
  6. I’ve been toying with a subtle swing change the last few rounds and sometimes it’s really good, and sometimes not. An easy par 4 (as long as you hit a skinny fairway) has left me with a 64 yd and an 84 yard shot in the last two rounds. Anyways, crappy hits caused doubles each day! its enough to make me want to abandon this little change, but then I’ve hit enough good shots to keep me lingering... I just can’t fingure out why I’m never satisfied with my swing...
  7. My g400 LST is still in the bag. They got it right. I imagine that it will end up like the old m2 driver that’s still awesome, a cult favorite
  8. I played an m2 whilst on vacation. It was a solid stick. But, probably not quite as technical as the newer clubs. Yesterday I demo’ed a M6 and found it to be pretty good too, but not something that beat out my g400 LST.
  9. 78 today, so trending down again...
  10. Big game for Seahawks Thursday nite against the Rams, who suddenly aren’t as scary as they seemed a week ago... but still scary
  11. Just when I’m thinking that I’ve got it all going, THiS GAME slaps you back into reality, with a solid 83 today...
  12. Shot a one under today, which was my first time of going two consecutive rounds under par. Needed a birdie on 17 and 18, but amazingly they both dropped, and both were over 10 feet. front nine I was +3, but went -4 on the back, and also lipped out another bird. lifes good when you’re making good shots...
  13. Just didn’t feel like the hassle really. After finding out about Jimmy’s, that cemented my decision
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