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  1. 5 birdies, and yet a 77... how does that happen?
  2. +2 today, with a double on 18... dang it! oh, and today was the first time I’ve ever reached #14 in two, then left the 20’ eagle 3” short, gahhh but birdied the back to back 5 pars so yay.
  3. With the recent rains here in SoCal, scoring hasn’t been easy. But, it’s still fun! But sometimes you don’t get the bounce you’re hoping for, and sometimes, you don’t get any bounce at all! This shot was a 135 yd 9 iron that was about 2 feet off the green. My buddy was watching the ball flight with me and it was so weird because the landing spot was just about an inch lower than the line of sight, due to a small ridge. We both watched it land, and waited to see where it ended up, but it just vanished! We looked at each other and said, “what the heck?” Then we found it sucked up in the mud, almost flush with the ground... ”winter rules” haha
  4. Thanks cnosil- very interesting- closer to the i500 it seems? Or p790 because it’s filled?
  5. 699 pro’s.? I didn’t seem to find those... what are they?
  6. Every time I’ve hit them, I’ve found them to be lower spinning irons. But I sure love the looks of their blades
  7. Odd that the factory is out of the 400’s. I know a few guys that preferred their 400 over the 410. The 400 LST is a 440 I think, and I wonder if the 410 LST is a 460? I don’t think the 400 LST will be going out of style for a long time... it’s just one of those clubs they got right the first time...
  8. Weird, the longer I look at those pics, the better these irons look...
  9. Yea, blueprint tungsten plugs. I wonder how “soft” cobra blades might be...
  10. Whoa there son! Just bring it back to the basics, and you’ll hit that driver again soon!
  11. I got some sub 70 wedges a year or so ago and guess what? They’re still in my bag... and I was a Vokey guy forever
  12. Lots of odd games today, but the best was balts victory over the 49ers, and Texans seem to be handling the Pity Pats. If the Hawks can manage a victory over the Vikings, we may very well have 5 teams at 10 - 2. not sure that’s ever happened before. So much for parity anymore... but then Cincy won and the Dolfins won big.... hmmm
  13. Shot much better today. Made sure to post up onto the left leg at impact, and quit hitting all those fat shots. Got a few long bomb drives too
  14. Where are you in Cali Zipr? im in Ventura co, and we got a lot of rain, it’s raining now, and it supposed to rain next week too! And it’s cold too! I’m getting old cuz this weather is bothering me a lot more than it used to... and me trying to swing in extra layers was really funny, cuz now they’re all tight cuz I’m fatter now... I might as well start knitting or something...
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