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  1. OMG I can’t tell you how angry I am!!! it became clear after just a few holes this morning that my computer has been snooped into. that’s right I’m afraid, and it’s now clear who was doing the snooping!! yup, It was Evan, (my Evnroll)… he obviously was snooping and apparently found the notification that I was selected to review the new Edel EAS putter… so he snuck out and drank some monster drink or something, and proceeded to drain almost every putt this morning in an effort to not get placed on the bench! Can you believe that sh!t? He made it thru the entire round with
  2. Oh pleeeeze, everyone knows that Evnroll putters are yesterday’s news, heck I’ve even got one! But the Edel EAS putters?… well those my friend, are as fresh as the breeze that just nuzzled my neighbors rose garden, and gently waifed the perfume into my brain… yea that’s right!
  3. Oh my goodness! I feel so blessed sometimes! thank you to MyGolfSpy, of course, and a big shout out to Edel for the opportunity, and I will do my best as always. congrats to my fellow testers as well, let’s represent MGS proudly, and put these putters to the test. i have a club champion about 20 miles away!
  4. Like stink, but I hit some good shots on the range after stinking…
  5. Shot a great second 9 after 4 bogies on front 9. Only if I could putt better..... but, I did make one nice long putt for a bird. i would guess my make percentage between 2-10 foot putts to be about 10 - 15 percent...
  6. Shot a tidy little 78 today. I’m becoming more and more sure that I’m just not a good putter with 35 putts
  7. I shot ok today, didn’t score well, but his a few great shots.
  8. Obviously not a trained CCW guy. Real training with firearms teaches the opposite of that type of behavior. You’re right- never confront idiots - not only on the track, but everywhere. Unfortunately, people like that do nobody any good, including themselves...
  9. Anymore, an 8 lb’er is a pig. Since the trout plants stopped years ago, I think there was a big fish die off, and getting a fish over 10 is a super rarity. The biggest fish this season was a 5.99. we had the 2ond big fish at 5.00. Just a numbers game now, and ya gotta churn thru a lot of fish to cul up to a good bag. We were just on em this day, probably caught around 30 fish...
  10. Played very well today...
  11. Played in our monthly “stag day” tourney and we all put together a great day for first place team, first place for the 2-man portion, along with 4 skins, for a grand total of $450, or $112.50 each!
  12. Congrats guys, you will love these putters, I guarantee it!
  13. Well done lads, now, the work begins. When I got my Mavrik, my distance gains were significant (20ish yds) over the SIM and the trusty old Ping G400. I’ll be very interested in numbers compared to your current gamer, vs just numbers. You may already bang on the 300 yd door, so that means nothing if you hit it the same as your current gamer. But if you now suddenly go 320, well then that’s a measurable gain. But, if it’s deep in the woods every time, then that’s another thing. most of all, have FuN!, cheers!
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