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  1. If not for my “other” shot of the day, this one was going to be it... an absolutely perfect driver strike, with a nice little breeze at my back to give me this... oddly, I don’t recall that thick fog everywhere else besides this one fairway...
  2. Well it did take me 54 years, so you’ve still got 24 years of cushion!
  3. Won’t get to hit it until Thursday , but here’s som pics in the meantime...
  4. Got the PtxPro today, but haven’t hit it yet. It’s smaller and maybe 1/4” shorter than the UiHi. It’s definately a different look, or I should say the UiHi is different. You can see where the UiHi would be easier to hit. The grip is different too from the Z5’s, but still a lamkin... here’s some pics, and you can see the differences yourself...
  5. It was 48° at the crack of get-go today, everyone had jackets, hats, gloves etc...
  6. 150 ish 7 iron for my first ever hole in one... came from back there over the water and the high lipped sand trap and went over the pin into the little hill to the upper tier of the green, and spun back down into the cup! "
  7. played ho hum 76, and its only that good becauuuuusssseeee.... Sluggo's first....... >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HOLE IN ONE !!!!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< so It only took 54 years to get. twas a 150ish 7 iron over the pin to a steep slope to the upper tier. Hit about 3/4 of the way up the slope, and back spun about 15 feet into the cup Played by myself so no witness, and worst of all, it was behind a high lipped bunker, ... So I didn't even get to see i
  8. I actually am trying to NOT have an expectation going in. I just want to swing away and see what it does. Buuuut, I’m guessing it’s going to be a very similar hit off the grass, and maybe the UiHi will go a little further off the tee. man that NY weather sucks!
  9. ok, got notifies the PtxPro 4 iron will be delivered tomorrow, Ill post a bit on it in here and in the unofficial review section, in comparison to the UiHi 4 iron. Looking forward to seeing the differences.. Bens197, you swinging the new shafts yet?
  10. Finally got the email, the PtxPro, will be delivered tomorrow!
  11. Im hitting my 7i 150 at 34* loft. I wonder if the D7 7i distance would be the same as my 6 iron at 30*... right?
  12. Why do you call yourself 'older', when you're the same age as this young stud?
  13. playing well still, but was thinking about Birdies. What good is a birdie really? Other than erasing a bad hole, or bringing a marginal game back into focus, bringing your attention back to the day, bringing a great feeling to you, reenforcing the swing thought that just hit that shot, or putt, that you've been working on, etc... A birdie is virtually the goal for every hole.
  14. Im actually glad Seattle didn't get him, he destroys every team he's on..
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