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  1. I figured out how to trigger my camera with my IWatch..who knew? anyway, this is a perfect example of why I love the icons...
  2. I played to score today instead of endless iron testing, and I shot even from the combo tees. It was kind of the 5 and 6 iron show today, with lots of long iron opportunities. I put seven on the greens today. I actually almost made my first HIO twice with the 6 iron on par 3's. the ball had to have gone within an inch of the cup as it settled past the hole by 3 or 4 feet. Made one and missed one birdie putt. I was almost giggling when I finally got to hit the icons. I guess yesterdays gigantic range session paid some dividends today. I also think the Recoils are giving me about 5 yds extra on the shorter irons and maybe 10 on the longer irons. It also might be my newer swing. Which is simply a flared front foot, and a closed face backswing. But for some reason, that really creates a nice little snap at the contact point.
  3. haha, that one actually made me lol. Im finding my elbow and left hand are hurting less and less with the switch away from the VTours to the Recoils. But I did like them... I wish I had a fancy crate engine in my garage...
  4. Played again today, seems to be my normal routine of late eh? They were really booked up solid as I got there a little late, so I opted to go out the back 9 and hit multiple shots with different clubs on each hole. I think that when I go out to just goof off and hit multiple balls, something clicks off in my brain and I just go into auto-pilot. I just hit rope after rope, and doubt never gets close to any thought , because it doesn't matter what I do. I suppose its good for iron testing. Needless to say I continue to really enjoy these clubs. I suppose I could get some "distance irons" and hit them farther, but I don't feel the need. Im getting a bit more used to the Recoil shafts and have found that I can actually take a shorter and smoother swing and get as good of distance. I can actually feel the shaft kicking the ball at contact when I put a good swing down. I grabbed a bucket of balls after I finished, and just started hitting the Icons for a while. Shot after shot, It was like the feeling of the pre-surgery "happy" shot, where you just feel like a million bucks before you slip off into never-never land. Went through the bag and hit a billion balls, and then came back to the PW Icon for the last 30 or so balls. The flag at 117 yards took a beating... When you get into a "range-pro" groove, its fun...
  5. thats what I was thinking.... I would love this putter in the normal finish... deadly...
  6. Another amazing testing opportunity for the spys. Another amazing ordeal for the mods to select 5 out of a gazillion applications ... these stix are verrrrrrrry interesting to say the least! Good luck testers, and maybe they'll wrap it up right after this post?!
  7. 4UiHi shots on 18, a par 5. Played from grampa tees... First shot ball was tee’d up 1/2”, and the second shot was slightly uphill off a tight lie. Both balls were hit well. Easy 70 yard chip on and missed the birdie putt... Im really liking this club’s accuracy... point and shoot
  8. Thats how it was going to the Hogan Combo set for me. I guess we got lucky in that regard ...
  9. Yes, I got the Recoil f4 (Stiff) graphite @ 86g coming from the kbs vtour 110 Stiff. A 24g difference. Unlike Deejaid, these shafts are a very good weight for me. But that could just be luck. I have played graphite’s before with different weights, so it wasn’t a total surprise to me. I played some Recoil f3’s at 82g on some TMp790’s, but the reg flex gave me fits.
  10. “Elbow pain” is reduced for sure. Even the pain in my left hand is coming down.
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