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  1. And then suddenly a shot rang out! Everyone turned to look, and the horror in their expressions showed clearly what had just happened...
  2. As the comet hit the portable pottie, and everything in the near vicinity began to vaporize...
  3. I’m getting an iWatch4. With it’s own gps. Hole 19 should thrive on that unit. maybe it’s time to look at all the iwatch golf apps again and see if there’s anything newer and better
  4. And then suddenly up in the sky, a huge meteor appear headed directly for...
  5. Par 5, nailed a super solid drive, nailed a super duper 4 iron, threw a 58° wedge to about 1.5 feet, kick in birdie. it was part of the best back 9 I’ve had in a long time... it’s fun when you hit solid strikes, one after another..
  6. Yet the concept of the impending 4 hours on the road tomorrow morning made me feel like...
  7. 41/35 for a 76, and that was with a bogies on 17 and 18. I’m kind of starting to get a handle on the new clubs, and the new club. Starting at a new difficult CC, and throwing in some new clubs, with a completely different flex shaft probably wasn’t the smartest way to go about it, but, it’s worth it now... I was definately hot the back nine...
  8. Tom Cable is a horrid line coach, and i know from the 5 years he spent in Seattle. I cheered the day he was fired
  9. Nice.... f8 fairway will probably be my next buy one of these days... although my 816 big Bertha alpha is still good. great write up Chisag...
  10. Completely different clubs, so I can’t say about distance. When I’m locked in on the range, disbursing is fine. main benefit is joint pain, or helping getting relief from it.
  11. I seem to be stuck in a 78-82 slot at my club. The pissah is that it’s not always the same holes causing me grief. I’ll birdie on day the take a double the next day. I’m just not consistent
  12. First Aerotech steel fibers in stiff, now recoil 760 smacwrap in regular flex. I play 4-5 times a week and they’ve saved my elbows and knuckles
  13. Very interesting! thanks mate!
  14. What’s an “open model”?
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