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  1. “Adele” has been glued to my hands since I opened her box upon delivery. Easily the best putter I’ve ever used Two observations.... 1. What are you doing with what looks like a down vest on when your location says SoCal and there are palm trees in view?? it was 48°!! Crack of dawn. 2. Who was playing in front of you that didn't fix that ball mark 1' from the cup on the 4th hole? right??? I was first out, so it was left-over from the day before. I fix millions of them, as well as empty 3-4 sand canisters every round. A few of us early birds fix a lot, as we play almost daily- the visitors seem to care very little about gouging our track I'm noticing the ball mark after playing this past weekend at a high end course in OCMD where our foursome fixed between 10 - 20 ballmarks on every green. The greens there were really scabbed up and did not putt true at all. it’s pretty sad the way some people have no problem gouging the track, then leaving it for others to repair- a few years ago I saw a guy in a drunk 4-some behind me miss a short putt, then slam his putter into the green in disgust- needless to say we had some words and they did their best to repair the extensive damage- so many just have no respect…
  2. Here is the video I made while testing the wonderful… Edel EAS #4 putter i was lucky to be making the video on the same day the putter caught fire, and I had my historic 23 putt day. A few of these putts are from off the green, so in my world, they don’t count as a putt, as they are shots that could have been taken with a wedge or whatever… go check out the testing page for the Edel EAS putters, it’s pure money…
  3. As promised… the infamous 23 putts video
  4. 27 putts today after a rotten start. A few birdies always are very helpful to your final score. .
  5. 23 putts today, yup, you read that right… got a lot of them on video which I’ll be posting soon with my final stage of the Edel EAS #4 putter review. it was one of “those” days
  6. I had a day today, with an all time low number of putts at 23. video coming soon…
  7. Not wingspan, but yes to upper and lower arm. He had me take a putting stance to see what angle the putter shaft would extend thru the body to establish a lie angle. i really do like the round grip, and however he positioned the counterweights. But, I do not know what prompted him to fiddle with the weight placement, and he kind of hid how he was moving them, until all of a sudden when I really started getting great distance on longer putts. That was it for that, so I’m afraid I don’t know the science behind that process.
  8. A nice round today with an epic front 9. 3 birds with 12 putts on the front! ended up with 28 putts and 5 birds, but had a few bad holes on the back that ruined a really good round. no complaints tho… but it was freezing at 50°
  9. 28 putts for a nice round today. A year ago I would go ballistic to have a 30 putt round
  10. I think every time you play at a different track the green speeds are usually different, so a few minutes on the warm up green is usually good to go. Once your brain digests the speed, it returns to point and shoot. For me, the faster they are, the more difficult it is. Fast downhill putts are tricky always.
  11. So after a few consecutive rounds of stench golfing, and a serious consideration of stepping away for a while, I played well this morning with an eagle 2 (wedged in from 90), and 3 birdies. I have some serious side issues going on that were heavily on my mind, so the brain was kind of detached from the day of playing. so what does this prove? well, I would have to surmise that sometimes we actually think ourselves into a rut, then overthink the rut into a deeper rut. Then when we clear our mind of golf, we can return to just playing it. you are welcome grasshopper…
  12. Coulda saved herself a ton of pics and posting and just said ”Titleist”
  13. So right when I’m thinking I’ve got this game by the tail, along comes a round where I literally stink, and can’t seem to even hit the stoopid ball. i putted ok, but who cares when your already 4 or 5 strokes in… It’s just odd how this game will slap you silly sometimes, ain’t it?
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