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  1. Very interesting irons, and definately well priced. Looks like they’ve got a version of the “hollow” club like the i500 or p790, but I don’t know if it’s forged or not, guessing not. I wonder if I should become a “guinea pig” and get a set...
  2. Sluggo42

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Hate the Pats, but I don’t see the Rams hanging in there with them, especially with Gurley hurting
  3. Sluggo42

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    Kickers aren’t losing games today... Rams kicker would have made a 70 yarder with that last one
  4. Sluggo42

    Used clubs from eBay

    I’ve been seeing a lot a decent deals on eBay for clubs that I’m wanting, basically a combo set of the mp18’s. Basically less than half price for a clean set with minimal wear. have any of y’all gotten burned on eBay or any negative stories? Or conversely, and good stories or great deals gotten? I just seem to have a hard time dropping retail new club money, like when you drive a new car off the lot...
  5. Been testing a lot of irons the last few days, hit these c300’s a few shots... long...very long. Still don’t really care for the feel tho... but long, sheesh
  6. I’ve been a mizzy guy most of the time, but back in the day I’ve gamed the old dci’s and the 962’s(?), and even messed about with some old MB’s “just like Tigers”, but then settled into the mp33’s and the mp 64’s. then a year ago I stumbled into a custom set of the AP2’s on my Steelfiber, and have really enjoyed them. They really do feel good to hit and are very predictable. They aren’t distance monsters by any means, but they are ok. They really are nice clubs, so I can’t really explain my new desire for some new clubs right now
  7. Being a current user of the 716 ap2’s, I can’t imaging someone better qualified to put them thru the paces, so I volunteer to take that bullet for the team. I’ll forward my shipping address to the person in charge of that... im such a giver....
  8. Have you guys seen your handicaps falling at all with these in the bag for a while now?
  9. Sluggo42

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    I’ve saved up my pennies and am ready to buy a new set. Was fairly convinced to get a split set of Forged/tour, but now this enters and so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if it really comes out in feb. the players distance thing is addictive to me right now, and even though I really like my ap2’s, I can’t get the mizzy outta my head... I also like that they don’t upcharge for shafts or grips. That makes pretty much everything else get expensive
  10. Sluggo42

    Grips... get a grip

    Well I just finished putting on my mcc+4’s after a successful week with a test grip on my 6 iron- now just gotta wait this storm out...
  11. Sluggo42

    Pics from the course

    I grew up there, rains too much lol, although I’m sidelined today from rain all week!!
  12. Sluggo42

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    Verrrrry interesting... feel, and distance, and forgiving? whats not to like...?
  13. Saw a discussion over at another site that mizzie is going to introduce a new “pro” version of the hot metal in Feb. just one more thing to mull over... but the missies are on my short list for this year. Maybe some type of mixed set...
  14. Sluggo42

    So many choices...

    Yes it’s true that lofts are jacked up in the new clubs, but, the faces are indeed hotter than the “old” clubs. Thinner faces, speed foam, magic dust, boron infused, roller cam bearings, and turbo’s. Yup, they are fast. so I guess one could wonder if matching lofts, how much further the hot faces go. Maybe 5-10 yds? I remember a few months ago I hit something like a rogue or an epic 7 iron and it went like 190 or something truly rediculous. I can’t recall any specifics, so I’m just throwing those numbers out, but the point was, that I remember thinking how absurd it was that I was hitting something that far. so then one could muse, how far do I really “need” an iron to go...? It would be nice to have a little more confidence in that 150-200 range. And it will also be a different spin along with a steeper drop. But it would be cool to utilize all of the newest tech available.
  15. Sluggo42

    So many choices...

    Ahh, big difference between 42 and 62 years of age. I could really knock em back then... but funny thing, I score better now... go figure