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  1. Klanked a drive which left 220 to the green. Hit a 3 wood to 10 feet, and nearly made the birdie putt. 3 wood is normally not my best club. i think I had 5 up and downs today, any of which could have made topic, but that 3 wood was pure…
  2. Lessons… it is SOOoooo easy to revert back. You can do it without even trying… (see what I did there?) so yesterday I re-reverted back to playing to lessons and shot better, and today I started off in full lesson mode. I also recently changed to an interlock grip vs the overlay, and that’s becoming habit now. And I’ve also got the club out from the palms, and into the fingers, if that makes any sense to you. End result was a very good game today, with many good shots i did have a few clacks though, but for some reason, I had a few really nice “up and downs” to save par. the trick to lessons, is to use what you learn, and make the “new swing”, the normal swing..
  3. Kinda been hacking the last few rounds, thinking about other things. My “new” swing sort of was slipping away and I didn’t really notice. Then on the 13th after a drive behind a tree, I had to hit a draw. then I started thinking about how to hit a draw, and then I remembered all my recent lessons, and how I’d been slipping away from them. So, I went through the lessons set up and swing, and darn if I didn’t his a great shot with a nice draw around that tree. I played to par the rest of the round and was happy that I remembered. moral of the story is that it can be very easy to stray from “new things”, but if you do, don’t be stubborn stupid, and get back onto that pony…
  4. Congrats! Took me 65 years to get my first.
  5. Totally agree with this. It’s not that the Hogan Ptx Pro’s aren’t great stix, but let’s be clear, half that set are butter knife blades. One cannot deny the true joy of a well struck blade shot, but forgiveness isn’t one of their main selling points. the p770/p790’s still provide a wonderful feeling on a well struck shot, it’s just “different”. Oh, I forgot to add one last piece of the puzzle that I’m now 2 rounds into. I’ve switched my grip to an interlock, vs an overlay. some might say that that’s not that big of a deal, but let me tell you, it’s significantly different. it’s funny as I’m getting a new blister. The result of the switch, for me, has been a much higher degree of accuracy all across the board. It seems a bit easier to have a stronger grip, as that was one of my lessons, that is helpful.
  6. Glad you asked, as I’ve kind of been just shooting to get more used to them. Shot a 75 today which included a double on 8, thanks to using a tee that was still sticking in the ground from someone else. Lesson learned! the irons (p770’s) are fantastic. They’re 7-15 yds longer, and I’ve been getting used to trusting them. The switch to the regular shafts (Ventus Red 6R) has also been great, and I’m finding that just taking a smooth swing is the key. The 5 and 6 irons in the (p790) are SO easy to hit. This combo set is kind of taking the sting out of getting older, as the extra distance, feel, and forgiveness, are making these things so pleasant to hit.
  7. Shot pretty good today…
  8. Forgot to mention these clubs are quite forgiving. Todays ballstriking was marginal, but the results were still acceptable. The Hogans wouldn’t have been so kind
  9. Played yesterday, shot pretty good. Shots I liked were 1) 140 yd 8 iron that pretty well dropped and stopped, but missed the birdie 2) 165 yd 6 iron that soared very high 3) 175 yd 5 iron same short irons are pretty consistent and just slightly longer than my Hogans, and the 5 and 6 p790’s are very easy to hit. The gapping is really good too. And I’m really loving the Ventus shafts.
  10. Ok! First round in. No score keeping, just a casual run hitting multiple balls testing the irons. first thoughts are kind of what I was expecting. soft, and just a little longer than the Hogans. I think what struck me the most was feeling the shafts kicking. Didn’t really feel that with the recoils. They are going higher too. But they must be spinning decently as well, as they were holding the greens pretty well, and the greens were on the harder side. They liked a smooth swing to get that kick happening. Interesting really. Well struck shots went high with a neat little draw. Just a soft kapok, and poof went the ball. the A wedge (51°]was close to the same distance as the 50° Hogan the pw and 9 were like 3-5 longer 8 was 5 -8 yds longer 7,6,5 kept getting progressively longer, so it was a nice gapping system they use. they did what I was hoping, by reaching longer approach shots. The 5 and 6 iron were bent a little weaker than factory, but still went far. here is the 18th green, with shots from an 8, 9, pw, and a gap W. Shots were coming from the right, and all went a little long. And I missed every putt haha, just kidding, I made them all… ha, honestly … I don’t really remember
  11. Didn’t keep a score today, just was playing with the new irons. Details in the p770/p790 thread. Not a ton of excitement, it’ll be a fairly brief post.
  12. Great question Ben. mostly I’m looking for a little more distance, as i always felt the Hogans were close to perfect, but they weren’t long at all, but really I only bought a new set because I did well on some golf bets and had some disposable income the wife couldn’t complain about me spending. I have a few holes at my local track that always leave about 170/180 after a decent drive that I rarely can hit, and I’m hoping the p790 5 or 6 iron will be easier to reach with. i really kicked a lot of different irons tires, and actually was kind of set on either the 223’s or the 225’s. I remembered when somebody posted up a pic of the p770’s a year or so ago, and thinking to myself that OMG they were just as pretty as an iron could get. So I tried hitting one at Roger Dunn on a MmT shaft, and I just didn’t really get that tingle down my leg. And it really was just a fluke that I decided to try a Ventus shaft, because with the very first shot, I was just blown away with the feel- it was just perfect to me. And then after 15 shots and a grouping the size of a dime, all at a buck fitty, that I knew I was onto something. I also tried leaning into a few shots and was able to squeeze the 160 range with the 7 iron a few times too… the Hogand were 140 ish for a seven iron. we shall see how they hold tomorrow… then you throw in those nasty bad iron covers , and it’s all over. I know “real” golfers scoff, but I’m just one of those guys who likes the clean perfect look to stay that way, been using them for decades.
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