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  1. First game in a few weeks as I’ve been super busy with everything, but made a few great shots including a HIO, my 3rd ever
  2. My 3rd ever hole-in-one today on the 167 yd 8th hole - wanst a great strike, but the aim was perfect!
  3. I think my mlm2 pro is helpful to my game. Shot a +3 74 today, and even on the back. I also went and put my hogans back in the bag. I forgot how nice those Icon blades are to hit
  4. A meh day overall, but for the second day in a row, I torched my 3 wood onto the green for eagle putts. Missed em both but I had the opportunity… then on 18 i hit a great drive with my brilliant new driver. My $59 eBay special big Bertha alpha double black diamond
  5. Well, not as good as yesterday, I had a dreadful stretch of 5 holes that murdered a good day… meh…
  6. Last year I spent the small fortune on a new a Titleist TSr2 at 9°. Fit on a Tensi blue stiff shaft. It’s been pretty good, but I always wondered if a 10.5 might have been better. When I put a good lick on it, it does go well though, so no real worries, but my drives are always those stiff line drives than would go through a tree. So anyways, my curiosity got the better of me and I pulled the plug for a new driver at 10.5°. Played it today and what a show it put on, long towering blasts all day. the shaft is a Tensi “grey”, I think. 65 gram stiff. Is there such a thing as a “grey” stripe? My Titleist is a “blue” stripe, and white was a consideration. I just don’t recall there being a “grey” band. Maybe it’s supposed to be white… I dunno.. so a few weeks ago in my garage SIM, I somehow snapped the shaft on my good old Mavrik. So I fiuered I’ll just to on eBay and snag me a used one, with a Callaway tip. So I started looking, and then I had the idea to just look for an old Callaway driver with the same tip, at a 10.5°, and then I could see how that flies compared to the 9° Mavrik. so after a few days, I put down a bid on an old Callaway Alpha double black diamond, with the Tensi stiff shaft with the gray band. It won at $59… Took it out on the track today to see how it works, and all I can say is wow. It’s longer and straighter than the billion dollar Titleist… moral of this story is that when you stumble upon the perfect club, magic can happen…
  7. A great day, 73, with 3 birds in a row to finish the day. Twas due mostly I suppose to my new driver. I had 3 drives right around the 300 range, and the most of the rest were great too. Now I hit klankers on #2 and #4 drives, but escaped with only one bogie. Now I just last year spent a bazillions of $$$ for my new Titleist TSr2, but I got fit at 9° due to the long rollouts, but I always wondered what if I had bought. 10.5°. so anyways, I went and pulled the trigger on a different driver, and bought a 10.5°. First hole I was deep, and curiously excited. Couple klankers and then spent the rest of the day with deep towering blasts. What an amazing driver!!! I had mostly short irons and wedges in, and fortunately I was hitting them well too, and putting was decent, burning a few edges that could have been even better. Good drive on 16, par 5, then a crushed 3 wood on, giving me a putt at eagle, but I missed by an inch. made a 25’ putt for bird on 17, and then a 10 Footer for bird on 18, for an even 36 on the back, after the +2 on the front. amazing what a perfect driver will do for your game… you ought to get one too…
  8. These guys only want to inconvenience the affected groups, so that everyone with a tee time at 8 and later is unaffected
  9. Mini rant here- we have the first tee time, at 6:50, but a frost delay till 8:00 so, they decide to put us on #4 at 8, in order to get everyone else started, and then they say it should be open when we make the last turn to go play 1,2, and 3. I asked the, how about you start us at 1, and stack the rest behind at 18,17,and 16… they say well no, because then the rest of the people will be delayed until they all get past 1… sooo, we get done with 18 and roll to 1, and there is a 3 group waiting… so we basically got screwed… rant over…
  10. Oh, and I did hit a hole in one on e6 , in my simulator…. Does that count?
  11. Played yesterday, and it was freezing cold to begin, range was closed, and we hadn’t played for a week. Needless to say front 9 was brutal, but the back 9 was ok
  12. So, I’m guessing lenses? Did you get the fancy new “multi-focal” ones, or a single view? I’m supposed to be looking at this as my eye doc says I’m close, and it happens quickly once they go…
  13. Finally got out again after all my “issues”, and my buddy after cracking his fibula. I’m telling ya, you have to be tough to get old… anyways, a rough front, but then got thru the back with only 2 slips. all in all, great to get back out
  14. Played a scorching 66 today at some fancy course on E6 with my Rapsodo… I have found the best tool in that set up is the endless mulligan feature- haha now half kidding aside, besides all those mulligans, I did hit some really good shots!
  15. Cold and golf do NOT work together +10 thru 7 -1 from 8 till finished- there has to be some type of warm clothing that one can golf in…
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