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  1. Hit a 5 iron today about 175, over a ravine. Landed about a foot from the pin for a kick in bird… I don’t his many great 5 irons
  2. With fishing season in full swing, I’m lucky to get 2 rounds in a week- im tellin ya guys- there is a huge advantage to playing 4-5 times a week, vs 1-2 times- for all you guys that play once a week and wonder why you can’t get your index down, it’s because there is a huge difference in how often you play, on your scoring average
  3. No, it’s sterling hills
  4. Shot 80 today and was actually quite happy with it- track is soaked and cart path only. This means no roll, and often have the wrong club after walking all the way across a wet fairway. And oh, did I mention the 30 mph gale force winds? Yea, that was going on too, in addition to cold as all get out. I all reality I had a great round, and hit numerous really good strikes- mind you, this is Southern California, and I’m not kidding when I say it was cold!
  5. Well I made a spur of the moment purchase, and bought a very lightly used set of Mizuno T22 “denim copper” wedges. 54°, 58°, and 62°. Yep, you read that right, 62°. That’s what I thought… but, they came on Patterson Kinetixx trajectory shafts. I got all three for basically the cost of one new one, so I just couldn’t pass em up. It was pouring rain, so i have only got 1/2 a round on them, and really only kinda hit them once or twice each. So I don’t have much of a report. But got one good hit each and they feel sweet- but good lord, that 62° was an interesting bird- I had about a 20 yard shot, over a trap to a short pin, so I figured hey! What a perfect opportunity! so I took about a 1/2 swing that would have gone long with the 60°, and doggone if it didn’t softly pop up nice and tight. Kind of a specialty wedge, probably doesn’t go more than 40-50 yds. they are 12° of bounce on the 54-58° wedges, with a d and c grind? That’s fine for the 54°, but not used to that much on the 58°. The 62° has the X grind, and 8° of bounce. anyways, they’ll be fun to play with…
  6. Made it thru 9 in the rain this morning, too cold and too wet… why am I so stupid sometimes…?
  7. Ended the day with a bird to stay in the 70’s, thank goodness! it was a bit of a struggle today, as yesterdays magic wasn’t happening… it’s the beauty of this game. Some days you get the bear, and some days the bear gets you…
  8. Same here- they call us the early birds cuz every day, 3 or 4 of us are first off the tee box
  9. Ignorance at its finest… just like when you’re fishing a prime point in a tournament, and a rental boat runs right between your boat and the shore… not a clue..
  10. Well well well… why does it auto in an apostrophe on the wells?… but, I shot BB’s today with a nice tight +3, and that’s with a doggone double on 17 , but 3 birds on the back… so the dilemma of multiple layers of clothing and jackets was solved this morning with a slight swing change consisting of … ahh what’s the point ? Nobody cares anyways… but it was groovy and surprisingly long- I also lowered the loft on my TSr2 to “A2”, so it’s now at 9° and draw. Bam, I was long all day- irons were tight, putter was too- this game is way more fun when you’re killing it…
  11. Lol, that’s what I thought… jeepers! That guys could get a job as a narrator anywhere…
  12. Who would have thought?
  13. Ok, I figured the game out… just need a 1.5 hour frost delay, and then add a cold 30 mph wind and I shoot a 2 over- simple as that
  14. Man, I gotta quit with the +3 after 2 or 3 holes every fricking round! 3 super hard holes, always wrapped up in 3+ jackets, cuz it’s fricking cold, and bam- 3 or 4 over just like that- then, an easy-ish par 5, then the #1 hdcp hole, where par feels like a birdie… then it’s always a 39-40 front- then ya gotta dig down and play clean on the back to stay in the 70’s ive got nuthing but problems man, nuthin but problems…. The struggle is real man…
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