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  1. Fishing a lot as tourney season has started, so only playing once a week if that. Scoring hi 70’s low 80’s. Typically a crap front, then I remember how to play on the back. Just goes to show, you need to swing every day if you want to play effectively...
  2. Our weather is just starting to get warm again, low 80’s and high 70’s. BUT, the morning is close to 40, and I’m getting tired of the cold. Too many layers and gloves and a big beanie makes a swing difficult... but the track gets so crowded lately with the shutdown, it’s a zoo going later...
  3. Shot like crap. Some days you just are out of sorts
  4. Ok good, I’m glad it wasn’t just a quick flip, and that you’re actually still messing with it...
  5. Shot good today, couple birdies and missed many others. id been having trouble a few weeks ago off the tee, and so I started flaring the back foot out 45°. That’s it. Also started taking an extra iron for every shot, and just smoothing the swing. It really has started getting like a pin attack. But I’m just not a long hitter with the irons.
  6. Its kind of trippin that you felt couldn’t play it at least a round or two. All based on a few range sessions you didn’t like? I mean, play it and then decide. That’s sorta the deal if you sign up to be a tester, right? Test it! If it costs you some strokes that you’re worried about, then don’t post your score... then torch the club in your review with exactly what happened... I dunno man...
  7. First time out after a 2 week layoff due to playing like crap... shot good
  8. Finally played again- after Going +3 after 3, I settled down for a 75, which I was very happy with as there was a 3 club wind - it was so windy I had to play without my hat! crazy windy! I dunno whats up with all this wind weve been having here. I played with a really cool youngster who I played with like a month or three ago. He is a pro drummer who is still out of work because of covid- poor guy...
  9. So you’ve played ONE round, and a few trips to the range? And already to throw in the towel on them? personally, I’d give them another 4-5 rounds before making any decisions. It’s a completely different club than hose earth mover g410’s were. Give yourself a chance to get used to them is what I would do...
  10. My results finally came, negative thank God.
  11. Congratulations guys, this will be a very popular thread. Lots of pictures and videos to hold us off until your reviews come out.. please!!
  12. great opportunity for all you walking dead golphers gitter done!!
  13. this here is a truly smoking deal, I wish I hadn't bought my speed zone a few months ago, for this. they are great 3-woods folks
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