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  1. While being a most wanted tester sounds good to the everyday golfers ears, I don’t think anyone appreciates just how much time and effort a tester actually puts in. cheers to ya cnosil, and the rest of y’all, a heartfelt thank you for all the work you guys (and gals?) put in. The results are always read by millions of users, and I would imagine, the manufacturers as well. Keeps them honest !
  2. Tight little 73 today, irons worked pretty well today, and the putter too
  3. I so agree!! (Sluggo tightens his flame resistant suit, and adjusts his Kevlar vest...)
  4. Played a demo today... meh the lst400 is better, and sounds way better but the 3 wood? Now that’s a beast
  5. I’d still like to see last years winner in the mix... testers will be different, etc, and all that is true. But it will still be hit by the same testers this time around, and one more club wouldn’t make that big a difference. And if it does, then I would drop a club that is known to not be in the top 3 or 4. It’ll still be apples to apples for this years testing.
  6. The same it seems as always. Somewhere between a 73 and 78ish. Been stuck at 4.1 forever it seems. im an inconsistent iron player. Good driver, decent chipper, decent putter. Short irons pretty good. But I murder them at the range... I guess I’m a range pro...
  7. Shot ok today... the bigger backswing doesn’t seem to work for irons as well as it does for woods.. one of the guys brought out a maverick 3 wood and it got lots of oohs and ahhhs. I hit it a few times and it seemed pretty long...
  8. I’ve been Vokey forever but taking a break with the sub70’ for the last year. Might be time to come back home... but tightwad me would probably go with some sm7’s on sale!
  9. Well, basically more bounce keeps the club from “digging”. So you get away with less damage from a chunk. But is that really “OK golf”? No, I don’t think they allow you to avoid fixing your swing. And don’t take this as a “stinky” answer as it’s not meant to be, but I think that thinking that shooting a 105 is OK, vs shooting a 125, is what allows you to avoid really fixing your swing. im guessing your scoring has improved dramatically with the “new swing” right?
  10. +7 front -2 back - for a 76 the hands higher on the backswing move is starting to produce some really nice shots
  11. Got on a long par 5 in-two. Missed the putt haha
  12. Ripped a few 3 woods off the deck today, hands higher... interesting
  13. Been working on getting the hands higher on the backswing, rather than behind me. Interesting...
  14. Tell me ! Went to the lake today, then came home and ordered $70 of shaky heads and Ned rig heads...it’s a disease...
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