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  1. Seahawks all the way baby! Gotta get me some Russell Wilson in my fantasy league!!
  2. Sluggo42

    So many choices...

    Went to roger Dunn’s today to hit the 790, as Chisag makes it sound so danged nice. it was, but then I started hitting everything they had and now I’m so mixed up. Srixons, Ping i500 and 400, and i210, Cleveland’s, TM M4, and the 790,s... they were all pretty nice... and then I hit the mizzy 919 Forged, on a recoil Stiff shaft... geez it was nice. That old mizzy feeling I used to be addicted to with my mp33’s and 64’s. And it was as long as the rest too, I mean the 7 iron was going 170. That like me 20 years ago when I could hit a 7 iron 175. Now my ap2’s feel pretty nice, but they don’t feel quite as nice, or do they go as far... decisions, decisions.....
  3. Saw a discussion over at another site that mizzie is going to introduce a new “pro” version of the hot metal in Feb. just one more thing to mull over... but the missies are on my short list for this year. Maybe some type of mixed set...
  4. Sluggo42

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    I’ve saved up my pennies and am ready to buy a new set. Was fairly convinced to get a split set of Forged/tour, but now this enters and so I’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if it really comes out in feb. the players distance thing is addictive to me right now, and even though I really like my ap2’s, I can’t get the mizzy outta my head... I also like that they don’t upcharge for shafts or grips. That makes pretty much everything else get expensive
  5. Sluggo42

    Grips... get a grip

    So I’ve done a few searches but can’t seem to find a thread or category for grips.. so if there is one, please give me directions! Thanks with that, I put a MCC Plus 4 “Align” on my 6 iron and just got back from the range. I liked it a lot. No problems like blocks or fades. Only thing that was hard was getting the alignment “spine” straight during installation. anyways it seemed like I could knock the ball well, and I think it’ll help my arthritic fingers a bit too. Anyone else using the “Align” grips?
  6. Sluggo42

    Grips... get a grip

    Well I just finished putting on my mcc+4’s after a successful week with a test grip on my 6 iron- now just gotta wait this storm out...
  7. Sluggo42

    Pics from the course

    I grew up there, rains too much lol, although I’m sidelined today from rain all week!!
  8. Sluggo42

    Mizuno jox919 hot metal “PRO”

    Verrrrry interesting... feel, and distance, and forgiving? whats not to like...?
  9. Sluggo42

    So many choices...

    Yes it’s true that lofts are jacked up in the new clubs, but, the faces are indeed hotter than the “old” clubs. Thinner faces, speed foam, magic dust, boron infused, roller cam bearings, and turbo’s. Yup, they are fast. so I guess one could wonder if matching lofts, how much further the hot faces go. Maybe 5-10 yds? I remember a few months ago I hit something like a rogue or an epic 7 iron and it went like 190 or something truly rediculous. I can’t recall any specifics, so I’m just throwing those numbers out, but the point was, that I remember thinking how absurd it was that I was hitting something that far. so then one could muse, how far do I really “need” an iron to go...? It would be nice to have a little more confidence in that 150-200 range. And it will also be a different spin along with a steeper drop. But it would be cool to utilize all of the newest tech available.
  10. Sluggo42

    So many choices...

    Ahh, big difference between 42 and 62 years of age. I could really knock em back then... but funny thing, I score better now... go figure
  11. Sluggo42

    Srixon zstar vs Titlest prov

    Well I played my first serious round with the tp5x today and I am impressed. Long with good spin. Not too much tho, just good. Serious penetrating flight, great feel. It helps that I played a good round too. Did the ball cause that, or was the ball just the lucky recipient of a good swing today? maybe a little of both. A few shots I thought that were gunna get away from me stayed on line and didn’t hook out, which says to me lower spin, yet they were staying put on the greens pretty well. Less spin than the chrome for sure, but maybe in a good way. One of my buds made multiple comments on my piercing ball flight and good distance. I think it passed the test.
  12. Sluggo42

    Pics from the course

    That’s the ocean view on 14 and 15. yea the driving range is pretty too
  13. Sluggo42

    2019 Callaway Apex & Apex Pro Iron Thread

    Haha, I hit them today. Neener neener... they were pretty nice, hit the flashy too. Meh. I was kinda pooped out tho when I was hitting it after hitting 6 different irons, so I didn’t really get any great hits on the flash 3-wood.
  14. Sluggo42

    How'd you play?

    Yay, hit the ball well today, but I was pulling them about 20 feet left, but still onto the greens mostly, and if I missed, I was getting up and down. shot a +3 , so it wasn’t a perfect round, but no complaints. Hit some really good shots, and some good recovery shots following a not so good shot.
  15. Sluggo42

    Pics from the course

    Driving range, and #14 view from tee box at my new club
  16. Sluggo42

    How'd you play?

    Post rain slop game. 11 over 82. Ick! but oddly, I’m hitting the ball pretty well. Had a few get away from me today... meh
  17. It’s getting really cold in the mornings, 30-40°,so I’m looking for a warm something to wear thru the next month or two. Rain is NOT an issue, I’m just looking for something that’s warm and easy to swing in. any suggestions? Thanks in advance...
  18. Well, I’m down 16 lbs since nov. 11th now. Wondering if I’ll see some improvements like that soon. Fingers crossed!
  19. Sluggo42

    The 2019 Iron Games

    I wouldn’t mind getting something new- but they’ll have to be in some graphite’s, and preferably Steelfiber... 790’s, or I liked hitting those KZG blades, or maybe 919’s or the mp18 mixed set... so many options now, but I can’t say I don’t really love my ap2’s...
  20. Sluggo42

    Taylormade P790 4-PW with Project X LZ 6.0 . $800obo

    Pics would be nice... im kinda looking for a set of these...
  21. Sluggo42

    sun mountain C130 bags

    I’ve got a c130 cart bag and I don’t like the way it sits in the cart because it leaning back, so the irons always are leaning back and they seem to always be tangled up. i think if the carts would have a lean towards the back they’re be fine tho, but none of the carts around here do.
  22. Sluggo42

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    That poor kicker will never recover mentally....
  23. Sluggo42

    How do you measure a successful score?

    It can be as little as one great shot, or putt. right now at my new club, hitting a green is good, they’re on the small side. And obviously a good score.
  24. Sluggo42

    NFL thread! What are you thinking?

    I doubt the next team the cowboys play will have as stupid of an offensive coordinator as a Brian Shottenheimer , who repeatedly thought that running every 1st and second down right into the teeth of a very good run defense was a good idea, especially with two offensive linemen at partial strength. No, he waits until 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter to unleash Russell Wilson’s passing game... so dumb...
  25. Geez, this thread makes me want to barf... I mean I dig my LST, but good grief... it’s not like everything else sucks