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  1. This thread, along with the “got troubles?” Thread always make me realize that I don’t have it all that bad. I guess whoever dies first will win these two threads...
  2. First game back after my bout with diverticulosis last week, shot so-so...
  3. I would imagine Tiger has a few decent lawyers working for him...
  4. Right? That’s why I can’t stand dealers... their first suggestion is usually the most expensive option... you would think their conscience would bother them after awhile...
  5. Truck motor oil pressure weirding out, had to take in to my buddies shop. For some reason I took it to dealer first, they’re suggestion was to just replace the motor, only $10k i told them to shove it deeply
  6. Everyone from high to low seems to love em, but like the Shank says.. price point is dumb. Gimme a break eh?
  7. Sluggo42

    Sub70 golf

    What shafts are in those Rev?
  8. But even their 7 series as well as their blades are lower spinning, seems kinda across the board.
  9. Massive upgrade to old gear. I think for anything less than a gully washer, the gear is perfect. My outing last week caught some good downpours, which made me wish the hood was a necessity as my head got soaked, and i grumbled for the rest of the round. On other days with much lighter rain, I was very happy. the old gear was an instant sweatbox. Even when just riding in the cart. Where the Galway only seemed a little sweaty when I was huffing and puffing slogging back and forth to my ball from the cartpath, as my course is quite “hilly”. And I also had an extra layer on. When I didn’t have the extra layer, the suit breathed well for me.
  10. Ok gang, my stage 2 is up and running! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/30769-2019-official-forum-member-review-galway-bay-rain-gear/?do=findComment&comment=521987
  11. My elbow troubles have basically disappeared, as well as my finger knuckles using the SmacWrap shafts.
  12. Every video I watch about most every srixon iron seems to think they’re a bit weak on the spin numbers, usually at least 1000. Like for example, the 585 vs the 919 forged. the mizzys 7 iron was close to 7k, while the srixon was in the 5k zone. Anyone feel this to be an accurate thought? They go a little bit further, but don’t seem to stop as well, seems a common theme... even the blades were a bit weak on spin it seems. I’ve been day dreaming about some new irons of late, and am not worried about the loss of distance that a more traditional lofts will bring, but I miss the old spin numbers. One set I’m contemplating is the new hogan ptx-pro ‘s. They click a lot of boxes, and make that good spin, sort of the 100 per iron, like a 6 iron will turn 6000 revs, and so on...
  13. Holy crap, you guys are making me think I haven’t got it so bad!
  14. Getting ready to go to airport yesterday morning for our week in Maui, and I suddenly felt the urge to poo. So I do and out comes a bunch of blood. so then I’m in the hospital all day only to find out I’ve got diverticulosis. So got released and now chasing doctors to fill out the paperwork for trip insurance that fortunately the wife got. feel fine today... just depressed about it all
  15. It’s not like it is crushing the 400 statistically, it’s just slightly better. Slightly better than one of the best ever. It’s not going to make current owner rush out and buy one. But the new buyer will reap all the new improvement
  16. I’d take it in a minute! young, thin, rich, way hot chicks, and plays golf for a living... sign me up!
  17. If it were me, I’d include the pw and the Aw. Then I’d get a sub70 sand and lob wedge, say a 54° and a 58°, with matching shafts (or whatever you feel is needed) and grips And then I’d spend more time learning how the 58° can be used instead of using a bump and run 8 iron. but! thats just how I would do it. I would rather take all the “bad bounce” variables out of the picture, and just pitch a 58° up tight.
  18. i keep getting the last tourney on the spreadsheet...
  19. 36/40..76 Shot good front, bad back... flogging at its best...
  20. Doug, Camarillo 105 pv1 found one once, played it a hole, lost it. No memories stuck in the brain
  21. We also finished In just under 5 1/2 hrs for 18. So at least the torture wasn’t an all day event !! 5.5 hours? Omg, that IS an all day event!
  22. Played in a pretty good rain on the front nine, which turned into a wind storm on the back, but I managed to get 3 birdies which helped me to a 77 for the day.
  23. Me an “the cooch” threw a 75 down today with 32 putts.
  24. Mark Crossfield gushed all over the 785’s newton gushed for the blades... they are an awesome set...
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