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  1. Michael - California Handicap: 14 right now been slipping Rounds per year: 40-44 Normally purchase from a big box retailer Currently playing the Callaway Chrome
  2. My14 yr. daughter fell in love with these shoes as soon as she seen them and is already bugging us for a pair if they start selling them! She also thought her rainbow hair was cool. Personally not for me but I could see the added benefit of having ankle support for those who have ankle issues.
  3. Oh man I have had them so bad for the last 4 months with my irons seriously! I hit my driver an avg. 300 yrds. and my 5 wood 230-240 yrds. with a slight draw I never hit my 3 wood very good so I rarely play it , but put an iron in my hand and its shank city. I have lost all confidence in swing with the irons as soon as I get over the ball over. Had my daughters swing coach help me out but then they creep back as soon as I get to the course.
  4. Shortest hole I ever played was playing 68 yds. but it was also one of the toughest to putt on. It was on an executive course.
  5. I think the tour velvets have a way firmer feel.
  6. Thanks for the info, only had orange left but still had to buy a set! can't beat it for the price.
  7. Bought a new Callaway X hot 7 wood and only bought it because I got it for $18 bucks, never hit a 7 wood before.
  8. Only played one time in my life by myself and nothing spectacular happened...... played like crap on purpose... LOL! just so I wouldn't have "the greatest shot that never happed"
  9. I think that's a good analogy! I am not a sweeper.
  10. It doesn't work for me, except when I am putting. I tried it after I read Harvey Penick's little red book he refers to it as "swing the bucket" with a slight forward press. When I tried it, it just felt a little strange and I would tend to get me hands outa whack ! but sure it was more of a mental thing for me trying something new.
  11. If works for you stick with it especially if its comfortable for you! golf is challenging enough with everything else going on in the swing why mess with that part of your game if its not broken. A few years back a single joined our group and the guy played right handed but had a left hand grip looked super odd but damn that guy could play!
  12. I have never tried that method of looking at the hole only, but I guess I am close to putting that way I have always kinda turned my head slightly in between the hole and the ball or my target/break line so both are in my peripheral vision.
  13. The last 3-4 months my driver and 5 wood have been my strongest to the point I am thinking of just using those 2 clubs on every shoot LOL! , weakest is probably my approach shots right now always a little left or right.
  14. No don't live in Palm Springs. I agree with you there are nicer course around. We try to get out there several time a year, playing Desert springs next month never played there but heard its nice course.
  15. I'll play with anyone who is just happy to be out the course, doesn't really mess with my game if they suck just as long as they can control there temper and have fun. I play with 2 guys from my company that are scratch players and it makes me want to be a better player.
  16. Michael, Average putts: 30-34 Home state: Ca. Stroke Type: Straight I'll take Jack Nicklaus
  17. Great write up and great observations these are things I notice when I a play with a buddy of mine who is a scratch golfer. He never loses focus or gets frustrated even if he has a bad shot, he puts that shot or hole behind him and focuses on the next one. He keeps his swing very simple and smooth never looks like he's trying to hard.
  18. Hi Everyone been following these forums for quit some time and it was time to join. I've gotten some great info from just lurking... thank you to all! I'm in CA I have 10 handicap (instructor says I could probably be scatch if I wasn't left handed LOL!)
  19. Coolest Ecco product or pair of golf shoes I own is a pair of Ecco tour wingtips nothing beats the classic old school look!
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