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  1. I don't really think in a particular way, i just swing. But on video, it's one plane and not S&T.
  2. hmmmm did not even think of that shaft!! Thanks, 3.3 is pretty low, i'll be sure to check it out.
  3. Looks nice! is it one of those in between fwy wood and hybrid types?
  4. Was the facebook thing supposed to be a tag to the MyGolf Spy page? If so, it should be @MyGolf Spy, not @MyGolfSpy. The second one won't tag right.
  5. Is that copper? How does it feel? Looks terrific btw
  6. That Gene Nead putter is very cool! I'll be editing the list with more replies.
  7. Let's compile a list of 8802 style putters, I'll begin: Wilson 8802 Wilson 8813 Snake Eyes SV1 Cleveland Designed By Arnold Palmer Designed By Rife Bimini Bettinardi Black Carbon *Bettinardi BB2 *Byron Morgan Designed by Captain Morgan Yonex Super ADX Adams A7 Scotty Cameron Napa *George Low Wizard *Gene Nead 8802 I'm missing so many!
  8. certainly possible but imo, highly unlikely!! But maybe he needs a fresh start and a fresh putter too
  9. hahahaha agreed! Japanese people are just willing to pay more for golf clubs, it would be too costly to sell some Japanese products here. If you ever look on tourspecgolf.com, the clubs are ridiculously expensive!
  10. Help me out here! I'm looking for a shaft that has low torque but that will launch the ball mid-high. So far, I have UST Axiv-Core Black, Diamana Red Board, and Grafalloy Prolaunch Blue 65 on the list, is there anything else I should look at?
  11. Ah yes!!! the importance of fitting. The great thing about Scratch is that it's so easy to get in contact with someone there! The CEO even answers emails. I think a conversation with one of their experts will be beneficial for me, I really wanna drink the Scratch kool-aid
  12. I have these TM red cap Tour velvets right now that feel incredible. More tacky than Golf Pride tour velvets, dunno why. Iomics are incredibly durable! Have a white one on my driver, and every time i wash it, it feels almost new again.
  13. The stock shaft is pretty bad but the clubhead is beautiful. Stripped the paint off the crown of mine, now it just needs a reshaft.
  14. Titleist 909D2 Taylormade r7 Ti - 15* Titleist 909H - 19* Mizuno MX-300 4-GW, Nippon 1050 Vokey SM 56*, 60*, Rifle Spinner Odyssey Black Series i #9 - UST Frequency Filtered Leupold GX-I and TM Penta Will upload pics later!
  15. My Leupold GX-I is nice and simple, and very durable! Outside of 220 yards though, it's pretty light and hard to shoot without your hand shaking. Scanning mode makes life easier though, instead of point and shoot, just hold down and scan until you hit the flag.
  16. Wow that thing is beautiful! Do the different type of grinds really work for you?
  17. A custom TP Mills One! Probably with a brown finish...
  18. Discuss the Mizuno Shaft optimizer! READ ARTICLE HERE I tried it out the other day, recommended TT GS95, Nippon 950, and Rife 5.0 It was very interesting for me, my swing speed is too fast for a regular shaft, but I was hitting it too low for the S300. The lighter shaft was a great idea, increased distance and trajectory.
  19. Loved the looks of these irons. It came down to these and the MX-300s. Picked the MX-300s because the fitting cart was so easy to use, and I'm a Mizuno loyalist
  20. I used the shaft optimizer as well, very cool results for me!! It recommended the Nippon 950GH and TT GS 95. Ended up with the Nippon 1050 for now, may switch if I find it too heavy. @moecat Thanks for the welcome! I've never tried the MX-200s but in terms of aesthetics, golfware is spot on!
  21. No feeling like striking my MP-32s on the button. Just switched to MX-300s though, a little bit of forgiveness with very little sacrifice in feel.
  22. Just got mine recently, 4-GW, Nippon 1050GH, red ferrules . They look incredible, feel incredible, and are very workable. Game improvement irons with player's club looks. Rave about these irons here!
  23. Good point OP. I feel like it's all personal preference. Scratch wedges offer so many varieties of grinds/bounce configurations and almost total personalization, especially the tour department. That's why people love them so much.
  24. IMO, the FT Tours are the best looking driver on the market. Small head, open face, delicious! Excellent pop at impact too.
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