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  1. Bill Texas 11.1 Wilson Staff F5 i500 Beautiful club.. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Bill Texas 11.1 Wilson Staff F5 i500 Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Totally get it. Lots more variables as life goes on. Favorite golf buddies move on, age makes 18 holes physically painful, single digit handicap doubles...They all get frustrating but it comes down to finding new reasons to enjoy the game. Take a break, reassess what your goals are and head back. I find that WHO I play with means far more than achieving my personal best as I get older.
  4. Temple, Texas Ping Sigma G Ketsch Lag putts Sent from my SM-G935T using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Wilson Staff can play with anybody in the market. The 100's ARE gorgeous but for guys who wear a dime sized spot on the sweet spot. Not me. Best golf I've played was with the original FG Tour...After going elsewhere with fitted, expensive clubs I've gone with the F5 forged. Hit the V6 and liked them but the F5 suits my once a week current game. My fitted players irons are great when I'm able to play more but the F5 feels great and is more forgiving without looking like a game improvement iron. Didn't catch on market wise but spent a lot of time on trackman with both the V6 and F5 and the numbers pointed to what suited me best. I also like the satin finish of the 5....Different strokes...
  6. I will try some as I've always been a fan of the FG tour ball (actually liked the original best). Will try a sleeve of these but the market is moving with Costco and companies like Snell and Vice putting out good urethane balls at a much lower price point. Sent from my SM-G935T using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. I have used the Bushnell Neo XS the last two seasons and would like to try the TomTom to see if it's more accurate (the Neo is +/-3 yards) and if it's screen is more readable in bright sun. I like the Bushnell but there are definitely areas to improve on. The menus are not particularly intuitive being the biggest negative. What I do like is it's ability to state distance to hazards. If the TomTom is a step up at the same price point I'd be a buyer.. 13 handicap
  8. Bill Hansen temple, texas Handicap 14 Rounds per month 10-15.. current balls are Snell My Tour, Pro V1x and Callaway sp3.. on my 3rd dozen My Tour balls and am curious as to how they play in Texas heat..like them a lot in cool to average temps.. Havent played the Get Sum but would be happy to test those also.
  9. Bill, Texas...14 handicap. Tom Wishon 575 forged irons, stiff shafts..2 degrees upright.
  10. Classic style...John Barry, I chuckled at your comment after seeing years of how you roll on the course (and want to add that I've always enjoyed your take on golf fashions) . I like the new line but when I see the golf centric clothing going for double what I pay for quality shirts I look elsewhere. Can't say I'd ever buy anything but the hats...I like it more than the TM line if only because it doesn't look quite so slim fit. I'm in decent shape but the high end stuff often looks cut for stick figures. The womens stuff I think will do well. Not all pink and cutesy. Looks good but real world functional.
  11. Theoo and Dave are on the right track, I believe. He is hopefully just getting his affairs (no pun intended) in order and is staying out of the limelight while he gets his head right. The guy looks like Bradley Cooper, hits the ball a mile and is rich...those that judge him harshly need to think about how easy it would be to go off the rails with fame, fortune and hot babes throwing themselves at him. These guys are often a step behind in the maturity department after being slobbered up to their whole lives. Having the great one as a father in law may be the key to him growing up...I hope so as he is one of the more fun guys to have in the hunt on Sunday... As for TMAG, I think it's just wait and see.
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