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  1. +1 on towl and putter headcover
  2. yeah i like that towl idea! I was thinking lanyards?
  3. I love the details of the textured sole. Makes it look like an expensive product (ie Lamborghini laptop, Bose sound system, interior of a supercar etc)
  4. I believe they are being made in China and assembled i the USA
  5. it's nice and all to have options, but does anyone else find this just a little too confusing?
  6. i'd be the first to say it actually looks quite good, but would I would now play with one of these.
  7. I think rather than any major changes in the materials used, or a radical change or adoption of any particular shape, manufactures will look at physical changes. Like they are experimenting with aerodynamics (Adams Speed Fast 10, Nike Machspeed, TM Superfast) and physical compression like in the Nike VR driver with the red compression channel. I think more development will be done with how a golf ball reacts to not just the face of the driver (like Callaway's or Mizuno's driver face technology) but the entire club itself. How the physical characteristics of the driver can promote a straighter and more penetrating ball flight. And i'm not talking about geometric shapes, but more along the lines of what Nike has in mind for the VR drivers.
  8. I just sold my set of Pro CB for Mizuno MP58. Don't regret it at all for the sake of my game, and I think the Pro CB are just as sexy as the MP58
  9. very nice, like how they have grind the sole like what's in the pic.
  10. Is that the cobra pro baffler on the left? I also prefer the left.
  11. This is just my opinion, but the way I see it, when I go and buy a product and if it says "Forged in Japan" vs "Forged in USA" I'd buy Japan 100% of the time. Plus the factories are already set up and have a reputation in Japan for their forging process. All this leads to making the product more marketable I believe.
  12. If you spent good money to buy a good product such as the clicgear, then why wonder if you should use it or not? I don't want to come across as rude, but if you bought it, then use it. If not, then why buy it in the first place right?
  13. I found this rubber tee at my local course and I love it to bits!! I use it only for my driver and it causes no damage to the driver at all. I love it and would love to know where I can buy more from. I have no idea what brand it is, maybe I can post a pic and hope someone here knows what it is.
  14. Where and when and how much?! I need a 5wood/2hybrid
  15. those Burner Forged irons are the nicest TM irons I've seen. Very traditional, me likey!
  16. With the shaft thing, when i was there, the shop owners told me that the people that usually can afford to play golf in Japan are older men, with slower sign speeds. They prefer graphite shafts in their irons.
  17. you'll find that there's alot of better or nicer products that the Japanese keep for themselves, either in golf, cars, or electrical goods.
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