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  1. There's isn't much to it, you're right... which is why I love it! In a market that seems to be saturated with silly, over the top designs from companies like Odyssey, Nike and PING themselves, it's these classic shapes that I still crave!
  2. Good to see you on here man.

  3. Thanks, my friend! Only problem being that I live in the UK... but I have my sources, so I'll try and snag one somehow.
  4. Saw Rhys Davies using this in Malaysia this week... wonder if you flatstick lovers could help give me some more info on the model, price, web links etc. Thanks!
  5. @sactown Nope, it's not in print anymore... was a limited edition thing back in 2005 or so. You won't get in on Amazon, that's for sure. Ebay.co.uk is your best bet. It really is a great read. Perfect coffee table type book. There is no ISBN, only a barcode: 9 771747 568009.
  6. GolfPunk released a one off book called The Golf Punk Essential 100: The Greatest Golf Stuff Of All Time. It was absolutely phenomenal. Here is a photo of it to jog the memory - http://tinyurl.com/ygvmrcg
  7. Hang about! GolfPunk still exists in the UK... well, sort of. It is now called GolfPunk International. Having said that, you rarely see an issue on the shelves. Last issue I saw was around about October 2009. Used to be a GREAT mag back in the day, but has slowly been going downhill ever since. The publishing company has been riddled with financial problems. Could go into it in more depth, but won't...
  8. Stumbled across this spanking new putter this morning. It's a limited edition J.Lindeberg / Vega collab. It retails at £200 and can be found at www.scottsdalegolf.co.uk and www.TrenyGolf.com. What are people's thoughts? It's nice, and you know it'll feel like butter thanks to Vega, but I wouldn't shell out that sort of money on it.
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