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  1. Well, looks like what I said is taken the wrong way again... It's fine. You guys have a good day.
  2. I thought I could win a Golfwatch AND some kind of free month or year worth of coffee...
  3. Ah, I never gamble money unless I know I'll win at 90% chance and I do it only to ppl who are "bad people". *grin* I was a pool shark... but lost my edge. Richard: I can understand to a degree what you are saying. But I learned that not all is black and white, I try to find the actual purpose of a question or message. Sure, I can find the answers to my questions most of the time, but wouldn't it be assuring to hear it from a place that is full of people I trust? Also, since I'm a business admin on another forum, "activity" in the forum is important I find. So my posts are usually dual purposed. "Stupid questions are the only one not being asked" ? I find that a really stupid statement if people believe in it. Most questions I see are stupid, but if you don't ask questions stupid or smart, would you improve your knowledge? See, I'm not afraid to ask questions even though I know they can be dumb questions at times, and I find that no matter the question, you can always learn "something" from either the replies, people's reaction, people's thoughts, etc. Only insecure and scared people won't ask questions and won't learn anything. 2 months ago I saw a T-shirt that says something like: "The idiots are full of themselves while the brainiacs are full of doubt of themselves". I like that statement better. I do have to admit, some times I felt like I don't want to post anything because it may get shot down and I don't want to show my other side and cause a negative atmosphere and feeling of animosity. I graduated from a European uni when I was 14 years of age, and have been on my own since I was 10, no family, no mommy nor daddy to fall back on and no time to cry and whine. So I'm pretty confident in my life skills as well as IQ. But in everything new, my principal is to be humble and think of myself as a newbie even when I'm doing average or slightly better in a short period of time... and this is very true for me when it comes to golf. There are still many variables I don't know of and I'm not comfortable with my skills yet. Just a friendly write up so you and everyone here know me a little more. Well, you have a good golf day, hope it's not raining there like it is here for the whole week =)
  4. Blade: Yea, you are right, I just don't know much and I'd rather ask questions and learn. My questions always lead to other somewhat related questions and this is how I learn more. Better ask and annoy people than being ignorant forever =P Sluggo, HKmeyer: I understand that now. I'm going to focus on my putting much more so as well as my mental strength this fall, then I'll get a real handicap next year. This way I'd be confident of the HC# . I still don't feel confident saying I'm below a 9 for now. Richard: that one of 2-3 people better be me also... =P Anyways, thanks for putting up with me, I'll post some updates on my progress as well as scorecards later if that's ok.
  5. I see that now. I assume most people think that if I say my HC is a 9, they'd assume i'm shooting around 81, don't they?
  6. Yep, I just add 2-3 strokes on top of my average. My friend did calculate my HC a month ago and he said index of 3.2 if I"m not mistaken. I don't know what that is, but I know I'm not scoring an average of 5, because there are days I score in the teens and I'm not that good. I just entered my info on the calculator for USGA and it says my index is 2.4 based on the last 7 rounds ... Again, it's impossible. ANyways, it's not important, I need to step up my putts, chips and mental, that's all I know.
  7. I was actually thinking the same, but again, it's not about distance for me. I'm trying to learn what I can and cannot do and how do I compare ability wise against the average good players. THe 5i though IS short off the pin by 20ft. But also I factor in sucker pin positions in which there are a bunch of on that course. So I rather land it on the green than take chances. Whenever I mention distance people seem to get riled up when my purpose is completely different, so it gets tiring, but I'm glad you brought it up, because I was wondering about it. Isn't handicap based on the 20 rounds played? I always look at my average overall , then add 2-3 strokes extra on top. May not be official, but I'd rather err on the right side.
  8. The 4Hybrid shot to the green for a 2nd shot was on a par 5 since I REALLY wanted to get it on in 2 for a birdie chance, which I got. The 5i shot was because I pulled my driver low about 200yds left and I desperately wanted to at least par the hole. These 2 shots were not my normal SS, I truly gunned for them, but I already had a mental image of my hips and upper body movement to make the ball go straight. I was in the zone it felt like. At least now I know that I shouldn't expect to be able to hit shots like that a lot of times. Kept my mood and motivation and mental focus up easier tho since I did it. But it made me think, how the heck would I stick my ball from 200yds on to a SUPER fast green? The greens I was playing were aerated so I thought it'd be easier to make balls stop on them. I should have had 1 birdie on #8, but my ball bounced 90* left on the green because I hit an aeration hole straight on.
  9. John from Tour Lock Pro is a good man. His stuff does work at least for me. I notice a lot of differences with my settings. So yea, I do have his weights and drill bit .
  10. My 4H Raylor is a 22* . flat line. Hmmm... I don't remember the wind direction, but definitely not head wind. I did take a big risk with these 5i and 4H shots, but at those moments it just felt like I can hit anything and it'll go straight and long. (Sabotaged myself on #18 though, because I wanted to maintain the -1 on back 9 desperately) They ended well for me, but since I have almost never hit those shots and successfully landed on the green, I'm just wondering if good players do this all the time. Update: elevation at that course is 5500ft . I'm going to do a little research on how to make a ball stick on faster greens from long distances, was wondering about this yesterday.
  11. Those double bogey and triple came from me hitting my wedges thin around the green. And I had trouble putting since the green was aerated and has a bunch of holes, plus I didn't chip close enough to the flag to make the aeration holes not matter. Didn't hit a single slice with driver, all are straight or straight draws, a few pulls. Fairway to green shots were some of my best results this year. Can I be proud of a 202yds 5 iron into the green that left me 20feet to flag as well as a 239yds 4 Hybrid shot to green that left me with 25feet to flag? I think I'm starting to understand a little bit what you all are trying to tell me and what I wish for is really touchy and tough. But I'm enjoying it.
  12. 2nd nature eh? THat requires a lot of trust in my own skills and I don't have that yet. But if that's the case, then it's something I"ll work on. Here is a new score card. Played the course in 2 hours 20 minutes. Straight forward course, just full of trees and 1 unfair water hazard 240-260 yds ish from the tee box. ANd the following is much more typical of my scoring. The 1 thing I know when I'm scoring like this is that there are no golfer to piss me off with their stupidity.
  13. Is it? I didn't realize that since I'm used to courses like this and a lot of courses are like that here. But a difference of only 100 or so yards only right? Copper is not the front tees. There's still Jade and white for women and seniors. I made that many errors in the front because I duffed my irons because I was so mad at the pace of play. Plus the doubles came from me missing chips to well over 15ft, and that infuriated me even more since I know my chips are generally rather accurate, then it infurirated me because I blamed it on the slow group and marshals. Sigh... I got caught in a circle...
  14. This has become a 6 hour round. Course is full of idiots who wants to tee off from black or gold and they always end up 150-200yds off the tee. Marshalls here NEVER did anything. Extremely frustrating day on this course. And now that I think about it... it's always like this there. Truly testing my patience. I blew the front 9, but after that I decided that what ever happens happens on the back 9. I did manage to contain my anger on the back, but when I got home, I was really angry again. I didn't enjoy the round.
  15. Speaking of mental toughness, when I shoot 1 or 2 over in the front 9... that's when the question : "Can I keep that lead or even shoot birdies to go lower?" And that's usually when I get screwed on the back.
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