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  1. Well, looks like what I said is taken the wrong way again... It's fine. You guys have a good day.
  2. I thought I could win a Golfwatch AND some kind of free month or year worth of coffee...
  3. Ah, I never gamble money unless I know I'll win at 90% chance and I do it only to ppl who are "bad people". *grin* I was a pool shark... but lost my edge. Richard: I can understand to a degree what you are saying. But I learned that not all is black and white, I try to find the actual purpose of a question or message. Sure, I can find the answers to my questions most of the time, but wouldn't it be assuring to hear it from a place that is full of people I trust? Also, since I'm a business admin on another forum, "activity" in the forum is important I find. So my posts are usually dual p
  4. Blade: Yea, you are right, I just don't know much and I'd rather ask questions and learn. My questions always lead to other somewhat related questions and this is how I learn more. Better ask and annoy people than being ignorant forever =P Sluggo, HKmeyer: I understand that now. I'm going to focus on my putting much more so as well as my mental strength this fall, then I'll get a real handicap next year. This way I'd be confident of the HC# . I still don't feel confident saying I'm below a 9 for now. Richard: that one of 2-3 people better be
  5. I see that now. I assume most people think that if I say my HC is a 9, they'd assume i'm shooting around 81, don't they?
  6. Yep, I just add 2-3 strokes on top of my average. My friend did calculate my HC a month ago and he said index of 3.2 if I"m not mistaken. I don't know what that is, but I know I'm not scoring an average of 5, because there are days I score in the teens and I'm not that good. I just entered my info on the calculator for USGA and it says my index is 2.4 based on the last 7 rounds ... Again, it's impossible. ANyways, it's not important, I need to step up my putts, chips and mental, that's all I know.
  7. I was actually thinking the same, but again, it's not about distance for me. I'm trying to learn what I can and cannot do and how do I compare ability wise against the average good players. THe 5i though IS short off the pin by 20ft. But also I factor in sucker pin positions in which there are a bunch of on that course. So I rather land it on the green than take chances. Whenever I mention distance people seem to get riled up when my purpose is completely different, so it gets tiring, but I'm glad you brought it up, because I was wondering about it. Isn't handicap based o
  8. The 4Hybrid shot to the green for a 2nd shot was on a par 5 since I REALLY wanted to get it on in 2 for a birdie chance, which I got. The 5i shot was because I pulled my driver low about 200yds left and I desperately wanted to at least par the hole. These 2 shots were not my normal SS, I truly gunned for them, but I already had a mental image of my hips and upper body movement to make the ball go straight. I was in the zone it felt like. At least now I know that I shouldn't expect to be able to hit shots like that a lot of times. Kept my mood and motivation and mental focus up eas
  9. John from Tour Lock Pro is a good man. His stuff does work at least for me. I notice a lot of differences with my settings. So yea, I do have his weights and drill bit .
  10. My 4H Raylor is a 22* . flat line. Hmmm... I don't remember the wind direction, but definitely not head wind. I did take a big risk with these 5i and 4H shots, but at those moments it just felt like I can hit anything and it'll go straight and long. (Sabotaged myself on #18 though, because I wanted to maintain the -1 on back 9 desperately) They ended well for me, but since I have almost never hit those shots and successfully landed on the green, I'm just wondering if good players do this all the time. Update: elevation at that course is 5500ft . I'm going to do a little resea
  11. Those double bogey and triple came from me hitting my wedges thin around the green. And I had trouble putting since the green was aerated and has a bunch of holes, plus I didn't chip close enough to the flag to make the aeration holes not matter. Didn't hit a single slice with driver, all are straight or straight draws, a few pulls. Fairway to green shots were some of my best results this year. Can I be proud of a 202yds 5 iron into the green that left me 20feet to flag as well as a 239yds 4 Hybrid shot to green that left me with 25feet to flag? I think I'm starting to understand a
  12. 2nd nature eh? THat requires a lot of trust in my own skills and I don't have that yet. But if that's the case, then it's something I"ll work on. Here is a new score card. Played the course in 2 hours 20 minutes. Straight forward course, just full of trees and 1 unfair water hazard 240-260 yds ish from the tee box. ANd the following is much more typical of my scoring. The 1 thing I know when I'm scoring like this is that there are no golfer to piss me off with their stupidity.
  13. Is it? I didn't realize that since I'm used to courses like this and a lot of courses are like that here. But a difference of only 100 or so yards only right? Copper is not the front tees. There's still Jade and white for women and seniors. I made that many errors in the front because I duffed my irons because I was so mad at the pace of play. Plus the doubles came from me missing chips to well over 15ft, and that infuriated me even more since I know my chips are generally rather accurate, then it infurirated me because I blamed it on the slow group and marshals. Sigh... I got caug
  14. This has become a 6 hour round. Course is full of idiots who wants to tee off from black or gold and they always end up 150-200yds off the tee. Marshalls here NEVER did anything. Extremely frustrating day on this course. And now that I think about it... it's always like this there. Truly testing my patience. I blew the front 9, but after that I decided that what ever happens happens on the back 9. I did manage to contain my anger on the back, but when I got home, I was really angry again. I didn't enjoy the round.
  15. Speaking of mental toughness, when I shoot 1 or 2 over in the front 9... that's when the question : "Can I keep that lead or even shoot birdies to go lower?" And that's usually when I get screwed on the back.
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