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  1. Brand new Callaway Razr XF #4 Hybrid 24 degree Stiff Flex Very nice Winn Grip. Very tacky feel. $80 shipped in Lower 48 states of USA.
  2. I am looking for a 50* Mizuno MP T11 wedge. I may also be interested in a 60* that is in very good shape to replace my current one that is getting a bit worn. Really only interested in the T11 models.
  3. To Clarify, will Ship in the Lower 48 States of US for price above. Willing to ship elsewhere, just will have to figure exact shipping since it can vary quite a bit. Thanks. Jon
  4. Callaway X Utility Prototype- Have 18* and 21* Driving/Hybrid Iron Brand New See MyGolfSpy Review here http://www.mygolfspy.com/trend-or-fad-driving-iron-review/ New in plastic/bubble wrap. $125 Shipped in CONUS.
  5. I have 2 Sand Wedges for sale or Trade for Mizuno MP-T 11 Sand and/or Gap Wedge. Seeking the Sand wedge to be 56 Deg with 13 Deg bounce. 1. Cleveland CG16 Sand Wedge. 56 Deg loft. 14 Deg bounce. Bought brand new for $80 in March along witha few others to find what felt the best for me. Very light play marks on face and sole. Like new. Loved the feel of it but going with a different one because the grind wasn't ideal for my swing. Asking $50 plus some shipping based on where you are from IA. 2. Callaway X Series Jaws 56 Deg Sand Wedge- More wear on this club but the finish shows more wear than what life is left. The grooves and face are actually in very solid condition. Outstanding review by MGS here http://www.mygolfspy.com/callaway-x-series-jaws-cc-wedge-review/ Asking $35 plus some shipping again based on your location from me in IA.
  6. More GIR. Going to make an effort to track this and try to improve. Any advice is welcome. I think starting to focus on easy to hit or center of green targets vs. pins etc. Simplify... get in fairway. Get on green. I cut my handicap almost in half last year to a 10.5 but want to whittle down some more strokes and I found a very interesting score predictor with weighted factors that affect score. Weighted importance of GIR is shocking relative to other factors that seem to draw big attention... at least to me. I guess focusing more on one part of the process rather than whole score. Link is here if you want to check it out. http://www.aimpointgolf.com/score.html
  7. I'm heading to meet some guys in Chicago and play golf on Saturday. One of them lives in downtown area. Anyone have recommendations and/or hookups for courses in that area? Thanks for any input!
  8. I am looking at buying a new shaft for my TM R11 Driver. I currently have stock Fujikura Blur 60 Reg Flex and think it is soft for me. I've been reading and have found people that say too soft tends to cause you to be open and block to the right and others that say it whips through to early and results in a pull hook. The pull hook is my miss. I rarely block a shot to the right and I like mid launch and tend to hit a slight draw. I haven't been on a simulator in quite a while but I used to swing around 100-105 mph. I am looking at some online and want to know a couple of things. Can I buy a shaft fit with an R11S adapter to fit into my R11? Any recommendations on a good shaft I could try without spending a fortune? I plan on getting a new driver with proper fitting in a year or two but for now its not in the cards. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks for any help.
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