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  1. That's exactly why I went rangefinder, less than ideal GPS numbers. Ran into one instance that was >30 yds off, LOL. I'm lucky that my course is well mapped, so I can trust friends' GPS where laser isn't viable (line of sight and so on). I know the person who mapped it, she's well beyond mere "good."
  2. Been noticing the buzz about these, it's making me have thoughts. LOL
  3. Sounds very similar. I like to know the distance to pin, but I'm always trying to account for the little things you're mentioning. Short par 4 at our course, fairway is a couple feet above green, <10 short it dips down, then slopes upward through the back of green. I play that differently than the par 4 two holes later which is gradually uphill, and has a two tier green. Went so far as to look at Google Earth to see how large the greens are, on my usual course, try to keep that in my back pocket. Then there's weather... Maybe it's a left brain thing, but I see it all as data gathering for making as informed a decision as possible. (Just throwing all this out there for general consumption, not so much a directed response) Added amusing irony... those various "tests" and surveys that attempt to classify left vs right brain tend to show me closer to 50/50 than I would think. Of course, they're completely accurate and meaningful, because I've seen them on the internet... Completely unrelated... saw you on TV again recently, in the random few seconds Dark Knight was on screen. Smiled at the WTF vibe you were putting out.
  4. She Who Must Be Obeyed I've also seen it as TOWMBO, the first two words instead being "The One"
  5. I love it when "feel" is brought up as a counter. It's essentially a euphemism for estimating distance, and the adjustments one needs to make for conditions present. We're doing the same thing, except replacing estimation of distance with concrete data, because we're not good at that estimation. Can I sound any more left-brain? LOL
  6. I'd intended to wait a bit to figure out what I was doing, but the black Friday sale got me; I bought a full set of RT95s that I'll put in something or another. I may even spring for a couple TS1 heads to pair with Wood Bros blades and my HMB 2i.
  7. I have a friend who couldn't understand why I'd pull out the rangefinder in that 40 to 70 yard range. Why didn't I just estimate it by eye? Had to demonstrate how incapable I am at distinguishing between 45 and 55, or even 60.
  8. Well said. Personally speaking, I've always swung sub-70g shafts slower. At one time, 90g and up was where I had the most speed. Even now, 60something and low 70s gram shafts tend to feel pretty light to me, in less than a good way.
  9. My biggest purchase has been my laser rangefinder. Aside from the obvious assistance, it's also helped illustrate my inability to gauge distance by eye. In terms of clubs, mine have been what many would call counter-intuitive. Buying a Louisville Smart Driver 20 years ago was my gateway to persimmons, and it was those persimmons that improved my tee game from OMG to merely not good. My first set of Golden Rams would be not far behind
  10. Late to the party, feel obliged to comment on the above. IMHO, this change in scoring is MOI related. The massive change in forgiveness in drivers, especially, lends a hand not available when drivers were made of organic materials. A corollary to that, and this is only *my* opinion, is it helps illustrate how little difference that increased forgiveness actually makes, when it comes to score. Some pretty enormous changes and it's only a single stroke... The added irony, I fully realize the dichotomy in my views. On one hand, I will mention how amazing it is we have an iron clubhead more forgiving than the SLDR driver, while also saying it doesn't matter that much. I'll stop now, that's enough on my personal contradictions LOL
  11. I'm sorry, I don't understand those words. Is that Sanskrit or Aramaic?
  12. I'd randomly seen something referencing a Mizuno driver, so I started doing some digging on the ST190 and ST190G (and the 200 models, also). Because it's important to think about new clubs when you haven't played in 3 weeks, and likely won't be playing for another 3-4 months. One of the points I looked at was the CG location of the two ST190 drivers. As I looked, I noticed the dot of the F9 near that of the ST190. Which reminded me (with colorful mental language added) that I'd just bought a SpeedZone this year, and liked it well enough that I bought extra weights. So I sauntered into my "golf room," where I put a Black Tie 7m3 in my SpeedZone, replaced the rear 6g weight with a 14g, and now I have it ready to go at 43.5" and D7. All set for March golf (hopefully)... Non-golf related update... bought a PS4 for our family room. Now I'll be able to play updated Diablo III while riding my exercise bike. Also picked up Dragon Quest XI on a Black Friday offer I couldn't refuse. I'm set for retiree gaming, should I take that plunge in the near future...
  13. I have a tall wife (not as tall as yours), and my first thought.... I feel sorry for her in the arena of clothes shopping. It's better now than it was, but its still not great. 35 yards, eh? Dayum!!
  14. There were two piece clubs in the 90s, the example that comes immediately to mind are the Tommy Armour 845 Ti irons (I remember there being others, just not remembering model names this morning). Hollow irons, also, though i don't know if they were foam filled. They weren't prevalent, for sure. For forgiveness, nothing seemed to get much higher than the Zing. Several hit that same area code, but then the G410 and G700 pushed it to a crazy new level. The G410 iron has an MOI pretty close, maybe higher, than the SLDR 460 driver. That's incredible. To me, anyway. Makes me wonder about trying a set at some point, though I'm not especially fond of the stock loft gaps. (fixable) With the old blades, everything considered an advance exists in the 20th century. Hogan and Mizuno both had higher bounce blades. Wilson was moving the CG away from the hosel pretty effectively. And they managed a pretty high MOI as well; their 68 Dynapowers are as forgiving as anything I've seen listed. You might enjoy knowing the highest MOI in any blades I've seen are the CF4000. The downside, the CG is pretty high, and pretty close to the hosel.
  15. Speaking to main topic... irons, no real change, with one main exception (G410 and G700 from Ping, new level of MOI reached with them). Aside from the exception, I think anything from the last 30 or 40 years could compete pretty well. Might have to pick your spots a bit, the older you go in that range. Drivers and woods have definitely improved, largely because companies now better understand how to produce lower spin. And they've added a side benefit of better forgiveness with reasonable spin levels. As for graphite iron shafts... I've become a huge fan. Went experimental 4 years ago, was very pleasantly surprised at the performance. Went back to steel for a while, switched back this past year once the elbows/wrists started complaining a bit. Very glad I did; had no trouble with irritation the rest of the year. The only real negative with graphite iron shafts is that there are quite a few options available. For a recovering club ho such as myself, it can provide too many opportunities
  16. I realize you've already made your purchase, but... Reading your interest in something that won't lose a lot on mishits, my first thought was the G400 Max (and its Max successors). About as high on the MOI scale as they come. I would think if there's anything that would provide that level of forgiveness, it would be one of these.
  17. I switched to hybrids in the 2 iron / 5w slot, using the TM Stage 2 Tour. They work moderately well, but started having the occasional spacey result. After some 2i use, I've decided to give an MP20 HMB 2i a shot in that slot. So far (one round), I hit it pretty well. Will start the season with it in the bag.
  18. I absolutely hate blind tee shots
  19. A couple strange things in 2021.... Perhaps in part due to my decreasing length, I'm finding more use for a 3w in my bag, on the par 5 holes at my course (still largely using a 2h or 2 iron as alternate tee club). And stranger, considering my decreasing swingspeed, I've been having success using a 3w at 13* off the deck. Both my King LTD and Stage 2 Tour worked pretty well for me, turned down to 13* or so. Even trotted out my 12* TEE E8 Beta (13* actual loft) at the end of the year, with good results. Golf is a funny game.
  20. I'm with you. Don't like betting on the game, just want to play. Don't really get it.
  21. Sorry to be That Guy, but I guess I'm doing it anyway... Not all taper tips are constant weight. And not all parallel tip shafts are not constant weight. A good example from Ye Olde Days is the original Rifle shaft; the parallel and tapered models were both taken from the same blanks, tipped to frequency, and they would stage the tips for the tapered shafts. Going the other way, Nippon makes .370 versions of several of their Modus shafts, which are all constant weight. I'm not 100% positive, but their 950/1050/1150 shafts may also be constant weight in parallel. /end nitpicking
  22. Got in what is possibly/likely my last full 18 in Minnesota for 2021. Took my newly purchased MP-20 HMB 2 iron with me, in place of my usual hybrid in that slot. Limped along on the front, including an ugly double on #6 after tree trouble combined with a momentary Hands of Stone putting demonstration. Little use of the HMB. Back nine was better. It didn't feel that way, but my short game rose to the occasion. There are several holes on the back where I normally tee off with hybrid, got to make use of the HMB. Had some lefts with it (it had been 3* up), and got to hit it twice on the par 5 15th, thanks to hooking my tee ball off a tree. It works great off the deck. I'd have to say better than my hybrids, honestly. *got the HMB adjusted flatter. It turned out to be 16.5* loft, 16* is spec. I think it's going to be a win.
  23. HMB update... It was obvious to the naked eye, this club was a little upright. It was also 40.75" long with a rather large grip. Took it to local 2nd Swing shop to have them adjust it, it was 62* lie. Just a bit up. LOL Aaaaaand... After trying one owned by a friend, I bought an Orange Whip before playing yesterday. I think it'll get some use this winter...
  24. Jekyll and Hyde round yesterday. Doubled the second hole after having tree trouble, then finding the sand and biffing the 4 footer for bogey. Made 20 footer for bird on par 5 4th. Had a couple crazy up-and-downs, including one for bird on par 5 8th hole. Finish the front even par. Magic starts to dissappear on the back. Par putt lips out on 10. Par putt lips out on 12. And we slam on the brakes as we are the fourth group on par 3 13th. There was a group on #15 who were holding everything up, drunk and stupid. Sitting for 25 min wasn't too helpful, I guess. Wound up doubling 13 and finished bogey bogey bogey for a 36-42 round of 78. What could have been. Two things of note... first, put my Golden Ram TW282 set in the bag. I'd reshafted these with RIP Tour 115. They were lovely, hit them pretty well, except for the hook 3 iron that led to double on #13. Second, strangely found a half club of extra distance yesterday. I've been on my version of Brother Chisag's swing change the last few months, trying to shorten my swing. I've got a John Daly length swing, every so often I try to fix that. Yesterday, I dispensed with the fixing, went back to the "regular swing." Unsure if that's the source of the distance, but I'll take it.
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