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  1. Would love to be considered. Im 66, 10 handicap and have access to all grass driving range and 2 18 hole Jack Nicklaus courses in Morgan Hill, CA. Current irons: Callaway Steel Head 2017 with aerotech i95 shafts
  2. First name and home town - Robin Weckesser. San Jose, CA. Handicap - 10 Current irons/shafts- Srixon Z745, Aerotech i80 r Custom Fit – yes or no - Yes
  3. Handicap: 10.3 Current Grips: Winn Dry Tac Wrap Griping Frequency: ~12 months. Have regrouping station in garage, makes it easy! Why would I be an awesome tester: feel is a big part of my game. Being able to discern the difference in materials and their impact on flight is important to me. Look and feel are key.
  4. I'd love the opportunity to test the Paterson Shafts! I'm a 10 HC, 64yrs old, currently hitting a Miyazaki lightweight shaft in my driver. Having been though several brands have found Miyazaki to be the most consistent at lower weights. Im always open to testing and reporting on new products and technologies.
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