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  1. Angry Yeti came through! A true superhero. Thanks
  2. Well - I don't get it either when that basic search shows that Fairwaygolf will have it in stock in June and I can't even access the GG website from Europe. I know how to google stuff. It's not a question of how dumb I am It's a question of "has anyone seen this bag in a store somewhere and do you want to make a little money by helping me buy it and have it shipped to Norway"
  3. Don't have any contacts in Titleist USA. They're probably sold out, and the only option is finding one in a store somewhere.
  4. Hi, Haven't been here for a while :) I'm gonna come crawling back when I need help :D Can anyone help me find this bag - Titleist Players 4 StaDry. White, product code TB9SX2-1. It's a US release only, and limited edition. I think. What I'm actually asking for is if someone finds it in a store, help me purchase it and ship it to me. We'll discuss the practicalities if someone. PayPal is your friend. If you wonder if I'm a total a****** and completely unreliable just ask one of the MGS guys. They'll confirm that it's true :D If you come across it in an online store that shi
  5. Arccos. Game Golf. Shot Scope. The three big guys in shot tracking. I've used all of them, and I need some help figuring out if they're completely useless or just a little unnecessary. Accuracy What is the GPS accuracy? 3-4 meters? These systems are not accurate enough to know if your shot landed in the fairway or rough. Different shots Does the system know what type of shot you're hitting? Full swing? Low punch? No - it doesn't. The distance averages are useless unless you play full shots all the time from perfect lies. Did you just chip with your 8i? What does that d
  6. There's absolutely no reason to believe that the newspaper did anything wrong. Yes - it's probably something she just mentioned. She felt it wasn't important, and that it was the wrong thing to focus on in the interview. There's several quotes from her in the interview about Trump, golf, cheating and not scoring to his handicap. And there's no way the journalist made up all that. Reality is, she probably saw how the interview turned out and didn't like it. Regrets about mentioning how a mentally unstable presidents cheats at golf and still hoping he'll let you live in your country
  7. Crossfield is a whiny baby. Get over it and get the clubs like others have to - pay for them and sell them when you're done. TM is in their full right to not send free stuff to people. When you consider the low number of people who actually watch this stuff, it's a fair decision to not spend the money here. There are around 115.000 golfers in Norway. One of the smallest nations in golf. Crossfield has 233k+ subscribers and 20-30k views on videos? Let's not make him and others on YT a bigger deal than they are. Golf Digest and MGS in the USA (with worldwide reach). Golf Monthly in UK. N
  8. I asked top guys in Acushnet Europe back when I was a journalist; What is your number one golf club? The one that shows what Titleist can do. Defines the company. The answer? "Pro V1"
  9. They are trying out video decisions this season, but most fans hate it. Takes time and ruins the flow. Minutes waiting for a decision? That's ok in NFL but not football. By the way - offense is when you have the ball. That's it. You don't understand football. That's ok. You'll never enjoy it the way fans do. Diving - yes. But who cares? Watching Neymar roll around after being hit by a feather in the wind isn't what it's about. Go to a 2.division game in England. A derby in Istanbul (if you have a death wish....). We even fixed basketball for you.
  10. Tottenhams victory was very popular here. Norwegians are anglophile. It's normal to travel to several games in England every year. Som even travel to all stadiums in the division system! I've only been to a few Newcastle matches. St James' Park is a special place. Cool fact about Ronaldo and Real - under Zidane, they've never lost when playing without Ronaldo in the team. Shaktar was a little surprising. They've got great quality (always some really good Brazilians in the team), but I did expect more from the Italians. A true football nerd appreciates how Napoli plays. Look at this
  11. I'll forgive you calling it soccer. I know how it is over there. CL. Round 1. Difference between top 3-4 clubs and the rest is getting bigger? Surprised to see both Benfica and Porto lose at home to fairly week opposition. Benfica haven't renewed their team. Will struggle in CL. English teams are still just ok in CL. Liverpool with a stupid draw. Complete lack of central defenders. Needed to buy van Dijk. Didn't get him. Spurs beat Dortmund, but if you're ever going to beat them now is the perfect time. Selling top players like Dembele. PSG are just ridiculous. Broke ev
  12. Made in Denmark on ET. If you can - watch some European tournaments. Lots of talent and the occasional superstar.
  13. Loyal customers means nothing if you don't make money having only these customers. I agree that being absent from the show isn't a sign of anything when it comes to Mizuno. Europe is a small market, but their office is in Italy and virtually impossible to deal with. They don't even ship to Norway. We're a mini country, but actually not being able to buy Mizuno here - that's just weird.
  14. Some rumours surrounding Mizuno. Will they do "a Nike" sooner rather than later? The problem for Mizuno is that they're famous for their irons. Not balls. Definitely not shoes and clothes, like Nike. They don't have any high profit products that can make them stay in golf.
  15. Wouldn't that Arccos system be irrelevant when you consider; - fatigue from not drinking or eating properly - day to day change of form - did you travel far to get to the course = possibly tired - weather - nervous - are you playing for money? - course conditions And a lot of other factors that influence your golf game. A pro golfer can use these stats. The average golfer would be just as well of using that table with the discs to choose a club. The result is decided by so many factors that are so different from round to round. By the way - best coverage of the PGA Show Bar
  16. Could it be a comeback for their forged Anser iron?
  17. You do hear horror stories. You never hear from the people who love their products. That's how internet works It's like the Phantom 4 Pro drone I've got. I love it. Fantastic product. Several guys on youtube hate it. It flies away. Video quality is terrible etc etc. Everyones a critic and expert these days. Truth is - people make mistakes. People do things like use bright lights that shine directly into the high speed camera on SkyTrak. But my favourite is "I don't get the distance and spin I've got when I play outside". You're indoors. Most golfers don't swing/play the same indoors.
  18. Can't compare it to real golf. I've had a -2 on Harbour Town indoors on a top simulator. With a 7i. Only a 7i. No putter, driver, wedge or any other club. Usually scored around par on any course with just one club. Some simulators are based on sensors. Some have high speed cameras. None are perfect. It's fun but it's not real golf and it's not real scores.
  19. Trump has made it socially acceptable to make fun of disabled journalists, hate muslims and praise Hitler. Bigtazz Golf said we should stand up against bullying and trolls. What Trump and his fans are doing is the opposite. They're feeding it. When your president makes fun of people on Twitter - why can't you?
  20. Bullying is not ok. Being critical when someone is obviously being used by brands to promote them is fine. Asking if this is the right way to promote womens golf is fine. The latest new star to come from Instagram is Chelsea Pezzola. She was given an invitation to Omega Dubai Ladies Masters, the final on Ladies European Tour. She scored 82-82 (+20) and ended up last. Three shots behind the next player. 82 is actually as expected. Her average score in college was 81+ shots. Paige Spiranac is a smart person. She probably knew what she was doing. Almost. She's an ok golfer too.
  21. Adidas Gripmore. Adidas Adipower Boost 2/Sport Boost 2. Adidas Asym Energy Boost. Adidas Adicross V. Nike Air Zoom 90IT. Nike Blazer. Nike Chukka. Nike Lunar Force G1. Nike FI Impact 2. Nike Flyknit Elite - the absolutely most important shoe released in 2016. No question. Footjoy Contour Casual. Footjoy Pro/SL. GFore Crusader. GFore Galivanter. New Balance Minimus. Puma Ignite Spikeless. Biion. You can make as many smiley faces you want. The statement that major shoe launches in 2016 were in the spiked end is just wrong. Flyknit Elite is by far the most
  22. That's got to be false. "Most new tech in spiked"? Tell that to Nike and Adidas who actually had some new, interesting, functional and well liked spikeless tech released recently. ECCO has fallen behind. Their design isn't moving in the right direction. They used to combine laid-back style with quality. Now it's just strange stuff that's not their style at all. It's just like watching FJ trying to make spikeless shoes that someone actually wants to buy. If it was a clip on youtube it would be of an anaconda trying to swallow a goat. Slow and painful for everyone involved.
  23. Jonathan Wall for shots of new gear and winners bags.
  24. Fescue Project has some inspirational stuff. Follow this and Seamus.
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