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  1. He's probably seen Jack Nicklaus doing so well with his club brand.......
  2. Yes. It's played in Australia. The wonderful winter months when the "European" Tour plays in Asia, Africa and Australia. AAA.
  3. This could be interesting. Thank god it's not Powergolf and that other nonsense Normal cut after 36 holes. Then this; After 54 holes, the field will be further cut to 24, with any ties for 24th place being decided by a playoff. From there, players will contest a six-hole match play shootout, with a special nearest-the-pin extra hole used to decide matches that remain all square after six. The format is designed to produce a flurry of quickfire action, aggressive golf and plenty of drama as the field is quickly whittled down to the final match and a champion is determined. http://golfdigestme.com/golfs-answer-crickets-twenty20/
  4. Optishot doesn't track accurately compared to the real world. It tracks consistently - but consistently wrong It's got nothing to do with real golf. You can play Optishot without a golf ball. That says a lot Using Optishot for practice is a matter of "it's better to swing something than nothing". Just promise me that you're not going to make adjustments based on Optishot numbers
  5. SkyTrak is your best option for realistic golf. You can hook it up to projector and play The Golf Club, e6 + a few more. Or just hit in a net and play WGT on iPad. Optishot is a toy, but at least you're playing golf
  6. Outdated technology. Does a lot of calculations, not many actual readings of club and ball. I guess you could compare club vs club on it - or day to day personal performance - but it's not going to reflect the numbers you'd get in real life.
  7. Was it discovered during the round or after the card was signed? I believe there's a rule change saying that you're not DQ if it's discovered after the card is signed. It's two penalty strokes + the penalty strokes for the violation. If they knew about it during the round and didn't do anything - wouldn't that be any easy DQ? The player has knowingly recorded a lower score because he didn't include the penalty strokes? Rule 6-6 http://www.randa.org/Rules-of-Golf/MainRules/6-The-Player/SubRules/6-Scoring-in-Stroke-Play The cases of Villegas and Harrington caused this change of the rules.
  8. Welcome I love Portugal. Staying in Paco de Arcos twice every year. Lisboa is the most beautiful city in the world, and the golf couses aren't bad either. If any of you Americans consider going to Spain to play golf - go to Portugal
  9. I expect to see a lot of you guys playing golf here in Norway now that the exchange rate is in your favour This is Sveio. South of Bergen (where I live) on the west coast. Climate is not like Iceland or the North Pole. It's more like Scotland. Made this movie after our round yesterday. Scenic ferry ride is very touristfriendly
  10. There's a race going on in the North Sea. Yes - the one in northern Europe, between UK (the ones leaving the Union) and Norway. DHL have to deliver Shot Scope Friday. If not, you'll all have to wait an extra 18 days for my review. Leaving for Portugal on Saturday. DHL's odds on making it in time are not good.........
  11. I need some feedback from players who have used the new Titleist TruSoft. Spin Trajectory Feel Distance All the usual subjective parameters I've got some numbers, and three rounds with it. And I've got feedback from local players with hcp from 4 to 18. But I need more.
  12. Shot Scope are sending a demo unit to me. Review coming in the magazine I work for. I'm sure none of you subscribe to it, so I'll post a few words here too.
  13. I haven't been very nice to Shot Scope, but they're still sending me a demo unit Expecting to get it sometime in May. Good people. Good company. That's my impression after communicating with them. They believe in their product. Really looking forward to trying it.
  14. Toe up? They're copying Odyssey! Just kidding. It's fun with these microcompanies. It doesn't matter what they make or sell. Numbers are amazingly low, and regular golfers have no idea that the brand exists. My thoughts on The Brick? It's not relevant.
  15. You know you've failed when you have to make a video about cleaning the shoe. And when you realize that you can't get it properly clean, and use a brand new one in the next scene.
  16. That's a very interesting thought Barbajo. Yes. Most golfers will agree. Don't mess with the bag. But if we never try a different kind of bag - how will we know if the change is bad?
  17. 4 pockets attached with clips. 10 configurations. All the clips are tucked away in small "pockets". Large pocket folds out and transforms to single strap pencil bag. Waterproof. Brilliant? The future? Or just mad golf-scientist-crap?
  18. Isn't it funny that Titleist is doing the complete opposite of what you're suggesting? Trying to be less players - more for everyone. There's no market in being Miura or Hogan. These brands can never be big. Microbrands can do whatever they want. Titleist need to make money. AP1 and 816H will be money for them in 2016. And TruSoft. Well, it takes the place of Solo. Is "Solo" sophisticated? No. Did they sell millions? Yes. Will TruSoft sell millions? Yes - no doubt. People like the name. Sophistication and stuck up companies do not sell enough products. Simple.
  19. Played on PS4. Fun to play alone or with friends. Online tournaments is a nightmare People are so incredibly good at it. You can use GC with SkyTrak.
  20. Tried them on today. Different. Not what I expected. A bit flat in the toe area. Not narrow, but flat. Stiffer feel than I hoped for. I really want them to use this "Free-inspiration" to make something like True and Vivo. The heel cap on Chukka is thin and hard. I could really notice it in a bad way when I tried on size 10US. I'm a 9.5US. You do not want to buy these one millimeter too big. I think it'll be a great shoe after 2-3 rounds. To be honest - I'm disappointed that they didn't make it super-duper-fantastic-comfortable. TW and Chukka is 0 for 2 for Nike on opportunities to make a sofa for our feet. Chukka is the best looking shoe of the year. Absolutely fantastic. At least on my feet, which are perfect size compared to the rest of the body
  21. Take a look at the Gulf countries. Millions of workers come from countries like Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Promised a bright future. Their passports are taken. They hardly make any money at all. Thousands die every year. Read - http://www.theguardian.com/global-development/series/modern-day-slavery-in-focus+world/qatar It's going to sound harsh saying this, but your comment is typical of Americans. Slavery isn't a phenomenon restricted to Virginia. It's a big world out there. Modern day slavery isn't about being beaten if you don't pick enough cotton. It's about being kept prisoner by and employer. A state. A company. Ignorance is bliss. Denial is stupidity. Knowledge is king.
  22. Too many difficult words for a foreigner. I have no idea what the f*** is going on here.
  23. Carbon Putters will shut down before the others who don't offer LH in everything. It's that easy. Common sense and responsible way to run a company.
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