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  1. And a course next to me has views of the fjord and a glacier in the background. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. It's just a lake. Sorry. But the Game Golf post - that's in a fjord Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Norwegian fans love the new app! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. Arccos - misreads, like when you carry clubs - the size - community is not developed compared to GG - battery life is just ok if you don't remove tags while hitting shots on the range - round editing is not as good as GGL + no tagging That's basically it. The only reason why you would choose Arccos is if you hate the GG box. Using GGL was a lot easier than GGC. I did forget to tag sometimes. Didn't bother me, because I know it would take three seconds to correct it in the app after I hit the next shot. Tagging works like a trigger for me when putting. Not equally comfortable with it on regular shots. I had to change my routine. Doesn't bother me though. Most important factor is how easy it is to fix missed shots.
  5. Frustrating that I want to buy this shoe, but can't get a quote on shipping cost. Buying two pairs of Chukka next week.
  6. I recently purchased Game Golf Live to do a review for a golf magazine. Yes - paid for it. Like I usually do when it comes to gadgets. Game Golf Live (GGL) is more expensive than Game Golf Classic (GGC). The question for me was if the new features warrant the nearly 100% increase in price. Rangefinder - Surprisingly useful. Dragging the marker to different locations is intuitive and quick. You get distance to target and remaining distance to the green. Didn't use it on the first hole. Was sure I didn't need it was going to hate it. Wrong. Used it all the time. On-course stats - This is not what GG is made for. At least that's my opinion. Analyzing the stats after the round to learn seems like a better idea than trying to draw conclusions based on a few shots during one round. In round editing - I love this! Was sure I wasn't going to use it. I'm an idiot. My game-golf-life was incomplete before this. It's so easy to use and helpful that it's almost worth the cost alone. After round editing on GGC is so 2015. Real time/post round syncing - The app works great. Easy to sync. Nice feature, not important. I'll admit it. I'm still a child. Love gadgets. I'm 40 years old. Grew up with Philips video games on cartridge. The car game was two squares making 90 degree turns around a big square. My generation moved on to tapes and Commodore 64. If you haven't played Summer Games you haven't truly lived. And Amiga! What a floppy-disc-beast! Never paid for one game - pirates in 1989. That's why I'm not surprised that I loved seeing the green lines pop up on the screen after hitting the shots. It was like a personal shot tracker. Live. I guess that's where the "Live" part comes in...... I want it to really be Live. I want a website where my friends can watch each shot I hit while it happens. Wouldn't that be cool? I recommended GGC for the avid golfer. I still do because of the extra work you need to do to actually use the stats. GGL is relevant for the avid golfer, and everyone who enjoys the game and are a little bit egocentric. After all - you have to love yourself and your game a lot to follow your own round on a mobile phone while playing. I was expecting the market for GGL to be even narrower than GGC, but it's actually the opposite. Will I keep it? I want to. Problem is that I need the money to buy Nike Chukka, because people are asking me to write a review. I don't get stuff for free, so I'll have to sell GGL. I write for 100.000+ readers in one of the largest golf magazines in Europe. Example of how my life is; Asked Shot Scope for a demo unit that I could return after 1-2 weeks. No. Same story with most other products. Good thing is that readers can never doubt my objetivity. I've used CaddieON, GGC and Arccos before. Course played with GGL was Meland GK - melandgolf.no. One of the most demanding courses in Europe (slope 153, CR 73.9).
  7. They've lost their way. Going back to what started it all sounds like a good idea.
  8. We should start a Shoe-Trade-Club! "Find your shoepartner" "Shoematch"
  9. It's from a Nike concept about the future of golf. MGS wrote about it a few years ago.
  10. What about "glove fitting"? Equally useless? Or science? Here's how a "glove fitting" works; Seller: "What size do you use?" Golfer: "M/L" Seller gives golfer an M/L glove. Seller: "How does it fit?" Golfer: "It's a little too tight. Can I try an L?" Seller: "Here you go. Is that better?" Golfer: "Yes. Thank you." Gives seller money. Goes out. Plays golf. It's freakin unbelievable witchcraft dude!
  11. It's the measuring thing you put your foot in.
  12. So the general feeling is that we actually believe in FootJoy? A company that makes money selling shoes, is saying that 70% of golfers have the wrong size and needs new shoes........ I'll smack you in the head of you don't get this guys. Golfers are weak. We do not believe in ourselves. You know what fits your foot better than FJ and a computer. This insecurity must be based in the difficulty of the game we play. Playing golf is a humbling experience that puts even the meaning of life into perspective. If I wanted to sell something - I'd use it for all it's worth. Trust me on this - you are the only one who knows if your shoes fit.
  13. Read the FJ article - http://www.mygolfspy.com/footjoy-performance-fitting/ 70% with the wrong size is most likely complete nonsense. I have no reason to believe that we - both those who sell shoes and golfers who use them - are that stupid. FJ needs to get down from their pedestal. Should be trust a company that makes a shoe with this shape? Show me just one person with a foot shaped like this. Here's the FJ shoe fitting tool. No tour edition yet.
  14. furu

    Swing Lube

    Water. Fruit. This energy stuff is serious business. Probably because we're seriously stupid. Glucosamine - No evidence of any effect. Chondroitin - Do you have osteoarthritis? If not - why bother taking something that in some studies proves to have effect for these patients? Do you plan on getting osteoarthritis? Probably not. Turmeric - Stop by and Indian restaurant after your round. Not before........ Paying for digesting turmeric when you play golf? Seriously? There's no medical evidence of any effect. Some also believe that glucosamine has effect on osteoarthritis. Two main ingredients. Both claim to help against osteoarthritis. Coincidence? Golfers = old people = joint problems. Pick some harmless ingredients from a list and start checking your bank account.
  15. I'm not the only one who finds it strange that important media sources like Golf Digest focuses on sex. Paige Spiranac. Paulina Gretzky. They look better than Lydia Ko in tights, but what kind of signal does this send to young female golfers? Show of your body on Instagram while playing golf = money? A good article on the subject from Todays Golfer (UK) - http://www.todaysgolfer.co.uk/news-and-events/general-news/2016/february/the-sexist-golf-media-is-really-getting-on-my-tits/
  16. That mallet looks fantastic. Promising stuff.
  17. Using SquareSpace on my own website. Love it Sounds like we just have to sit down, grab some popcorn and wait for Toulon to sell more putters than they can make Just kidding. You make it sound like it's almost easy because he is who he is, and know the people he knows. Reality is probably more between that and "this is actually difficult"?
  18. The Game Golf box says "Time to regrip dude. Go to your closest proshop". So we can't cut our GG tags to make them fit? Cut of the screw in part.
  19. Game Golf + Golf Pride is interesting. It shows that they listen to the users and want to improve the product. How much will the grips cost? I haven't read everything about it. Do you have to buy a new type of tags?
  20. Not sure if we're talking about the same job, but I agree that feel is important.
  21. Looks like quality products from an honest and dedicated company. How do you get a market share in against Scotty, Bettinardi etc? Tour players? I'd just send some putters to MGS and another website, wait for the good reviews, social media mentions and see orders coming in. I'll never get the chance to try these
  22. Did you send that Jones Utility Barba? Galvin Green. Excellent quality. Style - they could've sent their 2007 collection and not a single soul at the show would've noticed. They are so boring. I believe they're actually trying to be like that. GG has a strong market position in Norway. We love Swedish apparel Peak Performance. Abacus. JL. I agree with Plaid. Not much interesting stuff. No Mizuno? No Nike? Is their absence a signal that the show is not important for big brands? Wilson with a DJ......... That tells a story of desperation. Didn't Cobra Puma start doing that 5-6 years ago? Small brands like WS and those looking for their 15 seconds of fame and pictures on WRX and MGS will embrace PGA Show in the future. And Callaway of course. With an oil tanker made out of paper in 2017
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