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  1. Shot Scope are not happy with the pictures from the show. And the comments, I guess. I'm always extremely critical. Must be more people like me out there. Scary. https://www.facebook.com/shotscope/photos/a.1567383516862401.1073741829.1546044185663001/1655858321348253/?type=3&theater
  2. Fashion or not - ugly doesn't sell.
  3. Have you heard about Facebook? It's a pretty big thing going on with this internet-system Have you heard about Xbox and Playstation? They have rewards/badges/points or whatever and millions of people using it to rank themselves against others. If you want to "measure" the importance of social media, take a look at advertising. Where do they spend money? Paper? TV? Saying that social media isn't important is like that guy who didn't believe in computers being something for everyone.
  4. The wrist device is just so ugly. Pre-production? Proto?
  5. Is that Shot Scope wrist-watch-thing-device real? It looks extremely big, terribly made and plain cheap.
  6. The social media aspect is key here. Game Golf have a community. If Arccos wants to stay alive, they need things like this. It's a good move.
  7. Heard that Nike makes more money selling socks than golf equipment. Show isn't worth it.
  8. furu


    Was supposed to play a winter series tournament, but took a family day Been working a lot lately.
  9. furu


    Isn't it funny that we've got 40-50F here in Bergen (Norway), and that this is from one of the local courses earlier today?
  10. Reminds me of Cleveland Smart Sole.
  11. Yes. You should never buy in times like these. Always buy on top. Companies who want to buy TM should wait till golf is more popular and sales are up.
  12. True. And not unlikely. Alternatives; UA? Investment group? Big Asian company that makes tires or sports apparel? Or maybe Parsons buys them because he wants to use the speed pocket
  13. Hasn't the adidas group been looking for buyers for a long time? Openly blaming TM and the golf division for their poor results said it all. If something happens, it's probably quick and painless for everyone.
  14. Probably a Bridgestone and a Nike.
  15. Here in Norway we have to take a 12 hour course to be allowed to play golf - "The road to golf" I've had new golfers in classroom and on the course. I teach them that we're only playing golf to get done quickly. When you walk onto the first tee, all you think about is getting to 18 as soon as possible. It's of course a joke, but everyone who's played golf knows it's actually true for some people. Monitoring flag sticks? Is this something they need to spend money on? If you have slow play it's because golf is hard and courses are too long and difficult. Spend money on rebuilding courses or giving free pro lessons. CaddieON - Finnish shot tracking system, like Game Golf - has a service that allows you to follow the flow of players around the course. The tags have GPS chips. This allows you to identify where groups are waiting. With a system like that, you could analyze the numbers and maybe move a tee etc.
  16. Still waiting for shipping cost for 2-3 pair to be cheaper than $30-40. It socks!
  17. It's a driving iron. Ping knows we're not stupid My theory; Ping makes a pretty terrible driving iron - Rapture. They want to make a new one. Golfers would go "That first one was terrible, this is probably just 99% the same awful club". Solution - fix it up a little and create a new word or club category. This club has no history.
  18. @MBP - The BB-8 and balls is something I would expect to see from Asia. Tourspecgolf-style All the pictures I've posted were taken with an iPhone 6 in the Instagram app. Filter used on some of them. Natural light. Breaking down the product into pieces if possible. Try new angles. You need to show the product in a different way than people normally see it. Find the details that define the product. Like speed pocket on PSi. Rust on Engage. Weights on M1. Never just take pictures from the angles that everyone can see when they hold the club, ball, shoe etc. Surprise them. Take a few minutes to look at the product and discover new ideas. Get close.
  19. I try to use natural light. My shots were taken next to a window. No direct artificial lights. A small tent and two lamps is all you need for perfect product images. Not very expensive, but not something you need if you're a "normal" person
  20. I like what you're doing It's difficult to take good photos of golf equipment. Extremely difficult. The products may seem exciting to us, but how do you show it? I can't stand the regular club photos. Flat. No life. I like it when Nike gives us some nice shots from The Oven. Not showing the clubs perfectly, but in an environment. You guys know that I hate what wrx is doing when it comes to pictures. First to see every new product in the industry - "let's ruin readers perception of the products by taking crappy pictures!" Did some work for a local golf store this winter. Experimented with their Instagram account to find a style that fits them. I kind of like this. Trying to show shapes and define the clubs.
  21. Let's be honest here - it's an ugly golf club. I've hit it and it performs just fine, but definitely a candidate for the same list where we find Cleveland VAS.
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