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  1. They all suffer from bad design. We want a cart to be; 1. Lightweight 2. Compact size for transport 3. Power to transport 15kg of clubs and old sandwiches while a 55 year old man is hanging on to the handlebar uphill 4. Battery life for 36+ holes 5. Easy to set up and fold down 6. Look good It's just not possible to build something that lasts, while at the same time ticking all the boxes. If you walk - carry or use a regular push cart. When you're too old and need an electric cart - play a shorter course that matches your game, not your ego Then you can use the push cart because it's not that long to walk.
  2. Sold 7-8 Powakaddy FW7 this season at my club (worked in the proshop). Expensive. Lightweight lithium battery. Easy to use. Solid frame. But - gears/drivetrain is a weakness. Changed three gearboxes in 4 weeks. Distributor in Norway says that they will break sooner or later when used on a course with elevation changes and rough terrain. But that's why people want to use electric carts....... The gears are actually crushed to pieces. Strong motors and lots of battery power = trouble. Electric carts are too expensive and should only be used on flat courses.
  3. We've had this rule for years. It's not a problem. Look at it this way - you'll have less singles waiting to play through, and more people playing with others. Rounds can be faster, and you'll make new friends
  4. Nothing special going on with the F5 irons. They don't look good and they don't look bad. Just a little bit boring, and that's the problem. Not sure what Wilson is trying to do? Convince people that "heritage" or something is enough to make them dump the other brands? By the way - C200 with stitches on the top line is just plain awful. Terrible design choice. 2016 will be yet another anonymous year for Wilson Staff.
  5. Impossible to say how it compares to the competition. No objective testing done by anyone at the moment. I've said for a long time that swing sensors and tracking needs to be combined to build a better product. ClubHub is promising, but I expect to see some competition soon. Game Golf has changed product name to Game Golf Classic. Surely a new version coming soon. Wouldn't be surprised if Skygolf combines it's Skycaddie and Skypro products too.
  6. Still nothing in the mail. What the **** is going on Kentwood? I'm your biggest fan/sceptic. With all these new colours, I could have the opportunity to never match my socks with my outfit.
  7. It wasn't our computers. It was offline for the servers we went through.
  8. I can post again! During the period with the ad/info about the campaign, I've had the same problem as Sluggo42. Couldn't read articles. Couldn't answer messages. Couldn't write on the forum. The website was just offline for me.
  9. Your hands are enormous! That bag looks tiny!
  10. Criquet is personal style. A lifestyle. It sounds like a cliche, but trust me. Understated, relaxed and cool. The guys behind the brand are amazing. Product quality is excellent. I've had 5 shirts for more than a year. Placing an order this weekend for 2-3 more in the new colours. $75 + shipping + 11% tax + 25% VAT. I could probably get any shirt I wanted to from Nike, Adidas ++. But I still choose to buy Criquet shirts. Nike got pretty upset when I wrote that man-boobs and dri-fit was a bad match.....
  11. I'm trying to buy a SkyTrak - but I live on the wrong continent. Frustrating. If someone is selling a used or new, please send a pm.
  12. Still waiting for my Kentwool socks to get that extra edge on the course. Could be a great article - The psychology of socks. I noticed GolfSpy B has Proelite socks. Not the Tour sock. Can't take anyone seriously unless they've got Tour or Special Edition socks (like Kentwool Masters Edition).
  13. Badass! You should try two R or two L socks. It's a rush. Corporates can't tell us which foot to put our socks on.
  14. So many bad golf jokes here. He was on plane, then he was off plane.
  15. Yes they do. It's called Dual Balance. Played with X5, X5R and X5 Dual Balance in February. Excellent putters. X5 DB is the best counter balance I've used.
  16. I played Chantilly in France with Titleist/FootJoy on a press trip. Terrible round, beautiful course. Felt sick, threw up on #13. The hole is actually very well designed, I just didn't feel well. Anyway. After four amazingly bad holes I was so frustrated. Chantilly is a stylish place outside Paris. And the Titleist/FootJoy guys seemed to have class too. They all play blades, use wingtips, tuck in their shirts and have +117 handicaps. So I asked for permission to throw a club after I pulled another short wedge. Got the green light for a throw - and I pulled it. Landed in a bunker. I had to rake a bunker because I couldn't even throw a club that day.
  17. This discussion could have and should have gone like this; mr_divots: You shouldn't beg for money like that. You can get the money from sponsors. X and the community: Ok. That may be true, but we decided that this was the option that reflects what MGS is and how we do things. mr_divots: I don't agree. X and the community: That's ok. You don't have to. But this is the internet. The place where nothing is easy and straight forward. Mr_D is ok. He actually has a point that would be perfectly correct in so many other situations. Just not this one. It's worth letting MGS try to do this their way.
  18. Must be extremely disappointing for Mr.Scotty. The Futura X5 is more or less made for Adam Scott. Choosing a competitors similar putter - with a cheap insert - that's like giving Scotty a slap in the face with one of his $300 headcovers.
  19. The first step here is believing that it's possible to actually change loft
  20. Have you played well with those shafts before? No need to start worrying about it now
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