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  1. Thanks MGS and Wilson Staff! Tier 1: Bubba Watson Tier 2: Louis Oosthuizen Tier 3: Adam Hadwin Tier 4: Bryson DeChambeau Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +4
  2. 1. Jake, Idaho 2. Ping G400 9.5 G400 13* Adams Tight Lies Pro 18* Mizuno MP18 HiFli 4 iron Bridgestone J15DF 5-9 Cobra Tour Trusty 48 (bent to 46), 50, 56, 60 TM Spider Tour 3. 6.4 4. Walk 90% of all rounds played, get back to 5.0 index or below, finish in top 3 of club championship, improve driver confidence and accuracy. Thanks!
  3. I have Flightscope X2 and 50 shafts to compare with on an R1 head. Swingspeed is 108. I have grips, can reshaft, and have adapters for TM, Titleist, Callaway, Cobra, Ping, and Nike. Would love to compare to my stock of Fuji, Accra, UST Mamiya, Project X and Grafalloy.
  4. Love Sergio. Glad to see him in the doing a solid with the public.
  5. Wouldn't it need to be called "Outer Armour"?
  6. All due respect, I couldn't disagree more. Swing Speed has nothing to do with determining whether or not a player could benefit from a fitting. -Off the rack means 45", 46", and sometimes longer driver lengths. In other words too long for Pros. Way too long for amateurs. -Off the rack means light weight, not right weight and standard run of the mill D2 swingweight. -Off the rack means standard grip size. -Off the rack means "the best loft for you is one of these we have in stock". Obviously I could go on and on. And the funny thing is a lot of times the lesser player benefits more from finding the proper specs than the single digit. Better players can pick up anything and play with it because they have the talent/athletic ability to do so. Unfortunately the misconceptions like "I'm not good enough to get fit" dominate and in the end it's usually the low capper looking for any last edge who will pay for a proper fitting. Not always, but seems like it.
  7. Saw this in Fleabay the other day and was pretty impressed and tempted. I've always thought this would be down the pipe. I actually thought they'd do it with the R11 as it gets hard trying to peddle more distance time and time again. Anyhow, I'd love for this to come out as I'm not a fan of white. The F12, X Hot Pro, and Cobra grey are nice, but white is just a little too flashy for my tastes.
  8. While the whole job is outstanding, I'm curious as to how you got the tape to be so precise? The tape looks like it was meant for the outline of the face. Did you trace it and cut with an xacto knife? Brilliant work, man.
  9. I received a shipment a week or so before Christmas. Someone said "soft and tacky" and that's a really good description. Terribly cool!
  10. The F12 LS has an aftermarket Fubuki, not made for. The 2013 LS has an aftermarket Kurkage, not made for. So not really sure where you're coming with the Adams stuff being made for. All of their flagship stuff seems to have aftermarket stuff.
  11. I hit both the other day when Rep stopped by. I didn't have the Flightscope on but here's my initial impressions... S -Beautiful to look at in terms of shape. -Sole was busy, but who cares, I don't usually look at the sole at address. -Clever deal to adjust loft and good business sense in terms of inventory. -Bad deal that nothing over 10.5* is offered as nearly ALL golfers who swing under 90mph require closer to 14* to get max distance. -Red "Speedline" on the crown is whatever. Not the prettiest thing to look at, but not the worst. -Very cool that their 299 driver is adjustable and has removable shaft tech. -Sound and feel is okay. Not muted, but also not very poppy. I only tried this with the stock shaft. -Overall First Impression = decent LS- -Good looking traditional modern driver -Sole really looks cool to me (not that it matters). Reminds me of something I'd see along a cylon base ship from the new Battlestar Galactica series. In a good way. -New hosel adapters are different from the F12 LS. I was pissed because I have a crap ton of shafts as I use the UST Mamiya VST system for my fitting. Fortunately, they still work, despite being slightly different. -Crown graphics were a non issue. Unless you're looking for it, pretty hard to see "Speedline". -Sound and feel was somewhere between exquisite and perfection. If there ever was such thing as a muted thwack, this is it. Most noteworthy was the 'closer to toe' hit that I could barely tell any difference from. -I tried the stock Kurokage, Attas T3 7x, Accra Tour ZL M5, VTS Tour Black 8X, and Rombax Type X. Kurokage was a very nice stock option. Probably 3rd in my preference (without Flightscope on) behind Accra and Attas. -Overall First Impression = Religious.
  12. Seriously? I believe the opposite to be true. So does Titleist. So does Taylormade. So does Adams. And every other company that will pay ANYTHING to say #1 _____ on tour. The average Joe, indeed wants to play what the pros play. Otherwise, they'd all be playing properly fitted Wishon clubs.
  13. Because anyone who swings under 100 mph (most golfers) needs MORE spin. Spin isn't always the enemy. It's just the enemy for everyone here and at the other equipment forums because we all happen to be scratch golfers
  14. Wasn't it Faldo last week going on and on about how Sergio was playing a 43.5" R11? What's funny is a lot of the people I fit with shorter driver lengths actually GAIN distance. As outstanding as today's technology is, there is no substitute for flush contact on the sweetspot. When we get down from 46-45 into 43-44, sooooo many more amateurs begin to make FLUSH contact. Good things happen with shorter sticks.
  15. Wow! What a massive upgrade from the Tour Design Black Series 2 years ago, LOL!
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