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  1. I am looking for a bag I can wear on my back while I ride my bike to the course. Mostly when I go I'm just practicing putting or short game so it doesn't have to hold 14 clubs. But a good strap system and light weight are priorities. Anyone on here use this type of minimalist equipment? Looking for recommendations off the beaten path (I can find the titleist.com website on my own, LOL!)
  2. "- Your first name - State/Province/Country - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Your 7-iron distance Graham Utah, USA Ping G15 / silver dot, stiff steel, +1/2" 160
  3. That sounds kinda challenging but really cool if I could pull it off– do you know of any detailed instructions or videos on that?
  4. Sounds interesting can you post a link to where to get the pipettes?
  5. Hey i'm wondering if anyone has any experience doing paintfill with Tamiya golfleaf acrylic. I am trying to do a german flag color scheme. Have had GREAT luck applying the Tamiya Clear Red- it looks awesome and Scotty-authentic. I've been running into problems with the Goldleaf paint. It seems to pool on top of the indented areas i'm trying to fill, then wipes away excessively leaving barely anything behind. What is left, has bad air bubbles pitting it. Pretty frustrating! I am applying the paintfill with those little bottles with the syringe like nozzle. Has anyone had good luck with the Tamiya goldleaf, or some general tips on applying thicker paintfill?
  6. Thank you I will look into those options.
  7. I have been bagging a 15 degree TaylorMade Burner 3 wood for some time now. After over a full season of practicing and playing with the club, I have come to the conclusion that it simply does not fit my game, and have begun doing market research looking for the club's eventual replacement. I will be demoing the following clubs as I search for a replacement: Titleist 910H, 17 degree 2 hybrid Cobra Baffler Rail Hybrib, 17 degrees I would also like to demo an Adams hybrid but to be frank, with six different hybrids in their product line right now, I find the task of picking one a little bit intimidating. I used to play a Cobra Baffler and always had great luck with that club, and I'm very intrigued by Titleist's adjustable technology. Are there any other 2 hybrids or 5 woods I should be hitting before I lay down the cash?
  8. Well...for what it's worth...I have a California Del Mar with two swingweights and I have an open-closed face swing. I love my putter (for $300 I had better) but there are lots of good putters out there. ALways remember: A good putter could putt with a stick.
  9. I don't think you should use one unless you're 50+ or have a note from your doctor explaining a serious back condition. Adam Scott looks like he's trying to be gandalf the grey toting around that staff.
  10. Looks really good, I haven't had a chance to fully explore it yet but initial impressions are excellent. Great work guys.
  11. LJ was listed at 6'7, more like 6'5...making his long, productive career at power forward even more impressive. Of course it helps to be 265 and carved out of granite. Awesome story Big Stu. How did Mugsy and Larry shoot just out of curiousity?
  12. Here's a question I have about clubfitting, it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg query: How much can clubfitting help a golfer who is such a beginner that they do not have a consistent, repeatable swing? In this case, isn't the player better off honing in their swing until it is consistently repeatable, using cheap clubs, and then upgrading to custom-fit clubs later? I'd be interested in Callaway's response to this. I could imagine a situation where a beginning golfer with a flawed swing got custom-fit, then played for a few months and developed their swing and found their custom-fit clubs no longer fit their swing.
  13. The Spalding...makes me think of SPAULDING GET YOUR FOOT OFF THE BOAT!
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