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  1. Very nice, hope it worked out for you all!!

    It worked out great! I got a daughter and wife out of the deal :lol:

    I got my ass kicked all over the course and realized I just wasn't that good. My pride hurt for about three seconds and then moved into the club pro gig for ten years...realized I wasn't going to make enough moolah to survive and then went into my current profession. Still love playing golf (probably even more now) and life is good.

  2. Back in the day when I actually could play the game, I spent a couple years toiling around the Canadian Tour and had the opportunity to meet Steve Stricker and Mike Weir. Of course, this is before they went on to greater things and I went on to selling insurance :lol:

    Even back then those guys were on a different level.

  3. Stop posting those pics I am getting so jealous. You drive the RT before, can you see a huge difference in hourse power and speed?

    Never drove the RT Charger but my dad had the Magnum RT for a while and yeah....big power difference. The SRT8 does NOT cut out and we had it to the magic 300 km/hr (not too sure what that is in miles/hour...forgive me as I am Canadian ;) ) and that was scary as hell. Oh how I miss that car :(

  4. Trade it in, why, I have a almost 4 year old son, and almost 7 year old daughter, 4 doors, big seats, huge trunk, I have no problem with the kids in my car. (I have car seats in the back, guess that's not cool) You should have kept it!! I love that car!

    I needed something that would be ok in winter as we get a LOT of snow. I have a 2000 Chev regular cab pickup for the winter and it was just fine until baby came. I had to park the SRT8 in the winters. Now with wife and kid...wife gets to drive the Buick and I get my truck. Bye bye SRT8.

    (btw...here is another pick of my former baby with 22's)


  5. 2006 Dodge Charger RT, with the 5.8 liter Hemi


    I love the car, the next car I get will be the SVX-6.1 liter V8 version

    I had the 2006 SRT8. It was a lot of fun until my daughter was born then had to trade it in on a 2008 Buick Enclave.

    I still have my baby though...it's a 65' Olds Cutlass convertible.


  6. I know the title of the thread is "Finally got a Scotty" but I just wanted to let everyone know that "I Finally got RID of my Scotty"... :lol:


    I am now down to one putter from about 15...YAY!! Time to start ho'ing again.

    I won't buy any more Scotty's (I don't have the same fever that some do for them) but if my SeeMore starts to argue with me I will call Chris at SunsetBeach for one of his beauties!

  7. I think the the camps will remain divided on this for a long time.

    I was thinking that the whole situation is similar to what went on with Michael Jackson. Huge differences between professional output and personal life activities. For some, the alleged issues he had with children forever turned them off to him as a person and his music. No separation. Others forgave his transgressions and continued to enjoy his music. Many were somewhere in the middle. Once the opinion was formed, it seemed to stick. Jackson's alleged actions were more serious than Tiger's. Both very amoral acts, but to my knowledge the outside of the crazy accident night the police have not been involved.


    Regardless, a big +1 to those of you who feel passionate about either side of this issue and yet have kept the discussion about the issue, not digressing into personal attacks or anything.

    +1 Sactown. Your inclusion of MJ into this is a good way of looking at the separation between perceptions.


    P.S....how did you know when it was bedtime at Michael Jackson's house? The big hand is on the little hand. :lol:


    Sorry...just a little humor.

  8. Obviously your biased, by the avatar and screename so responding is probably silly of me


    but, sure everyone deserves a second chance, but im more amazed at how society is so quick to forgive and forget, this is the reason we are in such a sad state of affairs, our moral compass is lost.


    then again im just a conservative kinda guy that likes people to be responsible for there actions.

    I have to side with JLV on this one. I bought into the whole public image of Tiger and perhaps put him on a different level than the rest of the players because of his squeaky clean image, and even remarked to my wife one night that Tiger was never in the tabloids like pretty much every other "major" sports figure and I was really impressed. Sure he acts like a d-bag on the course and I pretty much wrote that off to him being shown ALL THE TIME and doesn't everyone curse or throw a club once in a while?

    Now......knowing it was all a sham and yes, he is the greatest golfer on the planet, but I will never look at him in the same light nor will I ever root for him again. Fool me once, shame on you....Even in his "press conference that wasn't a press conference" he came across as an entitled smug self centered d-bag.

    I forgive and forget when it's warranted and deserved and when the person whom committed the issue is actually serious about making amends. I believe he is not sorry about what he did, just about getting caught in his tangled web of deceit and lies.


    That's my $.02 and I know many of yours differ but this is what makes a forum great.

  9. I was reading about these one "another forum" and Ari himself said that he brought these to the show unfinished as kind of an idea to potential customers as to what they were capable of doing. These are in the "raw" stage and I have seen pictures of Ryan Moore's (former?) gamer and it was finished of very nicely.

  10. I wouldnt say i am brand washed at all. I play anyhting that works, OEM or component.


    Here is my bag..subject to change of course. :)


    Driver - Hibore XLS with motore 75x

    3 wood - Wishon 949 MC with Speeder 959x or TEE cb1 with Pro 95

    hybrid - Adams Pro gold 20, Matrix ozik Altus

    Irons - Srixon 506 w/KB Tour 6.5...may soon be Adams pro gold PVD's with PX 6.5

    Wedges - Mizzy 51, cally 54 and 58 x forged w/KB

    Putter - TP Mills Soft tail Short neck (never changing)


    Haha. CJ77, it has now been a few minutes since you posted this..probably time to update your bag!

  11. exactly, he was trying to turn the tide towards the media, for him to try and pin any of this on anyone but himself is silly

    If you want to say sorry and really mean it....you don't need a typed speech and a monotone delivery. It seems to me that it should come from the heart and not a PR department. Smug is how it came across to me.

  12. Name is Jason

    Im 35

    Im a Golf Professional at a Resort in Vegas, I have a 2 yr old daughter Isabella, and have been playing this game since I was a kid, Im into cars, loud music, good food and good wine. Ive been on most of the forums and im glad to see so many names I recognize on here.


    Place looks amazing

    Nice to see you and Mainuh on here Jason.


    Name's Lanny, and I was a golf pro at a resort in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia for a number of years...moved back to Grande Prairie, Alberta.

    Have a 2 year old daughter and a wife that kicks me out of the house to play golf so all is well :blink:

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