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  1. Steve M The Woodlands Texas 7.1 Vokey SM7 Blue Slate 50, 54, 58 Just love wedges-thanks
  2. Steve The Woodlands Texas 77384 USA 4.7 Taylormade M3 Xp100 R300 I500 WOULD BE AWESOME
  3. Steve The Woodlands Texas 7.4 index 2017 M1 set to 17.5 w/ Kurokage R flex 2017 EPIC 4 set to 21 w/Hzdrus R flex Would love to try these out-tend to leave both left with my misses. Thanks for the opportunity
  4. His putting is definitely not helping either. I don't know if he is reading them wrong or what, but it doesn't appear he is burning any edges. He is missing long, short, left and right.
  5. I need new irons-my iron game is horrible Steve The Woodlands Texas 7.4 index 716 AP2 I love the looks of the tour but the forged is the club that I need. I had some 850 forged that I love, but currently playing the Titleist. My iron play is just not consistent. Please send the Forged my way, and thanks for the opportunity!
  6. I have tried a couple of these and they are amazing. Meanwhile I bounce around Lamkin, GP and now SuperStroke. If I would just take the plunge-$$$$-maybe I would stay with something for a little longer. They do have a great feel.
  7. Name-Steve The Woodlands Texas 6.8 Index Current iron set- AP2 716 I am searching for the right set of irons. I am currently only hitting 6 or 7 greens a round, and my short game is keeping me alive. I like the feeling of a forged club, and I am definitely interested in the I200 and the feel everyone is talking about. Thanks-Steve
  8. This is pure Wilson-I don't believe there is a Titleist that looks remotely like this. Will the head size be similar to the 59 or larger. I remember this blade to originally be larger. Thanks
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