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  1. Thank you for making this point. Golf is supposed to be about integrity and honor. Not about "legally" screwing others. This is what is wrong with this country.
  2. Here is their player roster: http://www.callawaygolf.com/Global/en-US/TheTour/StaffPros.html
  3. I have the following for sale or trade: Cobra S9-1 M Speed 10.5* w/stock Adilla DVS 50-R shaft, no headcover. Purchased from Golfsmith. 8.5/10 shape. No dings, dents, skymarks. $90.00 CONUS shipped. Callaway 2008 X Fairway 18* 5 Wood w/stock Cally A flex shaft. Cally Headcover. Purchased from Callaway Golf Preowned. 9.5/10. Near mint. $70.00 CONUS shipped. Yes! Marilyn Putter, 34", w/headcover. 9.5/10. Never used on course. Purchased off eBay. $80.00 CONUS shipped. Paypal preferred. My email/paypal acct. is bryantcoleman@att.net. I'm looking for a Cally 2006 X Fairway 4 wood in comparable condition or a Ping G10 or G15 4 Wood. Thanks!
  4. That's why they're in the bag. I have a stash of Tour Platforms to last me 'till it's time to check out.
  5. has not set their status

  6. I'm efnef. I'm an RN and I play mountain golf up here in Western North Carolina. Great to have a new forum!
  7. Great to see so much traffic already. Best of luck!!
  8. I have Fuji Tour Platform 26.3 Reg. flex in the Driver. Same in A flex in fwy woods and Reg. flex in my hybrid. Irons have stock Taylormade 65 gm stiff graphite shafts. Wedges have Ping AWT stiff shafts. I'm 57 years old. Surprised?
  9. I have an old Persimmon Orlimar Driver with a TT steel shaft made by Jesse's dad. An object of simple beauty. Not in my bag, but I can't let it go. Also have 81-85 model Hogan Directors. My all time favorite blades. Oldest club in my bag at this time is a Taylormade Rescue Fairway 19* hybrid. The first generation of that series, and, imho, still the best.
  10. Actually, there was an article on the Golf Online (I think) site about Mahan and the Eye 2 wedges. He had been playing the BeCu wedges for several years when all of the stink started being raised about Phil. He was very uneasy about the situation and had added an Eye 2+ to his bag (non BeCu, BTW), during practice rounds with an eye (no pun intended) towards replacing the offending club during tournament rounds at some point. I wonder which lob wedge he actually used last week?
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