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  1. Anyone can compare the Aldila Voodoo SVS6 and the Project X 6C12? Any comparison on launch and spin?
  2. Anybody know any shafts that can help you draw the ball? Shaft profiles or examples? Aldila Voodoo or Fubuki Tour? Need some help with shafts
  3. Any performance difference between current 2011/2012 shaft models and 5-7 year old shaft models.
  4. Anyone have a UST Axivcore Tour Green shaft to review? Would like to hear some feedback and opinions on performance, ball flight and feel.
  5. If you don't mind older model shafts, try out the UST Axivcore range of shafts. Feel is pretty good, great shaft for the price, especially at around $100-$130.
  6. Hey guys, you know where I can get the TA tip online? Will Callaway sell the TA tips through their own sites? Also any of you know if the standard RAZR Fit comes with the different weights in the wrench? (4, 6, 8 and 10 grams weights) I want to just get the standard RAZR Fit driver and add the TA tip and make my own TA RAZR Fit driver. Hopefully the weights come stock with the standard RAZR Fit.
  7. I really like the headcover, the weights, the hosel system and the driver shaft, grip and head. Not so much a fan of the PVD finish. (I personally prefer the black crown, silver face on the standard model) Anyone know if there will be weight kits for the standard and Tour Authentic driver that will be sold seperately? Also anyone know where I can get that double cog hosel?
  8. More specifically I want to know more about loft on drivers and fairway woods. Any companies which have certain tolerances?
  9. Anyone know the manufacturing tolerances for drivers and woods for Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade?
  10. Check this out. The Callaway RAZR Fit Tour Authentic driver. More adjustments in hosel, more weights, and a PVD finish. What do you think? IMG.pdf
  11. Which flex in the Fubuki Tour would suit me? Driver swing speed is between 102-105 mph. Stiff flex or X-Stiff flex? Comments and feedback please.
  12. Any comparisons between the Mitsubishi Fubuki Tour and the Fubuki Alpha shaft?
  13. Any feedback on the trajectory of the RAZR Fit driver compared to the 910 D3 driver in terms of height of the ball flight?
  14. Agree with you there RP, I think I found a shaft that suits my game and will swap it into my RAZR Fit driver ASAP. Speaking of which, I hit the RAZR Fit driver for the first time. Reminiscent of the FT Tour driver in terms of sound and feel, that quiet but powerful ooompf, but sooooooooo much more forgiving, even though it was a 10.5 R flex stock shaft. That will explain why I tend to miss it left. Having said that, an upcoming demo day is round the corner, so it will be interesting to see what the 9.5 S flex is like.
  15. Agree with Rover, I hit the RAZR Fit driver myself, 10.5 R flex stock shaft, definitely not my specs, BUT I love the sound and feel coming off the driver, low spin, I can see why people are buying into this club, just a VERY good driver even if you don't adjust anything.
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