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  1. Anybody hit the Callaway RAZR Fit driver? Would appreciate some feedback on the driver. What's it like in terms of distance, accuracy and consistency and spin?
  2. What is the raw length of a "standard length" Callaway i-mix shaft?
  3. What's the best Callaway Tour ball? Looking for durability, length and greenside spin.
  4. What's the best Callaway Tour ball? Looking for durability, length and greenside spin.
  5. Any suggestions on mid to high launch driver shafts that have low spin? I currently have an UST Axivcore Tour Green shaft, mid launch low spinning shaft, feels ok. How do the Fubuki shafts and the PX Tour Issue shafts compare?
  6. I have heard from recent news that there might be a TA version of the RAZR Fit driver to be released to the public. Probably more adjustability in the hosel settings. Any thoughts? http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/573505-callaway-to-release-tour-authentic-version-of-razr-fit/
  7. I can't wait to demo this driver out. Expecting good things from this driver. From a lot of comments this thing is a beast off the tee, what about workability and playability?
  8. Do any of the aftermarket Fubuki shafts come as stock options for the RAZR Fit driver? Will be very interesting if they do come out as "no-upcharge' shafts.
  9. I want to buy this driver but my only question is what are the shaft options for this driver? Any of them you can get the "aftermarket" version as standard? Cannot wait to demo this driver.
  10. This will be the production model of the RAZR Fit driver, wonder if there will be a tour model or only the one version of this driver. Also wonder what are the options for custom aftermarket shafts available without upcharge.
  11. I've heard recently that there will be tour hosels for retail in the future for the RAZR Fit. Personally I like more adjustability options where I can adjust the loft and lie of the driver (similar to the Titleist 910 drivers). Really hoping I can get my hands on those hosels or a "Tour" version of the RAZR Fit driver with more adjustable options. Got some info by asking people from The Peoples Clubs. Check out their website for tour issue equipment Link: http://thepeoplesclubs.com/
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-TOUR-ISSUE-Callaway-RAZRFIT-RAZR-FIT-9-5-Matrix-HD7-X-Stiff-X-Issued-Only-/290646683708?pt=Golf_Clubs&hash=item43abe4703c#ht_675wt_1109 First one (I believe) to be found on ebay, tour issue driver. Anybody know anything on the "tour issue" hosel? BTW, I would love to buy this driver if I had: 1) The money 2) The skill
  13. Anyone tried this driver on a demo day? Please leave comments on this driver.
  14. Agree, wonder how does the Callaway RAZR Fit driver compare with these two? Might consider the RAZR Fit driver as well.
  15. http://blogs.golf.com/equipment/2011/12/callaway-razr-fit-adjustable-driver.html Just been launched from Callaway, will be available to public in US late January. Only has 3 settings for the hosel and 2 CG settings.
  16. Any recommendations between Callaway RAZR Hawk Tour driver and the Titleist 910 D3 driver? I'm stuck between choosing one between the two. How do these two compare in terms of performance and player usability?
  17. Will the production model have one set or two set of notches you can adjust?
  18. Anyone else knows if they will bring this tour only prototype into production? I want the Surefit Tour style adjustable hosel on the RAZR Fit driver
  19. Agreed on the Nike drivers, it goes quite a long way, but the sound is tinny and really loud, not a good combo from Nike. I played the Dymo STR8-Fit and I HATE the sound it makes, sounds like you're hitting an aluminium bat.
  20. There should be movable weights in the driver but not the fairway wood. Only adjustable hosel in the FW. I can recommend the Titleist 910F fairway wood, but make sure you get fit for the fairway wood.
  21. Hopefully it won't be as bad as the early Fusion drivers, I only found this on GolfWRX.com, so I have not tested this yet.
  22. What do you think? No PVD finish and an adjustable hosel similar to the Titleist 910 drivers. Looks fantastic to me. TaylorMade, you are in BIG trouble now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. I'm looking at the Callaway Tour drivers from the 2011 lineup. Which driver spins less, the Diablo Octane Tour driver or the RAZR Hawk Tour driver? I do like the looks of the RAZR better than the Diablo Octane. Thoughts and comments please.
  24. These are the irons and wedges Callaway has to offer for 2012. Enjoy
  25. I think adjustabiliy and forged composite are the main themes in the RAZR Fit driver. Really excited about the RAZR Fit driver. I want it to be released before christmas
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