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  1. Well well, I suppose i need to update this thing. Current set up is Adams 9016D with PM702x/Cobra S3 w/Speeder 6.3x Wishon 949, speeder 952x. (never ditch a good 3 wood!!) Adams 18 w/RADIX 90 Adams 20 ProGold w/Altus(ole' reliable) Adams 23 w/NV 105x (shaft chage needed...moon balls) Miura CB/MB w/Nippon super peening blues) Scratch 53 w/Nippn proto wedge shaft Scratch 58 w/Nippon proto wedge shaft TP Mills Softtail short neck.
  2. no, it is not my club so I do not want to change it in any way. Friend is letting me borrow it.
  3. A friend is letting me try out a 910 D3, he sent me a combo with a shaft I have never seen. It is a black and white metal flake with some asian writing that looks Japanese or Korean and has HIB on the other side. No other markings. Thanks
  4. So as an update, i continue hitting the Pro model 7 iron and continue to sing its praises. Again, the most beautiful thing about this club is that it does not care about what position your hands are in at the top of the swing. It only cares about the moment of truth...impact. I have let friends use it and the almost immediately buy one. I have probably sold martin at least 5. I want to get the 5 iron and wedge eventually.
  5. man those putters are nothing to look at. I did see what looked like a few redwoods in the putter pics. hit the 56 and anser forged along with the tour-w wedges and they were all awesome earlier this year.
  6. hit the cb and mb earlier this year at a demo day, they were some of the softest forgings titty has ever come out with. very nice irons.
  7. from what i heard, 100 ish gram shaft, counter balance. Supposedly one flex fits all.
  8. those 62's are just flat beautimus!!
  9. continuing to make adequate progress, unfortunately i have a PT test friday, so i have been more focused on that. The test consists of running 1.5 miles as fast as you can. Still been doing the longer ones but more or less keeping it around 3 miles where the first 1.5 i go relatively fast then slow it down. Thanksfully, my sat run can be a good one and solely concentrate on the 13 miles ahead of me. Also started reading this book called chi running which is about running from your core with a slight forward lean and not so much about running with your legs, which the author refers to as "power running". So far this method seems to be very sound as i dont find my legs are all that sore after running 3 or 4 miles. They only get slightly sore around 6-7 miles and that is more my feet than anything from being on them pounding for an hour or a touch more.
  10. 34 pounds officially just hours before my 34th birthday. Gonna be a great year!
  11. i personally never have but know a few who have. They said they felt great and played well too.
  12. they look like they make some great cold weather flower covers
  13. anyone have some knit headcovers, at least 2 in good shape? Jan Craig or Rocket Tour? thanks
  14. I hit these at golf fest in vegas. They are a lot like the i15. Very very nice. Sweet satin finish and super good feeling. PING rep said there are a limited run of 500 in the states is i think the number he said.
  15. thats the plan....im debating either vegas full or San Diego....but my eyes are only on the half marathon prize right now. Have 4 miles tonight, then 7 on sat and a 5K on sunday. I love the feeling after a run over 3 miles
  16. March 3rd, Red Rock Canyon in vegas. Its almost like the scenic drive was set up for a half as it is 13 miles.
  17. Gents and Ladies The running bug has hit me and i decided to say to hell with the leg, stop making excuses and "Just Do it". I have always HATED, HATED, HATED running with every inch of me. But since i have dropped 30 pounds, my love for running has improved greatly. So, i found a half marathon guide on www.runnersworld.com and am following that as we speak. Started day 1 today. Any running tips? I know stride and arm swing are important as well as posture...but anything anyone has learned or good sites would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
  18. i find that to be an interesting idea. So a plastic type core surrounded by the normal other layers? Matt, I too am interested if that is true. Surely they would have done some sort of testing?
  19. well, i just cant stop singing the praises of this club for myself and the others that have used it. The other day this older gentleman and I were discussing clubs and women, he sees the tour striker and promptly drops a few WTF is that club? I said hey, this is the new juice! I noticed he flips his hands trying to make the ball go in the air instead of hitting down on it. Me, not being Ranger Rick didnt say anything to him. I gave him the tour striker and left him alone. After I see him hitting ball out of the corner of my eye and seeing they are getting in the air, i turn and say to him "So?". He proceeds to practically have to change his depends. he starts hitting his 7 iron and suddenly he is striking it 10 times better. So i tell him to just do the 9-3 drill which IMO helps ingrain the tour striker feeling as well and its making a THUMP sound instead of a thwack. He starts taking full swings and hitting the ball farther and higher. Proof positive this thing works.
  20. Ed YOU playing a classic piece of equipment......im in SHOCK.
  21. the 2011 B330, this thing is DURABLE! Great launch off the driver and irons too! srixon z-star X was thinking about trying a gamer for the cooler temps, but its going to be 70 here starting Monday
  22. looks like they took a torch to it and called it custom. The same thing can be done at home, although most wouldnt have the slightest idea i imagine. I guess for the average consumer that wont tinker with golf clubs, this could be cool. I always liked the 60-V in particular, but not this color lol
  23. I didnt know this thread existed...... my Wishon 949 with Speeder 952, long off the tee and off the deck. Great stick. The one I had in the bag for 2 years before that? None other than the TEE with a Pro95. I believe the wishon is just as long, if not a lil longer and way more forgiving than the TEE. Check em out
  24. do you find that your swing feels different now? I dropped 30 pounds and I know i used to take the club a little outside, now when i take it back it may be in a perfect position but it feels like im sucking it inside.
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