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  1. I have not hit a driver for 16 years until I bought an Formula X Extreme 1, 10.5 Degree with a speeder LT shaft. I am 60 years old now, and play to a 6 handicap and had always hit a 2 iron off the tee, or a hybrid, which would get me 220 -240 off the tee. I have lost a lot of swing speed in the last couple years so I bought a Krank and committed to learning how to hit a driver. Problem being I had always swung it like an iron, but with the loss in distance I had to keep up with my buddies. After going to see a couple teachers, who seem to be far too wrapped up in trackman stats, I decided in frustration to push a little harder with my left side (I'm a lefty). Miracle of miracles, I hit it square and have been working with it on the range for a couple of months now. I still don't have great clubhead speed (85-92 same speed as my irons, go figure). and pull off the ball but it is getting better. I can roll it out to 250 every once in a while. I compared to my R1 that had been sitting in the closet and found when I rolled over, I found the Krank didn't hook as much, but can't tell the difference in yardage on the range. it feels very light in my hands and sounds great when hit properly. I let one of the guys at our course try it, who hits it well over 300 and he was hitting it 320 off the trees at the end of our range. All I can say is that I like this driver, it feels good in my hands, and sounds great on good hits. As for comparing it too big name drivers I can't tell you that. I am quite happy with it, and I will order another head in 9 degree and see if I can grab a few more yards. Driver: Krank Extreme 1 speeder LT Diving Iron: Adams DHY 18 degree UST 85g stiff Irons: Calloway X forged 2007 project x 6.0 upgrading to Mizuno SEL KBS tour 90 shafts still with step up when the backlog is over Wedges: Calloway MAC Daddy 56 with 8 degree bounce. Vokey 50 with 8 degree bounce Les Freeman
  2. Les Freeman (Lefty) Fort McMurray Alberta Canada Hitting X-forged 2007 and 2014 Apex Pros Handicap is 8 and I carry a 7 iron about 170
  3. Hello all, I am Duckie12 and I think I will enjoy bantering back and forth with all the other golf lovers around the world. We are still are a couple weeks away from swinging the clubs but look forward to getting out again. Keep your stick on the ice, er....green.
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