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  1. Randy Smith Oxnard, CA Rider Current Bag - Ping Pioneer that's ready to fall apart
  2. Randy Smith - Oxnard CA 9.8 index I hit my long clubs well, but tend to hit fat or spin out of my scoring clubs. I have been debating about getting the 8 iron and wedge, this would be perfect to see how they work.
  3. Handicap - GHIN 9.1 What Does Hogan mean to me? Hogan is golf. To this day a professional with great ball striking is compared to Hogan. Hogan's thought that a person can become a consistent golfer by "getting in the dirt" is something we all wish we had the time to do. His book on the Five Lessons of Modern Golf was the first book I repeatedly read cover to cover. I wish I could become just a small percentage as consistent as he was in his swing.
  4. 714 AP1's are now satin instead of chrome. Plus they are set up for 9i/PW/GW to be 40/44/48 instead of 40/45/50. A lot friendlier on short game yardage gaps.
  5. They had no club info other than steel or graphite, 5, 6, 7, or 8 club options, with the 3/4 irons being DHy hybrids or actual 3/4 irons as Buddy mentioned. No shaft, grip, or other info. FWIW I do not like Iomics. Well I like them, just not the though of spending over $100 to regrip them...
  6. I was at my club when the rep came by and let me whack them. As mentioned, they are stupid easy to hit. Bad news for me is the stock shafts just dont work for me. I hit the 14.5 the same distance as my X-Hot 4w with my shaft in it. Felt solid, and I'm used to notch in top from my hybrid. If I find one with aftermarket shaft I'll give them another try.
  7. got email from Adams today. Shipping 11/15 on XTD line. Drooling for the irons GPP has them on pre-odor too Just picked up a set of CMB's last month, these are supposedly CMB's with slot technology, glad I get full refund for store credit
  8. Rumor has it housing planned for Shadow is going through the approval process again, still unsure if Sky Course will go private.
  9. I bought one of these and while not as gifted as other brands with functions, it is a great watch. In "watch only" mode you get 8 months battery life (according to included propaganda), and 8 hours of GPS mode. Yardages are dead on with my SGXw, and you can keep score, mark distances, etc. in golf mode.
  10. I had a friend that used to work there, delay for housing on Shadow coincides with the housing market suddenly going belly up. The "plan" was to put houses on Shadow, and see about making Sky private. As Tom mentioned, GOLFNOW and other sites can get you $50 play all day rates during the week, same if you are law enforcement/firefighter/military.
  11. Okay, crappy image but someone was hanging onto me while I leaned over the side of a bunker to take it. If it wasn't for my green mark line we never would have found it. Currently a 7.8 index. How do I fit Cobra/Puma? I love the fact they are willing to do new things rather than retread the same old gear. Drivers with different colors? Cool. Irons with different colors? Cooler! Wardrobe that fits us folks that are too short for our weight? Awesome! (its a PITA to find a shirt you like and its only XL Puma offers clothing that isn't the normal beige/boring colors everyone a
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