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  1. Sand Trap.jpgVery simply put, I need the SCOR system. Currently 8.4 index down from 5, 2 yrs. ago and I don't like it. Will be 65 in Oct. and will carry my bag for 65 holes so it's not the "Getting old" that's the problem. Did 60 and quit but that's another story. 5'7 and 135 lbs 5soaking wet so I'm not long. 240 in a hurricane. Fairways are 85%, GIR is 60%. Sand saves are 60%, (See my backyard pic). I hit greens but not close enough. Putts average 30.5. And as you can see, I'm better at golf than forum posts. But let's concentrate on golf first. HELP!



    Srixon I-506


    Club Lofts Gaps

    9i 42°


    PW 46°





    Your current 8 Iron: 38°141-145 yards


    Your Optimal Scoring System:



    42° 46° 50° 54° 58°

    134-138 120-124 109-113 95-99 84-88



    Your Shafts and Specifications

    Because your Srixon I-506 irons were custom fit to your specs, off-the-rack wedges give you a disconnect in feel and balance. Your SCORFit recommendation reconciles our specifications to yours to enure your new SCOR4161 clubs will blend seamlessly to your irons.

    Length Adjustment: -0.25

    Lie Adjustment: 3 FLAT

    Grip Size: Standard

    Playing shafts in your wedges that do not match those in your irons is costing you precision feel and performance. We will build your set of SCOR4161 precision scoring clubs on the shaft that will give you a "seamless transition" in feel and balance.

    Shaft: GENIUS® 10

    Flex: Regular Flex

    8 Iron.jpg

  2. BIOM Hydromax golf shoes were the last purchase recently. Last year was the white Premier street golf shoe. Before that was 3 pr. regular golf shoes and a pair of dress shoes. I keep going back because they are without a doubt the most comfortable, good looking shoes I've ever owned. I'm 64 and carry my bag 4 times a week. I put on the ECCOs before the round and never take them off for the rest of the day. If I win the belt, I would of course need to buy shoes to match.

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