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  1. Undershooter30

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    Don't love where I'm at either
  2. Undershooter30

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    For sure! I know yall aren't going about it half assed. I'm looking forward to the season!
  3. Undershooter30

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    It's all good. I'm more than happy with the schedule. I was just curious why we left that one off since it's a big money event. I figured it was for the reasons you mentioned. I haven't been on here much but Stud has twitter messaged me a few times in the last couple of weeks about what all was going on. I know yall are working hard on it! Thanks for the hard work btw!
  4. Undershooter30

    2019 Official MGS Fantasy Golf League

    I'm sorta surprised that the API isn't a tier 2 event. It always has a good field and the purse is higher than most. Is it because we only wanted 4 tier 2s or to keep from having back to back tier 2s? Edit: not that I really care or disagree with yall, I was just curious.
  5. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Not sure if we've got OU fans in here or not but yall please take care of Jalen Hurts. He's a treasure #RTR #RollJalen https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/jalen-hurts-thank-you-alabama
  6. Undershooter30

    College Football

    I don't love it but it isn't that bad if he improves his redzone play calling.
  7. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Good thing is the only juniors Bama loses are.... More than I thought Edit: changed 4 min later after I saw a new report on Twitter...
  8. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Couple cocktails in at this point so I'll surely forget some stuff. Only been with Bama a year. Former PSU guy. Co OC with Locksley but didn't call the plays. Also coached WRs. According to some analytics gurus, the offensive efficiency wasn't what it shoulda been at Bama last year. Tough call for me to tell how good he is. I feel like I shot you straight on Patterson last year but I couldn't really form a great opinion on Gattis. I'll the say WR core at Bama is the best it's been as a whole and we get them all back next year. I attribute that more to Locks but what do I know. Hope and pray more than anything. I haven't loved Bama's OCs.
  9. Undershooter30

    College Football

    I agree, I don't think Auburn would be an option. I could see MSU before AU if Mullen were still there. Florida is a viable option, as is Maryland with Locksley. Or even FIU with with Daniel Tosh. He'll have plenty of suitors, that's for sure. I wish the kid nothing but the best no matter his decision. He is one of the best human beings Bama has on their roster. He'll forever be remembered by the fan base for what he did for the program.
  10. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Jalen Hurts officially in the transfer portal. I hope he finds a perfect fit for him if he decides to leave for certain.
  11. Undershooter30

    College Football

    I'd like to take a moment from licking my wounds to congratulate 2 of the best senior classes in college football history. Both are tied for the most wins of any senior class in ncaa history. Clemson's senior class: 55-4 record 2 national titles first ever 15-0 season 4 straight acc title game appearances and championships top 15 ranking their entire tenure and top 10 the last 58 weeks Bama's senior class: 55-4 record 2 national titles 4 straight national title game appearances 3 SEC titles Never ranked lower than 13 and all but 2 of their 65 weeks inside the top 10. 58 of them in the top 5. Well played gents
  12. Undershooter30

    College Football

    I dunno... There seems to be a new one in the making haha
  13. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Welcome back sunshine lol
  14. Undershooter30

    College Football

    I was pretty disappointed that Jalen didn't play more meaningful snaps early. But there was a lot to be disappointed about in that game from a coaching/ preparing perspective.
  15. Undershooter30

    College Football

    Great season Clemson. Well deserving Champs. We'll see yall next season, as per usual. Roll Tide!