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  1. Perfect timing! I have several new clubs & do not know their specific distances yet!


    First name                                                     Benji

    Home State/Province/Country                      Tennessee

    ​Do you use performance tracking?               Yes, Minimally

    Do you use a GPS watch                           No

    Which ones?                                                   __

  2. 1. Benji      Tennessee


    2. Your current set makeup

    Cobra Amp Cell Driver, 11.5*, stock stiff shaft, golf pride Tour Z grip

    Cleveland Altitude 3 - 6, stock stiff graphite, golf pride Decade Multi compound

    Nike ProCombo 6-PWProject X 5.5 Graphite, golf pride Decade Multi compound

    Scor 51* Gap Wedge, Genius shaft, golf pride Decade Multi compound

    Cleveland RTX 3 60*, 54*, Stock shafts, golf pride Decade Multi compound


    3. 15.3 USGA


    4.  Gain length & loft. I'm down almost 2 clubs across woods & irons, stressing for distance is lowering my shots. I will relearn to get height on my shots. Lower my handicap to 10. 


  3. 1. Benji Memphis, TN


    2. 15.2 - USGA


    3. 12* Launcher HB Driver, STiff Graphite

         3wd Launcher HB, Stiff Graphite

         4 Launcher HB Hybrid

        4-6 Launcher HB Irons, Graphite Stiff

        7, 8, 9, P  CBX Irons, Graphite Stiff

        48* V-MG RTX3 Black Satin

        54* V-LG RTX3 Black Satin( I have this already!)

        60* V-LG RTX3  Black Satin( I have this already!)

        Huntington Beach 1 Putter w/ Oversize grip

    The Cleveland STAFF BAG! I have wanted one since Corey Pavin was playing the VAS! My First set!










  4. I remember getting teased a bit by my dads golf partner Kevin about having head covers on my irons as a kid. I was thinking in my head, really ya JA!


    Here's my take on why I am making headcovers for all of my irons, wedges, and utility clubs.


    Disclaimer: I currently do not have iron covers, and I mostly ride in a cart. This year my goal is to walk 75% of the time.


    First: It is an investment. You spend $$$ on these little pieces of steel.


    Second: That sound of club faces clacking together down the fairway makes me cringe. There are grooves on those things!!!


    Third: Nothing makes me more angry than a chip in the top of my putter, driver, etc.


    I got that 712u last year and it is forged. Wow, it took a beating. So this year it will be rocking a lost sock till I get the head covers made.


    I am looking to purchase the Cobra King LTD's very soon. That's a $1200 investment for me, pretty good chunk of cash considering my truck was only $3000. If they get beat by cart traffic I would be a little upset.


    My current gamers are cast and they still take a beating. Even if my new set is cast I will be putting the head covers on them, as I plan to have them for a while.


    Wedges... these things give the second most entertainment in the bag if you ask me. Nothing cooler than executing a wedge shot that stops, spins, and zips a cross the green. Why let those faces get beat up?


    Putter is obvious to me. Cover is a must.


    My 52° TM wedge has a massive dent in the face from one outing in a cart.


    What do you all think?


    Would you rock some head covers on your irons and wedges after reading this?




    - Al

    I have all my irons in neoprene covers. They are ragged now. They have been in the covers since I bought them(Nike Pro Combos) and they look really good for their age. Now if local courses will remove the ROCKS from sand traps, I'll be happy!

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  5. First Name                                              Benji

    Home State/Province                            Tennessee

    Current Handicap                                   13.4

    Current Iron Set                                     Nike Pro Combo PW - 5, Cleveland Altitude 5 - 3

    One length or Variable                          One Length

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