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  1. You guys make some real fine putters.
  2. I suggest you look at the cleveland classics, they have a great feel and are pretty cheap.
  3. When I click on the link to join the second group, the yahoo site comes up but just says that my password is invalid even though i haven't done anything yet. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Dear Scratch Golf, please look into creating a line of putters, I feel that your putters would be so classic and pure and sexy.
  5. I love browse around GolfTown but I no longer buy any clubs or get them readjusted or regripped there. The stock clubs they have are very unpredictable. For example, my good golfing buddy bought some irons there a couple years ago and then last year he took them to Precision Golf to get the lie and length to his liking and it turns out one of the shafts was a ladies shaft. Also, I got a club reshafted there in the summer and the head flew off about a week later on the range. And then last week I got my putter regripped there and they put the new one on crooked. Last week was the last straw, I will still buy balls and other things like that there but as for clubs, stay away.
  6. These are unreal, could you please post some more pictures of SC studio stainless in black oxide if you have any.
  7. Isn`t this for golfers fighting a slice? And I wouldn't use it just because of it's looks, it's just too much. Sorry tigershark.
  8. The cost of your putter doesn't matter. There is no 'best' putter, it is purely what you are most comfortable with. If your'e in love with the California series then by all means go for it. When I was buying a putter, I tried everything in the store and was most comfortable with a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 so I ordered one with my specs. It doesn't matter if it is $20 from Wal-Mart or a $350 Scotty, it is all personal preference.
  9. LukeA

    100% Handmade

    They are all amazing but the 8802 is unreal, it looks better than a factory putter
  10. I recently picked up a Wilson Tour Special 1 forged at a second hand store because it has always been my favourite style of putter. However, when looking up online to see what year they were produced I received no results and thought maybe one of you guys could could tell me what year it was produced. Thanks
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