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  1. The cover appears brighter on the left, which makes it appear thicker. Probably the lighting.
  2. "Dustin Johnson sees an aggressive pin." OK, not actually a golf commercial, but still...
  3. As others have said, there are a lot of variables. I will say shafts can make a big difference.
  4. All depends on your perspective. In the old days, most of us carried 8 irons plus a sand wedge. You can still do that. It’s just that your longest iron will have a 5 stamped on it instead of a 3.
  5. If you can pull the shafts, I might be interested in just the heads.
  6. A Founders Club bag with the slots that prevent the irons touching each other. No bag chatter baby! Also, a storage tray for my golf cart.
  7. I bought a dozen each of the current Srixon Q Star Tour and TM Tour Response. The Tour Response feels softer to me. Neither spins as much as “tour” balls. The Tour Response was 5 to 10 yards longer with short irons than a Pro V1. Of course, your mileage may vary.
  8. A guy I play with will say after a putt that barely missed, “Good roll but you needed a bagel.” i.e. something with a hole in it.
  9. I agree with the OP. I have an old Ping Eye2+ 53 degree sand wedge that is good from the fairway and like cheating out of a bunker. And, yes, a 48 degree gap and a 58 degree lob that I sometimes swap out for a 60 degree.
  10. My guess is the light KBS shaft is causing an increase in dynamic loft at impact. Those are crazy launch numbers for a 28.5 degree club.
  11. I was long gone by then. Sounds like fun though.
  12. @Lefty19It looks like it will be next week before I can get comparo shots to the JPX line.
  13. I’ll get some JPX vs. Mizuno Pro’s Monday or Tuesday. In the pics the 225 and HMB look nearly identical, but the 225 looks smaller in hand. It definitely has a thinner top line. The PXG 0311 P looks smaller than it is. If you looked at the Ping i210 and the PXG back to back without looking at them the same time, you would swear they’re the same size. I occasionally hit the FG 17’s. They are easier to hit than many other blades. At least until the 5 iron. Then things get a little dicey.
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