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  1. What I care about is launch and spin. If I can hit a club 160 yards with enough height and spin to hold the green, then I'm happy. I don't care what the number is stamped on the bottom. If fact, I currently use an 11 wood (of all things) as my 160 to 170 yard club. I currently game two sets of irons. One has a 32 degree 7 iron and one has a 27 degree 7 iron. Obviously, they are not close to being comparable. The fact that they are both labeled with a 7 is completely irrelevant. I do compare the 31 degree 8 iron to the 32 degree 7 iron. I get more height with the 31 degree 8 iron and more spin with the 32 degree 7 iron. That is down to the design. The 31 degree 8 iron is an oversized SGI with a hot face and a low center of gravity. The 32 degree 7 iron is a one piece muscle back with a thin sole.
  2. I’m so inconsistent that I can go 3 rounds with the same ball and then lose 3 balls the next time I play. I only replace a ball when it gets scuffed up.
  3. IIRC, painting shafts to look like hickory was done in the 30’s when steel shafts were introduced. Presumably, some people thought they were more attractive or perhaps they thought steel was cheap looking. I would be surprised if they are worth very much. You can find forums online devoted to vintage golf clubs. One of those folks would know.
  4. I play with a group of mostly retired guys. We will have anywhere from 5 to 18 people on any given day. We have a laptop with a program that randomly selects the teams and we play a modified Stableford system where everyone has a number of points to make based on historical play. Everyone puts in $5 ($10 on holidays and weekends) and $2 for scats (the only birdie on a hole). So the money is pretty small. Everyone under 60 plays from the regular tees, everyone from 60 to 69 plays from the senior tees and everyone 70 and older plays from the front tees (ladies or beginner tees). If your ego won't let you move up when the time comes, you are only hurting your team. And a 70 year old has a much better chance of making birdies from the front tees than the senior tees. All this is to say, start playing a team game that makes everyone's score count and I bet you'll find folks see the light.
  5. After calling fedex again today, I’m convinced they have no idea where it is. They won’t do anything until Nov 11. Hope the seller paid for insurance.
  6. There’s a product called Bugg that works well for gnats.
  7. On Saturday 8 days ago, a gentleman shipped a set of irons to me. They were coming from North Carolina and I live in the Jackson, Ms area. They were scheduled to be delivered on the following Wednesday. That Monday evening, tracking showed they had arrived at the Memphis facility. Normally, they would then go by truck to my local Fed Ex facility the next day (Tuesday) and be delivered on time on Wednesday. However, after Monday evening the package disappeared from the tracking system. On Friday, it showed up in Albuquerque, from where it took another wrong turn and was sent to Phoenix. From Phoenix, it was sent in the right general direction to Tucumcari. Earlier today, it was in Oklahoma. So I am hopeful it gets here Tuesday or Wednesday, a week late. What really chafes my ass is that it apparently wasn't put on a plane from Phoenix to Memphis once someone figured out that it had gone to the wrong place and was going to be days late. I've had better luck with the USPS. Rant over.
  8. I assume groove wear decreases the volume of the groove, thus meaning there is less space for water and grass etc to go. Which in turn means more water and grass between the ball and the face. That would be why worn grooves decrease spin. Grooves would have little effect on a driver. As far as Maltby's experiment, being able to play well without grooves is different than saying there isn't a difference in spin between irons with and without grooves when hitting a ball off the grass.
  9. Wow. That’s some bad quality control.
  10. Thanks for the question but I’m hoping to sell all together.
  11. On paper, the HL irons look like a good fit for me. Unfortunately, I hurt my hip a couple of weeks ago, so I haven't been able to hit the demo 7 iron. I've got a set of PXG's up for sale. If they sell, the 923's are on the list to try.
  12. 5 thru gap with KBS TGI 70 graphite shafts. Regular flex. Excellent condition. The face of the gap wedge has the most wear. I’ve shown it in the pics. I bought these lightly used and stupidly didn’t ask about the lie. They were ordered from PXG 2 degrees flat and one half inch short of the XP standard which results in a 37” 7 iron. I need 2 degrees up and am scared to bend them that much. Dropping price from $1200 to $1100. Feel free to send offers. The worst that can happen is I would say “no thanks”. They would be $2K plus tax from PXG.
  13. What a great write up! If you don’t mind my asking, what is your 7 iron club head speed and do you think of yourself as a high ball hitter or low or medium?
  14. Alex Etches has posted a review of the 430 irons on youtube. I'm not too keen on the looks, but they might look better in hand.
  15. I wasn’t clear. In addition to Mizuno’s current lightweight offerings, I would like to see them offer a couple more. I don’t get along with that particular Recoil.
  16. I was thinking in addition to the ESX offerings.
  17. I am aware of those. I would like to see a couple of other choices. Perhaps KBS and MMT.
  18. I would like to see one or two more offerings in light weight (50 to 75g) graphite for us old farts.
  19. For me, stronger lofts have meant having fewer irons and more wedges. I just picked up a set with a 27 degree 7 iron. I don’t even bother putting the 5 and 6 irons in the bag. I bought them used. If I was ordering a new set, I would just buy 5 irons.
  20. If you have a PXG fitter near by, check out the 0211 XCOR2 irons. They’re $119 per club when you buy 5 or more. Sub 70 is a great suggestion. I play with an 84 year old low handicapper who has switched to Cobra hybrid irons and is glad he did. I don’t know how much they go for but used ones should be available in his price range.
  21. I’ve had good luck using the MGS sales forum. The sales forum at GolfWRX has a ton of traffic. Both options allow you to avoid ebay fees.
  22. First hole on my home course is a par 5. Excellent drive. Excellent 5 wood. 56 yards to the pin. Tried to get cute and left the shot about 35 feet short. FOUR putted for a double and it shook me so bad that I went on to shoot a 48 on the front 9. The worst 9 hole score in many a year. 38 on the back nine. I'm normal, but my golf game is schizophrenic. I am proud of the fact I never starting cussing or slamming clubs.
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