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  1. That's typical for customer service though. If you take a look at Dave Cordero's twitter page he is giving some hints like more information to follow. I would say you will see it at the retail level in the late spring or early summer when they release the tour preferred wedges. Update: Current product sheets are now showing the mini-driver along with another sldr product shipping late April- early May.
  2. Looks like Rose will be putting 3-5 CB, 6-9 MC, and Pw MB in th bag this week according to his recent tweet.
  3. Rose won the US Open with Rocketbladez F version irons with the slot in his long and mid irons and the Tour Preferred MB short irons. Guess they were too good to keep them in the bag. Just saying? Looks like the Rocketbladez Tour are still in the bag as a couple weeks ago.
  4. Got my set of satin heads and will be putting some C-Tapers in them soon. I was told the satin and pvd sets will be very limited.
  5. And you could tell the difference between a Japan forged iron and a China forged iron? Lets be realistic here.
  6. It is Bobby's work. That putter is for sale on his website. AMG blade with a radius face. The combination of the radious face and grooves on the HSM insert are desiged to impart more topspin. You can also have this insert put in older models through his website.
  7. I love this putter! Please have Bobby add this one to the AMG production line. It would be a shame for this one to remain tour only.
  8. I really love that flowneck blade! I hope that Bobby eventually adds that model to the AMG production line. Also, what the latest on the Victor model. It was on Bobbys page for a while now it is gone.
  9. Any Adams Pro Tech dealer can order these irons.
  10. Just fwy's or will there be a Launcher driver too?
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