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  1. First Name / State or Country of residence = Aaron / NM / USA Handicap = 15 Current irons in Play = Wilson D350 The carry distance of your 7 iron = 160 Thanks!
  2. - Your first name - Aaron - State - NM - Your current model of putter - Ping Vault Ketsch 2.0 - Is putting a strength or weakness of your game - It depends... Im a good lag putter but I really struggle making putts inside 10 feet
  3. 1. Aaron NM 2. 13 3. Adams Blue stock stiff 4. 102/240 5. Kevin Kisner I doubt this can beat out my adams driver but I hope it does so my friends will stop laughing at me... It really is a great driver though
  4. Your driver swing speed = 100-105 MPH Your handicap or average 18-hole score = 13 HC Thanks!
  5. Aaron New Mexico 13.5 Rotating between a Cleveland 588 MT 4 iron graphite stiff and a Tour Edge X-rail 4 hybrid stiff shaft Don't care at all about looks. I am looking to make the game more fun. These might fit perfectly.
  6. Yes, I use iron covers and have since I bought my first new set of Ping I-3's. I had those for 9 years and they looked better than most peoples clubs that are only 3 or 4 years old. To me it's a no brainer. Especially if you ride in a cart. The bag chatter is horendous while riding. And you can get a lot more damage from that than hitting the ground. Who cares if other people don't like them. Honestly, I have been using them for the last 12 years and I have never heard one comment about them. And I've never had any rust or dirt issues either. Unless you are just buying some really cheap ones I don't see how they would trap dirt or moisture in them unless you are cleaning your clubs wrong.
  7. Does anyone use the Golf Buddy Platinum? I really want one of these but would like to get some honest feedback first. Thanks.
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