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  1. Am hearing some courses in southern MA are hoping to open up in late March. Pine Hills is reportedly looking to open by March 28th, and Olde Barnstable Fairgrounds by March 15th. Don't know about up here in NH, but definitely getting the itch. Hit Sagamore's heated driving range yesterday - am definitely up for a road trip south. C'mon vaccine!!!
  2. It's a wide sole iron and it's based on the previous generation Srixon utility iron so yeah, it's on the Barney Rubble side of chunky. For the category, tho, it's relatively clean with a shorter blade length than you'd expect. The longer irons are short and stout, the shorter irons less so. As always, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the more you hit this things, the prettier they get ;-).
  3. That's something I think you might start seeing more of - there's a worldwide shortage of shipping containers, and there was a cargo ship in December that lost nearly 2,000 containers in a storm. Several golf OEMs were affected. You'll see some OEMs doing emergency air shipping to get product, and that means higher costs all around. Inventory shortages are just getting started - I'll bet you in gets worse before it gets better. I think the big OEMs will probably be able to deal with it okay, but the smaller ones may be in the situation Srixon is now from time to time - out of stock, in
  4. Been sitting on these until embargo day, but gloryosky these are some surprisingly good irons. Unless you are a hardcore CB or blade player, do yourself a favor and put these on your demo list. You're welcome... Srixon ZX4 Irons: GI, SGI or Player's Distance? | MyGolfSpy
  5. And they're already for sale on the Wilson Golf website... DUO Soft+ Super Bowl Championship Golf Balls - Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Wilson Sporting Goods
  6. Have a little giveaway going on over on Twitter. Head over there (or to my Instagram account) and apply -- It's one dozen Wilson DUO Soft+ balls with an exclusive Tampa Bay Bucs Super Bowl Champion logo.... Click here to check it out.
  7. Well, ain't this interesting. What do you say, GolfSpies? Reported by the New York Times: Exclusive: TaylorMade is for sale KPS Capital Partners has hired Morgan Stanley to run a sale of TaylorMade, the golf equipment brand, DealBook has learned. A deal could value the company at more than $2 billion; KPS bought it for $425 million from Adidas four years ago. Spokespeople for Morgan Stanley and KPS declined to comment, while TaylorMade was unavailable for comment. Tiger beat. Adidas sold the brand to KPS in 2017, as golf was falling out of favor and the German sports
  8. Got to try the D9's on an unseasonably warm day here in New Hampshire a few days ago, and on grass! Here are some observations... 1. If it's high and far you seek, these will deliver. 2. KBS Max Ultralight Shaft is wicked ultra light- and performs as advertised. Easy to swing and hits the ball high and far. 3. Did I mention high? Also far. 4. Wilson did a very good job of making them look nice at address. OEMs have taken that shovel thing to heart and have worked to making GI irons look better. I even compared the gap wedge to the gap wedge in the Staff Model CB set - ot
  9. One last kick to the groin from the hellish duo COVID and 2020. Oh, Mary Ann.....
  10. All I can say is COVID picked on the wrong dude. Show it who's boss @Golfspy_CG2 - hope you're back on your feet in no time.
  11. Gamed the ZX5 in my last round before surgery in Nov - like it very much and is an early candidate for bag-dom for 2021. I also liked the ZX7 -not quite as forgiving, but I actually preferred the sound and feel more. Once I can hobble to the heated driving range I'll give both a more thorough testing...along with a little something-something from Wilson. Not sold on the Hogan GS53 MAX yet - played it a couple of times but my game was crap anyway so I can't really make an honest assessment. Prolly played the best with the XXIO X last season...and I promise - PROMISE - this will be th
  12. You mean these? If history is any guide, they will make a formal announcement sometime in January, with a late Jan/early Feb release. From what they've told us so far, they're touting enhanced ball speed due to a newly reformulated core. As always, Srixon is very thorough with information when they have a new release, so the story should be pretty interesting.
  13. Having done the job before this group, I can't tell you what a great job @GolfSpy MPR, @STUDque, @StrokerAce, and @Golfspy_CG2 have done. They've taken this space to places we could never have imagined. Rob is right, this isn't a forever job. And I'm certain the new blood will maintain all of the things we love about this forum as well as bring new, fresh ideas to the table - just as Enrique and Jason did. Onward and upward, and thank you for a job well done.
  14. Was a sophomore at American University and on the broadcast team for our basketball games. Driving back to DC from a game in Gettysburgh, PA when we heard the news about John Lennon. Every year the three of us who were in the car share a call, email and or some memories....
  15. You got it! Anyone with a picture of Alf as an avatar can be my friend forever! Looking like early June, if it happens. We've already put down the deposit but can move our tee times if COVID doesn't cooperate.
  16. Nice to see this topic resurrected. Planning another trip for next June, if the worldwide pandemic cooperates. It'll be my third trip, but will be travelling with my cousin Paul (read about our adventures here) and two first timers, so it'll be a blast. In no particular order, I've played the following: St. Andrews - Old, New, Jubilee and Castle. Loved all of them. The Old Course is the Old Course and the experience is truly magical. Bogied the Road Hole twice and felt like I birdied it. The other courses are interesting in their own way - loved the Castle Course and the magnifice
  17. That was the toughest part for me - getting the pattern right. My first attempt, as you saw in the pix, was WAY over-tightened and twisted to distortion. It is relatively simple to loosen the grip and start over. The hand-twisting of the grip itself takes some practice - at least it did for me. And you can do it as many times as you need to. Also, if you do all the steps in reverse, it's very easy to remove the grip completely and put it on another club, if you wanted to do that for whatever reason. This is Golf Pride's first attempt, so I'm sure we'll see further refinement and more op
  18. I think "their marketing is awful" has been repeated often enough in this thread - and I agree their marketing is sloppy at times. The Baller Box idea, I think, was basically sound but very badly executed, and they had a mixup - that was rectified right away, over the initial pricing of both the Staff Model and Staff Model Raw balls. They did have one of the very best young social media people in Corey Holloway, but he left for a plumb gig at FootJoy earlier this year. That's not sloppy, but maybe more of a financial reality. So, in the spirit of real info vs. platitudes, what in your opi
  19. Yep, and it takes years to establish it, fewer years to lose it and the more years to change it.
  20. Hey - let's not worry about the thread wondering. Good conversation is good conversation. I'm not sure the vague notion of "better marketing" is going to change much, simply because marketing isn't done in a vacuum - the other guys are doing it non-stop, 24-7 with a buttload more money. When someone with deeper pockets grabs an attribute and a market image, it can take years to change it, and even then only if the market leaders screw up somehow. I would think if Wilson hits 3% in irons share, sells a few more wedges, metal woods, putters and balls in 2021 - while still being profitable
  21. Perceptions are funny things - again, check out Wal Mart's website and you'll see more Callaway boxed sets than Wilson sets. I'm a firm believer in if something sounds fishy, it needs to be poked with a stick and challenged. I used to think - back when I was young and naïve - that all Wilson needed to do was come up with that one "must-have" club, and that would change their fortunes. That notion wound up being a bunch of nonsense - not because Wilson couldn't come up with that "must-have" club, it's that even if they did, most folks would believe that only Callaway or TaylorMade would b
  22. I'd be willing to bet the percentage of people on this or any forum gaming Wilson gear is about the same as the company's overall market share in the industry - a little less than 3% in irons, "other" in drivers and putters and low in balls. I'm not sure that's an indictment of Wilson rather than a reflection of the industry reality. And a business reality is market shares don't shift much in the short term, especially if the market leaders stay consistent. I'm not sure that's an indictment of Wilson products, or the company, for that matter. The golf world is filled with really good products
  23. I tend to agree with you @russtopherb - damned if you do, damned if you don't. The boxed set-Wal Mart stuff is utter nonsense and an eminently lazy take. Yeah, when PepsiCo owned Wilson they did Pepsi things, which is package stuff and sell it. Those boxed sets back in the day were low margin, low cost items that helped with cash flow, but Wilson has moved away from most of that. And hit up Wal Mart's website and you'll find more packaged sets from Callaway than you will from Wilson. To say they're a boxed set company is to simply choose your own reality. Now, the perception is still
  24. It may or may not matter, but the correct price for these is $44.99/dozen. I'm not one to think the only way to sell these in quantity would be to cut the price. If that were, in fact, the case, then Srixon at $39,.99/dozen should be far and away the number one selling ball in golf. It's a really good ball and a lot less expensive than the ProV1. I don't think Wilson would sell much more at a lower price - and for as much as we golfers squawk about price, the fact the ProV is the top selling ball by a lot tells me 8 bucks a dozen isn't a deal killer if that's the ball you want. Ag
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