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  1. ...and we're live.... https://mygolfspy.com/wilson-staff-model-cb-irons-a-four-year-project/
  2. Waiting for the head shed to hit "publish," but I can address a couple of things. Size wise, spec wise and almost everything else wise - the CB's will be very similar to the V6's. The cavity design, called Tri-Brace Technology, is primarily there to enhance sound and feel - with a side note of additional mass right behind the impact area, although I don't see that as being much of a performance differentiator. the other key difference is the 20 gram tungsten weight in the toe of the 4 through 7 irons to help shift the CG more towards the middle instead of being more heel-biased. Th
  3. Have a set of Edisons - 49-53-57 degrees. Like them very, very much. Great forged feel and they spin like crazy. Terry Koehler touts the fact they have more mass high, which is where we mere mortals tend to miss. He's definitely on to something because that's the same thing Cleveland/Callaway has taken with their CBX-type wedges, and it reflects the changes Cleveland made to the ZipCore line - maybe not as extreme, but the same basic idea. Terry's an interesting dude - people either love him or hate him, and I think he's fine with that. He'll tell you what he thinks and leave it up to y
  4. NEXT Tuesday, boys. NEXT Tuesday....
  5. Tuesday boys. Tuesday....
  6. Yep - that's the Staff Model ball at around 97 compression. The new ball is going to be very interesting to say the least. It's fair to say it's probably something that has never been done in modern times. And it's sure to be a bit, uhhh, polarizing. Now there's a tease for you....
  7. Update -- look for a V6 replacement to be announced fairly soon, with D7 replacements in mid-January. Also something interesting in the ball category by the middle of next month.
  8. They've been talking about a V6 replacement for a while, and it will definitely fall under the Staff Model banner like the blades, wedges and utility irons (my favorites!). You'll have to wait another year for the D7 Forged to go into closeout though - they're pretty strict on 2-year cycles and those are at the tail-end of the first year. It would not be a surprise, though, to see them come out with a special or limited edition D7 Forged this year in black. They did that with the C300 Forged - just to give the product a little boost in year two.
  9. The clock on the wall says it's time for a D7 driver/metal wood/hybrid refresh, as well as a D7 iron update. They usually announce these in early-mid January. There's also a long-rumored update to the FG Tour V6 irons coming - to be branded Staff Model. We shall see. And we may see a Staff Model branded driver, as well. And to echo @fozcycle and others, the D7 irons have been very successful (remember, successful for Wilson and successful for Callaway are two different successfuls), and the D7 driver is sneaky good. Launch Pad? Yeah, we'll see...it'll get its two year run and we'll see w
  10. Thank you for the shout-out @brendalonian - you can be my agent any time!!
  11. It was fun watching you work your way through the bag - pretty fancy shooting! And thanks for letting me play from the Old Man tees - let's do it again!
  12. Played Red Tail on Sunday - the fairways were in pretty rough shape due to the weather and some seeding problems. Played Shaker 3 weeks ago and it was in excellent condition. And you could always talk me in to a trip out west to Crumpin Fox....
  13. How would this group feel about playing in August - maybe Red Tail or Shaker Hills? Maybe mid-August?
  14. The other option would be Ho-Gregors, but I'm not sure that would be PC
  15. Every golf season is the same for me - try gaming new stuff that we've done feature articles on until mid- or late-July, and then go back to my 2002 vintage MacGregor VIP 1025 CB/MB's that were purchased on eBay. I had them reshafted (with old Hogan Apex 4's) and adjusted 1.5 degrees flat - so they're what @BIG STU would call MacHogan's. Have generally had good luck on eBay, but then again I look for oddball/older stuff. The most recent purchase was a Callaway X Hot 2Deep 2 wood - had one several years ago and traded it in and regretted it the very next day. Finally found a replacement.
  16. I never gamed the SCOR's, but did game the TK15's - which I loved. Another one of those clubs that make me ask what the hell I was thinking when I got rid of them... I'd say the V-soles are very similar, but the CG is considerably higher. Terry designed these for regular golfers, so I'd say they're more forgiving than the TK's. Which I liked. A lot. Did I mention that?
  17. Fan of the D7 Forged as well. If you get a chance, try Wilson's Staff Model Utility irons to fill in the gap between your 5 iron and three wood. the 21 and 24 degree irons are sweet, and very easy to hit.
  18. I think you'll find the Edison's will help, but not necessarily cure, that particular issue. Hitting a wedge is such a glancing blow anyway, and fluffy lies high on the face make it even moreso. The added high mass does help...to the point that instead of dumping it in the trap in front of the green, you may very well carry the trap, So you got that going for your. Which is nice...
  19. I'm working on a project with the KBS TGI 80's - I'll let you know how it works out.
  20. Lots and lots of grooves to shed moisture, dirt and grass.
  21. Finding the Edisons easier to hit on full shots - maybe it's the weighting, maybe it's the sole, but since taking a couple of rounds to adapt, I can't say I've hit anything terrible "fat" recently, and the divots are nice little patches as opposed to big chunks of turf. Can't really explain why I find them easier to hit other than the higher CG and greater hi-low MOI. the ZipCores are noticeably better than the RTX-4 in this respect, but I would say the Edisons are even more forgiving. That higher CG also helps with spin. Worked with the V-sole better during my round yesterday. It's hard
  22. Actually did play a mixed set Sunday - Edison 49 and 53, Cleveland 60. Seemed to work okay.
  23. Old man??? What old man??? Found this chart online: Kinda fits for me - found with the Clevelands, being too upright for me, my misses would be more left than anything. Also found the right lie has made for more consistent overall ball striking, especially since my irons are 1.5 flat as well. Going from a bit flat to standard lie may have been part of the full shot problem.
  24. ZipCore is 52-56-60, all standard bounce - it was the sample set they sent for the release article. That makeup didn't really fit my gamers loftwise, but I don't think I would have chosen a different bounce option in any case. Now that I think on it, one of the reasons I prefer the Edison's on full shots is the fact they're 1.5 degrees flat, while the Cleveland's are standard lie. The devil is always in the details. I do like the shaft - haven't really had enough work with it on full shots to give an evaluation, though. It's obviously a good bit heavier than the KBS 105, but the KBS does
  25. So I've had a set of Edison wedges for about three weeks now, and have been alternating between using those and the new Cleveland ZipCore wedges. Have a few impressions to share on the Edison's - and the ZipCores, for that matter. First the Edison wedges: My set makeup is 49-53-57, as determined by Edison's WedgeFit section on their website. Had mine built 1.5 degrees flat with midsize grips and KBS Tour 105 shafts in stiff. I've probably played 4 rounds with them - enough to reach a few conclusions: 1. Feel is exceptional - I know it's not an indicator of performance, but you
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