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  1. Well, the wife's car needs a new set of tires, so I'd take care of that first. 

    Haven't been to a Sox game at Fenway since the early 90's - it's way past time. 

    We also need a new mattress.  After than, I'm open to ideas....

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  2. 1 hour ago, Hecaviator said:

    John, please put a link from this thread to the article. I just read it and commented on it. What a great article relating the history of an important period and a real contributor to golf (John Hoeflich). I played two of my three Nickent hybrids(#2, and #3)  just yesterday, and they still crush the ball - a perfect fit with my Hogan Ft. Worth irons (4 - PW) and my TaylorMade 5 wood. Maybe I'll stuff the #4 in the bag tomorrow just for grins.  And I was also gaming one of my two Nickent Pipe putters.( The other is in my bag at home.) I still have a set of Nickent irons that I couldn't bear to part with for some unknown reason. Maybe I'll break them out of the storage locker and put new KBS C-taper Lite shafts in them just to see what happens. Thanks again.

    Thanks for the kind words --  it was a fun article to research and write. Glad you liked it...


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  3. I've grown partial to PRG over the past year or so, after writing the blog post on its owner, Stephen Riley. He started the company with his mom, who used to work for Titleist. 

    Most of their stuff is for golf courses, resorts and the like, so if you've ever picked up a head cover at a destination course as a souvenir, chances are it's a PRG. They're starting up their own line called Originals - decent price, styles aren't my cup of tea, but the quality is incredible.

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  4. And from what I gathered from Barbajo the people that owned the patent are now marketing them. Wonder who is actually going to make the ball for them? In the past it was well known Bridgestone made all of Nike's balls. Nike's design and engineering but I guess one could say assembled by Bridgestone.

    Not entirely sure (we will find out) but I believe these balls are made in Asia, as were Nike’s RZN balls and, I think, a generations of balls before the RZN.

    Bridgestone went into a little detail during their presentation on the balls Monday night about the original Tiger ball from 2000. There’s also an interesting article on line about it - I’ll see if I can find the link.

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  5. Any news on new products coming from ShotScope?

    Yes - this spring they’ll be coming out with the V3 watch to do shot tracking and GPS. We got to see it but it is under embargo for pictures. I can say it’s maybe a wee smaller in size compared to an Apple Watch - and a bit lighter. Huge leap forward - and it will come in different colors. You can also buy different color straps if you want.

    They’re also introducing a GPS only watch.

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  6. Day 1 is in the books...

    Started the morning at the annual KBS Breakfast meeting - Kim Braly and the team showed THE new product for 2020 - the TD Tour graphite wood shaft. Kim
    Hates the R-S-X-XS classification - says it’s pretty meaningless since one company’s R in one model
    Might be stiffer than someone else’s X.

    The new shaft is meant for fitters and the aftermarket - no plans to sell it to OEMs at this time. Fitting is primarily based on swing speed - and each Category (there are 5 that KBS does equate to traditional flexes - Kim says that’s what the industry wants) has three different weight options.

    Saw Bridgestone’s booth - they had a pipe cutter set up to slice open their new balls - the story, along with the new cover - is quality. They have 120’in-process quality checks, and every single ball is visually inspected before it can go to packaging. They’ve been doing this for years but are clearly taking aim at Callaway.

    Caught up with a few people - young Tony Tuber and T-Squared putters is becoming a thing. He has a “tour” van and has been making the rounds at Florida country clubs leading up to the show. Tony graduates high school this spring and it going to The university of Tennessee in the fall. The business will go on while he’s in college.

    Met with G-Tech apparel. You know those hand warmers quarterbacks wear in the cold weather? G-Tech put a lithium-battery powered heating element in them - a very cool (pardon the pun) accessory for those early spring and late fall rounds. They have heated hoodies and will be coming out with vests and quarter-zips this fall. They’ve also been named the official hand warmer of the US Ryder Cup team.

    Also finally got to meet Stephen Riley of PRG - the headcover company - truly a gentleman.

    Saw some sweet copper-finished MP20 blades - limited edition from Mizuno. They’re only making 500 sets and selling them for $2,020. Rumor is they sold out the first day.

    Also met Baldovina Mattezino, who says he was the guy who invented the hybrid, spikeless shoe. His Italian company was displaying his latest shoes. Very European, very busy looking.

    Golf Pride took a handful of media to the Orlando Magic game last night to introduce their new Team Colors MCC line. I matter what you’re favorite team is, they have colors that are close. Did learn that if the MCC line was its own company, it’d be the largest grip company on earth. That’s kind of impressive.

    Have meeting to go to, it here are some pix for you...




















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  7. I get all that. I was just curious. Sometimes great ideas take a few alterations to make them right. It is not until they are out to the masses that you find some of these things out. 
    Asked Sun Mountain about how it affects the course - they said they’ve had zero problems in the last year. The startup is so low torque you really can’t spin the tires on normal turf. When the course is wet it won’t be a whole lot different than carts.

    The bigger picture - they’re fun as hell. Out one of those bags with speakers on it and It’s goffin’ time, baby!!

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  8. ... John, I know how tough it is to get good pictures. If possible, can you take some pictures of clubs at address? Backs/soles of the club are interesting for sure but doesn't matter to many of us if it doesn't look right at address. It is always illuminating seeing everyone park and get on the carts and hop off moving briskly and later in the day passing those folks on their way out crawling along like a turtle LOL. Show days can be very looooooong and tiring so thanks a lot for your time and energy!

    Thanks for the insight but you know how busy shows are - you are so busy you dont have time to waste talking to people who aren’t important - let alone plan out a photo shoot.

    Just kidding - having way too much fun - snapping whatever pix I can so it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be

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  9. Looking at the SQAIRZ shoes, I don't mind the shape at all, but, $250 will get me a few pairs of pretty good Pumas.

    Yeah, price is certainly an issue. ECCO, adidas, other higher end shoe companies can do that - significantly tougher for a newbie. The shoes do scream quality and detail though - even the laces have silicone nuns on them so they don’t loosen during the round - hadn’t seen that before. The toe box is nice and wide, but I still found it quite stable and comfortable.

    From a shoe value standpoint, $250’certainly doesn’t seem out of line, but it’s always a risk with a company you’ve never heard of. It’ll be interesting to see how they perform and hold up

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  10. 9 hours ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I really wanted to test the D7's but nothing in my area.  So I take it the REAKT version were cast?  Interesting that the forged model still have the speed slots.  These club categories seem to be merging/morphing quite a bit.

    Standard D7 is cast and is a game improvement iron. It's still current in the Wilson catalog. I think you're right about categories merging and morphing - some clubs are obvious SGI or GI irons, but others can branch out into several different categories.  As mentioned in the blog post, Wilson saw - for them - a huge jump in custom orders for the standard D7 last year -- which was unprecedented for a GI iron - and the shafts and specs ordered, many as combo sets, were going into the bags of better players.  

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  11. 1 hour ago, bens197 said:


    I share the same sentiment regarding the lofts. It would mean a significant change in my iron game and to be honest, a proper one.

    How’d they feel? The urethane insert with an 8620 face would appear to be a nice partnership.

    The KBS Taper $ Lite is a nice choice and I’m wondering how it complements the forged face.

    Thanks emoji1360.png


    Wilson said one of the things they wanted to improve over the C300 Forged was feel, and the succeeded, mostly.  On-center and close to on center hits felt like a forged iron should - the forged face and the urethane filling in the Power Chamber did the job. Real off-center hits (it's January, I'm rusty!) gave you, uhhhh, the feedback to tell you you missed. The ball still went - there was expected drop off in distance, but as much as a player's cavity back, but more than a real GI iron. 

    I'm a huge fan of the $ Taper Lite shaft and the pairing works well with this iron. The stiff weighs 100 grams - and the lightness compliments the club quite nicely to help generate distance. 

    Recommend giving them a try - if you're in the market for player's distance irons these should definitely be on the must-demo list, along with the TaylorMade P790 and the Mizuno Hot Metal. I'm not sure if the Cleveland UHX irons fit into the Game Improvement or Player's Distance categories, but I'd recommend those too. 

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  12. The lofts are pretty consistent with pretty much everything else in the Player's Distance category. I smacked it around on a launch monitor prior to writing the piece and compared it the TaylorMade P790 - which is virtually the same loft structure. 7-iron to 7-iron the Wilson was maybe a tad longer, but not enough to matter, and another day the results might have been reversed. I did find a bit tighter dispersion with the D7 Forged, but again, it wasn't a huge margin.  What that tells me is it's a very solid contender against one of the top irons in the Player's Distance category.

    I've  kind of gotten over the whole loft thing - the club is in the Player's Distance category - it's a new category that's morphed into a thing over the past few years - and is designed for better players who may want to hit the ball a little farther or, in my case, as far as I did 5 years ago before Father Time began his full frontal assault. I'm not sure strengthening the lofts is all that much of a crime. 

    I was getting 7-iron spin in the 5200 range with a descent angle ranging from 45 to 47 degrees, which tells me it'll stop on the green well enough, with distance reaching a high of 169 and an average of about 165. Again, that's about 20 or so shots on the Golf and Ski Warehouse Trackman, but it is what it is. It's about a club and half longer than the 2001 MacGregor's I've been playing, and maybe a half a club longer than the Hogan PTx irons I also used last year.



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  13. 19 hours ago, JohnSmalls said:



    Sourced from Wilson's Instagram page is a sneak preview of an upcoming iron launch.  It looks like a D7 forged is coming out to complement the "regular" D7s.


    Sorta yes and sorta no - Wilson's irons offerings are in a bit of a flux for 2020. Blog post on these should be dropping this morning. 

    Doug Thiel, Wilson's Global Marketing Director, said last summer the feeling was that Wilson had too many iron sets (they had six) and that it was time to streamline and reset the offering. I think between the Launch Pad and now the D7 Forged, along with the Staff Model moniker, we're beginning to see that change starting. 

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  14. 46 minutes ago, russtopherb said:

    Tough way for the Pats to end their season but everyone saw this coming. They dominated weaker teams and then couldn't keep up with the stronger ones. Too many injuries on the O-line and not enough offense along with Brady's decline showed they weren't going to go far. 

    Over the past 20 years I've been able to witness absolute Pats dominance, which was wonderful after sitting through Pats hot garbage the first 20 years of my life. No matter what happens going forward, nothing can take that away. 

    With you there - been following this team since 1968 - saw them play at Fenway, BC, Harvard and the old dump that was Schaeffer-Sullivan-Foxboro Stadium. It's been a hell of a ride, and something tells me it's not over. Consider that in Brady's 18 season's as a starter (2008 doesn't count - thank you Bernard Pollard), they won the last game of the season 6 times - meaning 12 times they didn't. Pats haters can rejoice last night's loss, but over? We'll see...


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  15. 11 minutes ago, PMookie said:

    Very different from “Driver vs Driver”, that was 100% Wilson, all-day, all-night. Crossfield is not 100% ANY brand all day, all-night, therefore it’s not the same for getting the name out. Sure, he’s going to give us videos now about his two sets of irons he’s thinking about, and which “rinky-dink” he’ll use, but he’ll go back to testing all the new stuff and not have Srixon/Cleveland front-and-center.
    Focusing on one brand, and saying it/showing it repeatedly is different than Crossfield. I’d say he’s not even in the same game as an “influencer” just because he’s brand agnostic once his testing starts. And good gracious, help the person that watches his”Vlogs” on-course. Wow. Talk about boring! Yikers.
    DJ plays TM
    Rory too
    Tiger too
    Oosthuizen plays Ping
    They’re THAT brand every time we see them. FAR different than a YouTube club tester.... Modern influencer advertising is different from
    classic.... By name, they’re supposed to be influencing buying. Early here, Mark might while he gets his bag set. After that, nope.

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    Probably wasn't clear - for Srixon, et al - sponsoring Crossfield is a branding exercise, much in the same way Driver vs Driver was a branding exercise for Wilson. Can't be measured in direct sales as both are part of overall branding initiatives, not direct sales promotions.  Different mechanics and structure to be sure, but the intention of both initiatives is brand building. 













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  16. 26 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    Nailed it. 

    Yup - branding is just that: getting the name out there. Same thing with Driver vs. Driver and Wilson. That show was NEVER about the driver - it was a branding exercise to get people looking at and talking about Wilson. From that standpoint, the show was a smashing success. 


    This is very cool for Srixon-Cleveland-XXIO. Gotta admit, the XXIO driver surprised me as I didn't think Crossfield was in the target demographic. That said, the Cleveland driver is really, really good. No idea how it will shake out in Most Wanted, but it's a HUGE improvement over the first HB Launcher. It's definitely in the rotation for next year - we'll see about the XXIO. 

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