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  1. 46 minutes ago, perseveringgolfer said:

    Thats a great itinerary, have you been before?

    I really enjoy the New course for it's layout. Jubilee is also good with a tough last 4 holes. Kingsbarnes is just special.

    Hope you get on the Old course, its not a patch on the others but the atmosphere is magical, especially playing 17 and 18 where you WILL have spectators.

    Keep us appraised with pics and updates.

    *edit* I liked the Castle course, some stupidly hard undulating greens (think Augusta on steroids lol) but a good test.


    p.s The New inn will be fine, you're not far from anywhere in St Andrews


    Made a pit stop in St. Andrews last summer - did get to play the New Course and stayed at the Golf Inn (loved the  Fish 'n Chips!). 

    Really enjoyed the New Course, and this trip will be a full immersion into St. Andrews, with Kingsbarns a great treat at the end. I'm sure we'll be thinking twice about 36 holes a day by the end of the week, but we'll see how she goes.  

    Let me know if you're in the area - we can hoist a pint...or several. 

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Wedgie said:

    Cool, thanks for sharing. Any idea how much of their total business is in golf equipment?

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    My guess is they're in the 130 to 150 million, but that's just a guess based on 2014 #'s of around 125 million. 

    Tim Clarke did tell me they're seeing considerable success this year with the D7 and they've far exceeded what they expected to sell with the Staff Model blades. They've already outsold projections...

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  3. Hogan can customize your irons to your specs - swingweight, lie, length, etc. Their shaft options cover a pretty wide range - you would probably be able to see which of their offerings best fits you in a fitting. You can also try a couple of irons, bent to your specs, for two weeks for about $20. 

    It's a little different, but if you're confident in the fitting, it's an option. 

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  4. Fun stuff! Hard to remember and narrow it down, but here's the first blush in no particular order...

    1. Pebble Beach
    2. Torrey Pines - South
    3. Deacon's Lodge - MN
    4. Tehama - CA
    5. Harding Park
    6. North Berwick
    7. Carnoustie
    8. St. Andrews - New Course
    9. Red Tail - MA
    10. Rhode Island CC

    Notes: Pasatiempo was hard to leave off, it's probably #11; North Berwick may be the most fun golf course I've ever played anywhere; played Carnoustie the week after last year's Open - stands were still up, it was cool; Tehama is Clint Eastwood's course in the mountains overlooking Monterrey - the nicest, coolest and best-conditioned course/club-house/lounge I've ever experienced; Pebble was everything you would have hoped for, including an up-and-down from the front bunker on 18 for a par (20 foot downhill-sidehill) in front of about 50 people; played and loved Wolf Creek, so it's probably #12 - others include TPC Vegas, Stow Acres (MA), PGA National, Orange County National, Lake Nona, The Wilds (MN), Troy Burne (WI), Erin Hills (WI), Sea Pines (SC), Westchester CC (NY).

    Kingsbarn, St. Andrews Jubilee, St. Andrews Old Course (fingers crossed!) are on tap in a couple of weeks, may be able to play Firestone later this year.



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  5. 44 minutes ago, Shankster said:


    Just did as a matter of fact. Weird.

    This will be big. Can’t wait for the blog post on this thing.



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  6. Not sure if this helps -- that's Adam Rehberg of Bridgestone. Video was shot by me in the Bridgestone Tour Van  in January - he took the Tiger bin out of a closet - it was sitting next to bins for Kuchar and DeChambeau. 


    I get healthy skepticism, but in this case, Tiger plays the OTR Tour B XS - only difference is the stamping and they're all #1's. 

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  7. 13 hours ago, GolfSub70 said:

    Sorry guys just saw this thread.  The Sub 70 graphite shafts are made specifically for our company.  Our owner, Jason, has been on the equipment side of the business for 20+ years and has a fantastic relationship with the guys at True Temper.  He contacted them maybe two years ago to discuss what we were doing and to ask if they'd be interested in creating three shafts that they thought would work best for our driver and fairway woods.  They came up with three profiles under the ProjectX name and got them sent out to us...and we then tested those as we tested our prototype heads as well.  Of course we can get pretty much any graphite shaft out there if someone is interested, but the guys at True Temper/Project X felt that those three options would work for the large majority of golfers

    Looks like I lose the ranch! 😂😂

    Thanks for chiming in - that head-shaft combo seemed to work well for me. Can't wait to give it a whack or two for real...

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  8. 5 hours ago, LoganT said:


    Anyone currently playing these or played them in the past? Just picked up a set because I wanted a little more forgiveness in my irons. I don’t have as much time to play and practice as I did in the past. Got rid of the Cleveland 588 cb/mb irons but still have a set of hogan redlines in the basement if I just want to play blades.



    Never gamed them but have tried them on several occasions - really, really liked them. Forgiving but still compact and I really dug the black and blue look. Nike got those right. We had a Forum Review all set to go on these just when Nike pulled the plug on golf equipment....

  9. 7 hours ago, Sparky14 said:

    Dallas Golf does carry the new Lynx stuff. They had a few sets of VT when I called them almost a year ago.

    I was in a long thread about the VTs when they first came out. The prevailing theory (sorry, no concrete proof, but a lot of insider input) is that the Chinese manufacturer took the Hireko Dynacraft Prophet MB muscle blade design of 2017 and made an open model out of it. It is obvious when you also note the similarity of the Lynx Prowler CB forged irons to the 2015 Dynacraft Prophet MB forged. 

    I am a huge Prophet MB fan, and must admit the Lynx Prowler VTs look like a fantastic cosmetic improvement to a great performing head.

    We wrote a blog post about that - spoke with both Hireko and Lynx about that specifically. Here's a link:


    In a nutshell, the Lynx Prowler CB iron - NOT the VT Prowler - is the iron in question. Lynx asserted that it was an open mold/open model from their Chinese manufacturer and anyone could sell it. It was pretty much identical to the DynaCraft Prophet...which Hireko discontinued in 2017. Hireko says it was their own design and mold, and their factory asserts it did not make the Prowler iron for Lynx. As the article suggests, it's a fair bet to say that somehow that design hopped from one factory to another and maybe even another, and THAT factory considered it an open mold and sold it to Lynx. The more we learned about the nature of 2nd tier Chinese manufacturing (meaning factories not directly associated with a leading OEM), the ore plausible this scenario became.

    In the article, Steve Elford - Lynx CEO - says they chose not to spend the money to create their own mold for the Prowler CB forged, simply because they didn't want to spend the money to make their own unique mold for an iron they knew they weren't going to sell tons of. 

    According to Lynx, the VT irons are their own patent, co-designed by their R&D director Kevin Woolgar and the R&D department of their Chinese manufacturer. It's a hollow-body iron, so there's nothing crazy unique about it, but it's a pretty good stick. As far as I can tell, Lynx features two unique products - the VT irons and the new VT driver with Switch Face. 

    Lynx did dump the Prowler CB forged for 2019 and replaced it with a new iron - I have some pictures and will upload them later. You'll smile when you see them....

    The new Black Cat irons - as pointed out earlier in this thread - bear a striking resemblance to the new Sub70 699 irons. I showed them to Jason Hilland of Sub70, and he pointed out that while they do look similar, they are not, in fact, the same. They may even have come from the same factory, but there are enough differences from what he could see in pictures to know. Jason told me - and I have no reason to doubt him - that he owns the mold for his specific irons, but they were co-designed with the factory, which is a very common practice for small brands that simply don't have their own R&D muscle. The small brand comes up with the general idea of what they want - be it a drawing or a set of performance characteristics - and then they work with the engineers at their Chinese supplier to come up with the design. In the case of the 699 irons, Jason says the internal technology - including the polymer filling and internal design - is owned by his factory and they can sell it to anyone - but the specific iron design and the specific mold for the 699 irons belongs to him. He adds there's nothing to stop the supplier - in fact, there's nothing wrong whatsoever with the supplier - providing that internal technology to anyone of its customers that may want it. 

    In this case, yeah, the two irons look pretty similar but technically they are not, in fact, the same. The differences may be minor, but Jason was able to pick them out pretty quickly to the point where he was certain the irons did not come from his mold. 

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  10. Finally got the change to play 18 today - bagged the VT Prowler irons for the first time (I think it may be the first time a new Lynx iron has ever actually hit the turf in New England, but that's just conjecture). Some impressions:

    - They definitely have a distinctive sound/feel that will take some getting used to - it's a metallic clink with anything other than a dead center strike.

    - Like any iron, the further on the toe you hit it, the more distance you lose. I've played irons that are more forgiving with that type of strike, but these are first-wife level forgiving on a toe hit - the ball goes nowhere.

    - Nail it, and these things fly - had a handful of the kind of swings that make you want to play more golf, and was more than pleased with the distance, flight and spin. 

    - 4 and 5 irons are exceptionally easy to launch - the combination of the low CG due to the hollow body and the relatively light weight/stiff tip of the KBS Tour V led to some good results - better than hybrids (I think I hate hybrids - that is all)

    - Damn near holed a PW from 130 or so (this was after hitting one off the toe and into the drink!) - since it was on 18 and the last hole of the day, I left feeling happier than if the shot in the drink was the lasting memory. 

    Verdict - I'll play them again. I enjoy the novelty of playing them and they're fine irons. Are they up there with the Srixon's I've been gaming? Don't think so, but for the price (if we can ever get them here) they're not a bad option and they look seriously badass. 

    Playing again Sunday - thinking of taking the Wilson D7's out for a spin - put some KBS C-Tapers in them, so we'll see...


    And not for nothing, played the front 9 with the Tour Edge EXS driver and the back 9 with the Wilson Cortex. I liked both drivers, but I liked the Cortex a little more, but I think I like my old Mizuno JPX 900 better than both. 



  11. On 3/29/2019 at 8:57 PM, Shankster said:

    So those blades... I asked them a while back if they were conforming because I couldn’t find them on the USGA site. Any idea John?

    Hadn't heard that they weren't comforting - don't see why they wouldn't be.They may not have bothered to submit, but I'm just guessing...

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  12. 6 hours ago, Rtracymog said:

    Never heard of the PX Silver shaft before. Is that a made for?

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    I'd bet the ranch against a made-for -- Sub70 isn't big enough to do a made-for.  My guess is it's an older model - I had a PING i20 3-wood that, as best I can recall, had a similar shaft. In any event, it's a high kick-point, lower launching and spinning shaft. It seemed to work well enough in conjunction with the head. 

    Funny thing - the driver I demoed was actually Jason's gamer. He told me when he saw my TFG results that he and I probably had a very similar swing DNA. Turned out to be correct - quick transition, 97-100 mph swing speed, fighting high launch and spin. 

    It still amazes me that by asking 3 simple questions, TrueGolfFit is able to find your golf clone from its test pool and match you up with a driver that will fit you well. That Data stuff is real. 

    And I'm impressed with what Sub70 is trying to do -- premium equipment and direct-to-consumer pricing. Jason has the setup to make it work. He has 20 years worth of connections with Chinese manufacturing, and he collaborates with their R&D people on designs. While they're not AI-level innovation nor cutting edge technology of the future, the stuff is pretty good, especially for the price. 

    The driver is $249 - fully adjustable with moveable weights,  titanium construction with a variable thickness face. If yards-per-dollar is your decision-making matrix, it would be hard to beat this one.

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  13. 14 hours ago, Kenny B said:


    Since you know what a Tinder blind date is like, could you please elaborate?  😎

    Heh heh heh  --- all I can say is everything I know about Tinder comes from Sam Robinon....he's the Tinder-King

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  14. On 3/3/2019 at 7:42 PM, Wedgie said:

    I made it to the show with about 2 hours to go. Unfortunately I was a little late to meet any other guys in attendance. With the limited time we didn’t get much love at most of the booths we visited. I get it, people are tired from a long few days at the show. Maybe it was because I was there with my 14 year old twins, who knows.

    We made our way to the manufacturers booths where you could hit all the new stuff. Well you could hit stuff if you could get some help that is. That all changed when we got to the Wilson booth. We were greeted by who I assume is the local rep with a warm “hello, how can I help you”?

    My son is growing like a weed so I had some questions about men’s clubs, kids, ladies, basically what should he get. The booth was somewhat busy but he took the time to take some rough measurements and when the hitting bays cleared he had him hit the new D7 irons.

    Once the rep dialed in the D7s he dialed in a driver for him. I grew up with Wilson clubs and because of the service we received at the Wilson booth my son will be growing up on Wilson clubs and I couldn’t be happier.

    He gave my boy a Wilson baseball hat and you would have thought my shy boy just received a Mookie Betts autograph. Props to the awesome Wilson rep that helped us today. I can’t wait to get these ordered when I return from a couple weeks of travel. Wilson rep....you made our visit to the show a great experience....thank you!

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    That'd be John Fagan - he's a really good guy.

  15. On 3/18/2019 at 6:14 PM, romeopapazulu said:

    Well@Golfspy Barbajo, did you get to fondle these putters? What were your thoughts?
    Sounds like these won't be in the demo program for the near future.
    I was really hoping for some face tech in these. It's hard to tell, but it looks like a constant mill across the face.

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    I did see the new putters while I was there, but honored their embargo. They really looked nice - didn't get to roll them at all, but I'm sure they'll sell a few. Saw some other interesting stuff as well, but you'll just have to wait....😎

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