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  1. So the Srixon Z765's are in the bag, with the '92 vintage Hogan Edge's most likely taking the trip as well (won't commit until I start packing). Now it's time to fill out the bag... Driver: Mizuno JPX 900 -- been my gamer most of the season. It's a bomber! Been a little wild and erratic with it lately, so it's taking a bit of a time out, but it's been a reliable performer for me all season. Wilson C300 -- Have gamed it a few times - not a fan of the Fujikura shaft, so I'm not feeling it. With the right shaft, though, it would have a chance. Cleveland Launcher HB - Even with a HZRDOUS Yellow, it still launches too high for me. It's long and straight, but not sure something that launches that high s a good idea. Now, if I could get that shaft in the Wilson, we might have something... Nike Vapor Flex 440 -- this one never seems to go away for me. May not be the longest driver in the world, but it's long enough and, what's more, I can hit it straight and low. Seems like it might be the perfect recipe for Scotland. Wedges: Cleveland CBX 49, 54,60 - Not sure about bringing a 60 to Scotland, although we will be playing some more traditional Parkland courses. These are easy, but I've had the chipping yips with these for some reason. Callaway Mac Daddy PM Grind 56, 60 - Again, not sure about the 60, but these are EASY to get out of the sand, and I do like the grinds for versatility, which might be important over there. Hogan Riviera 56 - picked this up in the used bin a few weeks ago - it might very well be the best wedge I've ever hit. Grooves are still in decent shape and the thing is freaking HEAVY. But it's a dandy wedge. Bridgestone Tour B X wedges, 52,56 - Forged, like the Hogan, and pretty crisp. Traditional blade wedge, not a lot of tech, but wonderful feel. Putters; Bettinardi/Hogan Baby Ben - mallet and when the stroke is on, it's a sold feeling putter. Specs are dialed in - 33" and 69* lie angle with an oversized Bettinardi grip. Distance is spot on, alignment can be an issue at times. Bettinardi Queen B 8 - my go to putter last year after a fitting at Bettinardi HQ. Struggled with it early, but it's dynamite. Edel Willamette - first fully fit putter I've ever had, and when my stroke is on this thing is absolute money. I have some other putters, but these are the three that have been consistent gamers this season. Lemme know what you think, gang....
  2. Decisions made - Srixons are definitely coming, and Hogan's or Wilson V6 if I bring a second set. Right now leaning Hogan as I'm not a fan of the KBS Tour in the Wilson's. Driver. Wedge, putter poll to come. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. I don't know guys, it must be the heat... I know this happens in the best of families, but the tone seems to have taken a nasty, personal turn recently. We can't have this. As a forum, MyGolfSpy and its members are better than this. Name calling, disrespectful posts, condescending tone and "tattling" to the mods needs to stop. C'mon guys, this isn't Middle School and we're not a bunch of 13 year old girls. We can disagree and have spirited conversations, but let's do it like adults, shall we? We get enough of this nonsense out there in what's known as the 'real world.' We come here to get away from that and talk about the thing that unites us all, and that's golf. Let's remember why we come here. We don't have to like one another, but we do have to respect one another. And seriously, I'm tired of writing up warnings like a Hall Monitor.
  4. Guys, I'm really getting tired of writing this, but there's a certain level of behavior we expect from our members, and it's something we learned in kindergarten. Let's see if we can't play nicely in the same sandbox, okay? One more time, am I being clear enough? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. This is a pretty interesting story. There's an awful lot of plastic in golf packaging that isn't recyclable, and from my conversations with Steve and Stephanie, they do things their own way and this is one of those moves that seems to be a kind of no-brainer. They're a pretty small, privately-owned company, so if they're willing to absorb whatever short-term financial hit they make - if there is one - then good on them. No doubt there's a marketing element to this, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's an empty gesture. Wonder if other golf companies will follow their lead?
  6. Mercy, this is gonna take a while... Cat Stevens Arlo Guthrie (4x) The Band (1 pre-Last Waltz, 3 post) Hot Tuna Roger McGuinn CSN Dylan Kinks (6x) Henry Gross (Shannon....) Ian Hunter The Cars Marshall Tucker Band (4x) Allman Brothers Brian Wilson Simon & Garfunkel McCartney (2x) Springsteen ZZ Top Muddy Waters David Bromberg Spyro Gyra Atlanta Rhythm Section John Prine Kenny Loggins Warren Zevon Leon Redbone Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers Neil Diamond Jimmy Buffett (6x) The Grass Roots The Turtles Gerry Lewis & The Playboys The Dovells (it was an oldies concert) George Thorogood Julian Lennon (John's kid, mid 80's, had a hit) Grateful Dead John Mellencamp Hank Williams Jr Jonathan Edwards Pousette-Dart Band Elton John Steve Forbert Joe "King" Carrasco and the Crowns Little Feat (post Lowell George) The Nighthawks (4x) The Buckinghams The Dell Vikings Green Day Gary US Bonds Paul Butterfield Richie Havens Steve Goodman Susan Tedeschi Tom Waits Waylon Jennings And I'm sure I'm missing a few....
  7. Thanks for all the input -- right now I'm definitely bringing the Srixons and leaning toward Hogan's as the 2nd set -- brought both to the range the other day and was pounding the ever-loving crapola out of them, which is a sure sign that I'll suck to no end once they get on the course. Will try to play a couple of rounds over the next week or so with each and will report back. Next up on the crowd-sourcing will be driver and wedges...
  8. Uhhh, boys.... I'm a little late to the party here, but once again I find myself in the position of having to say this, and I really don't like doing this... Disagreements are fine, being disrespectful to other forum members is not. We all have different opinions, and the ONE RULE of this forum is to be respectful. Once again, am I being clear enough?
  9. In that case, it might be Srixon and Hogan. Serious first world problem [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Need some help from my fellow Spies. The wife and I are heading to Scotland for a week's vacation at the end of July, and she's given me the green light to play some golf. Of course, this may be a trap, but as Jerry Lee Lewis said in Great Balls of Fire - if I'm going to hell, I'm gonna go playing the piano... Anyway, my season has been a clusterf*** of iron play, driver play, wedge play and putting, so I've done what any good GolfSpy would do in a similar situation -- swapped out equipment on a near weekly basis. Well, any good GolfSpy who's an equipment idiot would do that, I suppose... So, I'm gonna crowdsource my bag, with the caveat of ultimate veto power if I happen to figure out what the hell I'm doing between now and July 25th. First up for your consideration are irons. I have two "old school" sets that I love - - '91-'93 vintage Hogan Edge GS irons. Very little technology, 47 degree pitching wedge, but oh, oh, oh so sweet to hit. - '99-'01 MacGregor VIP 1025 CB/MB progressive set. See above for sweetness. MacGregors are lie adjusted, Hogan's will need to be regripped if they make the lineup. New School sets include: Wilson C300 Forged - with Nippon Modus 2 shafts Cleveland Launcher CBX - with same shaft Srixon Z765 with KBS C-Taper shaft Wilson V6 Raw with KBS Tour shaft C300 and CBX both are long, but are very high launching - not sure about those in the wind. Have not been able to commit to either for more than 2 or 3 rounds in a row this season. Nippon Modus 3 fits me pretty well, and both are properly lie adjusted. Srixon Z765's are in the bag right now - have had the most success with those. Been fit for C-Tapers, and had these shafts pured when I had them installed, and are properly fit for lie. Downside is I hit the like shite my last two times out. Wilson V6 Raw may need to be reshafted to make the trip - KBS Tour and I don't get along. Also need to be lie adjusted. So I figure if I pack balls in my suitcase, I may be able to fit 2 sets of irons in the travelling bag and still stay under 50 pounds. What I need is help to determine who makes the travelling squad. We'll start with irons now -- wedges, woods, putter and set makeup are to come. Vote early and often...
  11. ...or even know they're called Puttershoes....
  12. Congratulations to our testers! Jmikecpa BigTazzGolf Jayjay0808 (3) TESTERS WANTED Tour Edge Exotics CBX Fairway Woods Tour Edge Exotics certainly has a bit of a cult following among fairway wood aficionados, and Tour Edge is touring this year's model, the CBX, as a spin-killing distance machine. As always, we love - and I mean love - putting those types of claims to the test. That's where you come in. TESTERS WANTED: Remember the rioting in the streets when TaylorMade claimed 17 more yards with Rocketballz? Well, Tour Edge is taking a page from that playbook - claiming independent testing shows the CBX will give you 16 more yards over Callaway and TaylorMade, based on a 108 MPH swing speed. Does Tour Edge have the right stuff? We need THREE of you to do the heavy lifting and find out. We need THREE avid, motivated and, most importantly, honest golfers to test, review and keep a Tour Edge Exotics CBX fairway - your choice of loft and no-upcharge stock shaft option. This review is open to any golfer plying his trade in the US and Canada, eh? HOW TO APPLY: We take our testing pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so read the instructions carefully and make sure you apply in the right place!! In this thread, tell us the following: - First name & home state/province - Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes - Current fairway wood lofts Thanks for applying! We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
  13. (3) TESTERS Announced ARCCOS 360 w/Caddie 2.0 Wouldn't it be cool, I mean really cool, to have your own personal caddie following you around for the rest of the summer? No, it wouldn't be Cheech Marin telling you to stop thinking immortality and starting thinking 7-iron. We're talking about ARCCOS 360 and its newly updated Caddie 2.0. ARCCOS 360 will give you an unfiltered, unforgiving look at the reality of your game, and Caddie 2.0 will help you define the moment instead of letting the moment define you. TESTERS Announced: ARCCOS believes if you allow Caddie 2.0 to be your on-course Romeo, you can avoid losing strokes due to bad decisions. It's artificial intelligence, sure, but the info is based on your game, your strengths, your weakness and can be fine tuned to the way you play. We need THREE hardcore, dedicated and - most importantly - tech-savvy golfers to use ARCCOS 360 and Caddie 2.0 for the rest of this golf season. Consider it your own personal game-improvement case study: will analytics combined with a virtual caddie help you improve your game and shoot lower scores? This review opportunity is open to any golfer who plays regularly on this planet (yes, that means any golfer, anywhere in the world) who also uses an iPhone (sorry Android users, Caddie 2.0 is iPhone only at this time). How To Apply: This review is a little different from others we've done this year. We're asking for a serious commitment to use and evaluate ARCCOS 360 and Caddie 2.0 for the remainder of the golf season. You'll need to be motivated, detail oriented and tech-savvy, so please make sure to follow the application instructions accurately and completely. First off, you MUST apply in this thread, and ONLY in this thread. Reading this and then applying in the Blog comments section will do you no good. Next, in this thread, please tell us the following: 1. First name 2. Home state/province and country 3. Current handicap 4. Current shot/stat tracking method - if any We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back to see if you've been chosen. CONGRATULATIONS!! These three dedicated and lucky members will soon have their own personal caddie calling their shots, and best of all the caddie won't question their decision to listen to it.....Or will it....Guess we'll find out somewhere along the line Alfs Oaks Palvord Footnote: That group may collectively have the shortest names of any test group ever!! Congratulations again guys!!
  14. We are done with this now. Am I being clear enough?
  15. That will be enough boys. Let's keep this thread on topic and discuss the videos in question.
  16. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  18. Chilly, windy, rainy Saturday at the Travelers... Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Congratulations to: bens197 djahubes robertson153 RoverRick strokerAce Dilligaf (6) TESTERS (International) WANTED!!! Precision Pro NX7 PRO Laser Rangefinder So how much do you need to spend to get a top performing laser rangefinder? Well, apparently not as much as you might think. The Cincinnati-based Precision Pro has built its reputation on high performing rangefinders with all the features you might at a price you definitely will love. Oh, and there's a lifetime free battery replacement program, too. There's a lot to like here. TESTERS WANTED: The Precision Pro NX7 PRO model has all the stuff you might want in a rangefinder: adaptive slope mode, pulse vibration and a 400 yard max range. Features, however, are one thing - but what we really care about is performance. That's where you come in. We're looking for SIX avid, motivated and honest golfers to test, review and keep a Precision Pro NX7 PRO rangefinder, and let the MyGolfSpy community what you think. This review opportunity is open to any golfer on planet Earth. HOW TO APPLY: We take our community reviews pretty seriously here at MyGolfSpy, so please read and follow these instructions carefully. 1. You MUST sign up in this forum thread. Signing up in the blog comments section won't do you any good. 2. In this thread, please tell us the following: - Your first name and home state/province - What do you use currently to measure distance? We'll be selecting our six testers next week, so please make sure to check back here to see if you've been selected. Good luck!
  20. Welcome - I'm lucky enough to be heading to your fair city at the end of July, with my golf clubs in tow....
  21. As the company gets healthier, the shaft offering will get broader... Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company Expands its Steel Shaft Assortment to Include True Temper's Dynamic Gold Shaft All customization options on Ben Hogan Golf Equipment are always FREE including the most prominent shaft on TOUR – Dynamic Gold Fort Worth, Texas – June 12, 2018 - Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, LLC, manufacturer of premium golf clubs, golf bags, and accessories, announced today that the company has added True Temper's Dynamic Golf Shaft to their host of shaft offerings. Unlike most golf equipment companies, the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company offers length, lie, grip and shaft customization without any upcharge. Now, customers can choose from three golf shaft manufacturers; KBS Tour Series in steel, UST Recoil in graphite, and NOW the widely popular Dynamic Gold Series in steel. With the addition of Dynamic Gold shafts to their assortment (including R-300, S-300 and X-100 flexes) the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company will now offer all irons and wedges in three (3) distinct weights: lightweight KBS Tour 90 (stiff) - 102 grams; standard weight KBS Tour V (stiff) - 110 grams, and tour weight True Temper Dynamic Gold (S-300) - 130 grams. “We are excited to add the Dynamic Gold Shaft to our golf shaft offerings. Many customers expressed interest in this TOUR favorite so we brought in Dynamic Gold Golf Shafts to accommodate those customers,” stated Scott White, Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company President & CEO. The Dynamic Gold Golf Shaft Family employs a Variable Wall Technology and a tour-proven step pattern to provide exceptional performance for serious golfer. This high-flex, tour-weight steel golf shaft is designed for skilled players seeking a low, penetrating ball flight for optimum control and accuracy. Ben Hogan Golf Equipment is designed and developed for the accomplished or skilled players so the Dynamic Gold Golf Shaft is the perfect complement to all of Ben Hogan's Golf Equipment. Ben Hogan Wedges and Irons are available for demo or purchase at www.BenHoganGolf.com exclusively. True to the company's innovative factory-direct distribution and pricing strategy, all Ben Hogan Wedges and Irons are sold direct-to-consumers with either graphite or steel which includes the new Dynamic Gold Golf Shaft offering. Ben Hogan Golf Company now provides short-term financing with NO interest, allowing golfers to pay for their new clubs over a period of time. And, players can Trade-UP their old equipment to offset the costs. Visit www.BenHoganGolf.com for more details. About Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company manufactures premium golf clubs and golf bags, and is committed to continue Ben Hogan's reputation of innovation, performance and classical designs. The company is based in Fort Worth, Texas, Ben Hogan's longtime home and the site of the original Company which opened in 1953. The Company offers their premium products online at www.benhogangolf.com exclusively. By eliminating the retail "middleman", the Company's cost structure is minimized and consumers are able to purchase high-quality golf equipment at factory-direct prices. To learn more about Ben Hogan Golf, please visit www.benhogangolf.com. Keep up-to-date with all of the latest Ben Hogan Golf news on social media: Twitter @BHGolfEquipment Facebook @BenHoganGolfEquipmentCompany Instagram @BenHoganGolf
  22. (4) TESTERS WANTED!! PING G700 Irons Big irons done right. That's how MyGolfSpy described the PING G700 irons when they launched last January. It's a hollow-bodied distance iron with plenty of forgiveness, but looks like it belongs right next to PING's better player offerings, such as the i200 or the iBlade. Kind of a neat trick, huh? TESTERS WANTED: We're excited about all of the review opportunities we bring you, but there's an extra bit of excitement over the G700. While we know in our heads that it doesn't matter how long you hit your irons as long as you know how long you hit your irons, there's something about hitting a 7-iron Tour player long that's hard to pass up. And from some of our early testing, the PING G700's give you just that - distance combined with forgiveness, feel and accuracy. It's kind of the Grand Slam of irons. But do they really deliver? That's where you come in. We need 4 of MyGolfSpy's best and brightest to test these puppies out and let us know if the reality lives up to the hype. HOW TO APPLY: This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully: 1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member 2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following: - Your first name - State/Province/Country - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup - Your 7-iron distance This review opportunity is open to any golfer who inhabits the planet Earth, so we're doubly excited about bringing this to you. We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. Congratulations to our four testers! Mpatrickriley GolfJunkie302 Peaksy38 Jacustomgolf
  23. Greetings gang ... I want to place this thread up here so we can clarify a few things about our Community Forum Review program, particularly when it comes to international testing. We sincerely wish every review opportunity could be open to the entire planet, but often the OEM's have separate and individual divisions around the world, and one marketing department has different plans and goals from another. For example - Wilson Golf in North America ISN'T Wilson Golf UK, which ISN'T Wilson Golf Germany. Even though it's essentially the same company, they have their own sandbox in which they play, with their own goals and marketing programs. We wish it were different, but alas, it's not our call. Some have complained that we ignore the rest of the planet, which isn't really accurate. We've had several worldwide review opportunities over the past few years, ranging from PING to Bettinardi to ShotScope to ACCRA to many others, and we'll have more in the coming weeks. Lastly, and this one's kind of important - applying isn't the same thing as chosen, and entering doesn't mean you will be chosen. We'll get well over 1,000 applicants for the Mizuno driver review opportunity, for example, with only 4 drivers available, so....do the math! Thanks for being a loyal reader and I very much hope you'll keep reading. We firmly believe - and I'm confident many of you will agree - there's more to MGS than just a .004% chance of being chosen to test a driver.
  24. (4) Testers Wanted Mizuno ST 180 Drivers As Peter Wolfe once said - don't touch the knobs, 'cause I think we're gonna have some fun with this one! Everyone loves Mizuno irons, that's for certain. But when the topic of Mizuno drivers comes up, even the most avid of golfers scratch their heads and turn to the Big 5. But this year's MGS Most Wanted Testing may have changed all that. TESTERS WANTED: Mizuno's new ST 180 surprised the field this year, finishing 4th overall. What's more, the ST 180 finished tied for 2nd for Swing Speeds over 105 mph, and tied for 1st for 90-105 swing speeds. Do we have your attention now? That's how the ST 180 performed for us, but as always, we want to know how it performs for you, the real live, avid golfer. We're looking for four of you to test, review and keep a new Mizuno ST 180 driver, complete with your choice of any of Mizzy's no-upcharge shaft options. I know we have your attention now! This review opportunity is open to any avid golfer in the US or Canada. How To Apply: We take our testing very seriously here at MGS. In exchange for the driver, we're going to ask for a full two-month commitment, including range testing and on-course testing. We'll provide you with a detailed template to help you write your two-part review, and we'll ask that you be available on the Forum to answer questions and share your journey with golfers from all over the world. But most of all, we want your honest opinion. If you're up for it, then in this thread (and this thread only!!), please tell us the following: First name/home state or province Current driver/shaft combo Swing speed/handicap Preferred ST 180 loft/shaft (check the Mizzy website here) Again, apply ONLY in this thread! We'll be announcing the testers in this forum next week, so please check back regularly to see if you're one of the chosen few! Good luck!! ________________________________________ Congratulations to our selected testers: bergtaur newballcoach Thin2win Undershooter30
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