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  1. Quote of the year right there. What a humble, gracious guy - good on ya, Bubba!
  2. What a great story! And very cool that he made it that early to see the great tee it up. Someday it'll be him and Tiger... And maybe Bubba Watson. Never saw a shot like that before. Wow! Just, WOW! A very deserving champ!
  3. Matt - now I know why you posed the questions you did in the putter fitting thread. Love the detail and logic in Bruce's blog - much to be learned there. Thanks for reviving the thread! And as my dear departed Dad used to say - knowing "how" is good, but knowing "why" is better because those who know "how" will always work for those who know "why."
  4. The fitter/pro I'm working with does a great job of explaining - rather than telling me something he usually makes a statement and then asks "what would happen then?" And let's me figure it out, if I can. He makes the game ridiculously logical. I swear, if Spock played golf, he'd be a 1, maybe 2 handicap at worst...
  5. 83 on the home course - despite 3 DB's in a row. Getting comfy with the new Mizzy's...

  6. Both good questions, Matt... Here's how it was explained to me: 1. Keeping left eye over the ball for me (left eye dominant) makes it easier to make sure the putter head is on line at the moment of impact. For my stroke -- if the ball is too far away I tend to push, if it's too close, I tend to pull. It may not be that way for others, but it sure made sense to me. Have found since making that change that if I read the putt right and make a smooth stroke, the ball goes where I want. 2. The heavier head is for balance - my Bobby Grace, at 35" - was way to long for me, and it's a light putter anyway. Cutting it down to 31.5" or so would have made it feel even lighter. I'd been gripping it way down on the grip, but still couldn't make a consistent stroke. Was able to make do, but had WAY too many 3-putts and distance control was atrocious. Here's what Coutour has to say about weight: Swingweight is the most overlooked aspect of putter fitting, mainly because it is not visible. Swingweight has to do with feel. It is the feel of the putter head as it swings. Swingweight influences the distance the putter travels on the back and forth stroke. It influences tempo as well as the path the putter head swings. Swingweight is crucial to the fitting of a putter. The swingweight of your putter should be close to the swingweight of the rest of your golf clubs. Industry standard for men's swingweight is D0-D2. Women's is C6-C8. Whenever you alter the length of a golf club by cutting it down, gripping down it or even adding length to it, you change the swingweight. When you shorten a club, you decrease swingweight. When you lengthen a club you add swingweight. For every inch you alter the length of a golf club, you change the swingweight by 6 points. 1 swingweight equals 2 grams of weight. Ultimately, if you have shortened your putter or even grip down on your putter by one inch, you decrease it's swingweight by 6 points or 12 grams of weight. 6 swingweights is enough to drastically change the feel of your putter, your tempo and your stroke. Anyway, it did seem to make sense to me...played yesterday with a demo - 32.5" with a 365 gram head weight. Putts were mostly on line, distance control was much better than it had been, canned several 5 to 8 foot putts to save par (which had been a nemesis!) and didn't 3-putt once. Hey, maybe the difference is mostly between the ears (although my wife might say there ain't much between the ears ), but so far, so good... Found Coutour's website -- here's a link to their fitting philosophy video that can explain it way better than I can...
  7. They have a pretty slick fitting system - you take a comfortable stance and then they adjust their fitting device. That gives you the height from your hands to the ground. Then you look straight down at the bad of the fitting device -- it's a mirror with a ruler on it -- you see at what measurement the reflection of your eye falls. Then they use the Pythagorean theorem A2 + B2 = C2) to find the right putter length. Then they match the right head weight --the shorter the stick, the heavier the head. Had been using a Bobby Grace Softie -- sweet putter for way to long and way to light. Using the Ping app, the fitter found my consistency was WAY off, tempo was inconsistent and face at impact was all over the place. With the right stick, the consistency improved dramatically, and both tempo and face at impact were much better. On the green found it MUCH easier to control distance. Gang, if you haven't done it, do it. The whole process took about 30 minutes...
  8. This "fitting" thing is getting out of hand -- first got fit for irons and wound up buying MP-50's. Had a putter fitting today -- I'm surprised I was holding the right end of the friggin' stick! Fitted for a 31.5" to 31.75" length putter, with a heavier head. Looking for a toe-down, due to a slight to heavy arc. My "guy" is a Coutour dealer - wound up looking at a 365 gram head. Had a "Gullane" model to demo - it wasn't the right type of head for my arc, but I couldn't miss-hit the dang thing. It felt GREAT during ht back swing, and controlling the distance was a ton easier, too. The right length and weight makes all the difference... Yet another new toy the Mrs. is going to have to let me buy! Anyone use a Coutour? Seems like a high quality piece of equipment...
  9. Have tried the RBZ on a couple of launch monitors, but the demo clubs didn't work for me. Tried the Adams on the range last week - pretty sweet, but wouldn't dump my Titleist 910 for either of them. It's long enough for me, and I like the look. That said, my boss demo'd the RBZ at a Golf Town a couple of weeks ago and was ready to dump his wife and children for it.
  10. Been working on the lob/flop shot in this scenario -- with mixed results. Have dropped them within a few feet and let them roll close, but have had more than my share of skulls or - more often - really bad distance control. As mentioned in another thread - these are the round-killers!
  11. Thanks -- that kinda makes sense, but you never know with the rules of golf.
  12. This happened last year, and it still makes me wonder. Teeing off on a dogleg left Par 5 - try to cut the corner but hit a tree branch -- ball goes straight down comes to rest near the bottom of the tree -- in play, and still possible to reach the green in two. While the rest of the foursome is on the tee getting ready to hit (some long hitters in the group were waiting for the fairway to clear - no way I was going to hit 'em) -- a guy from the 17th fairway drives his cart into our fairway looking for his ball. He PICKS UP MY BALL, and drives away. I drop another ball where mine had landed, blasted a hybrid to the fringe and chipped in. IS THIS AN EAGLE? That's how I marked it on the scoresheet, not sure what the USGA has to say about it. Your thoughts?
  13. Thanks RP - caught a few nice and flush today -- oooh, what a feeling. Also got to try another new toy today - courtesy of eBay - a 2011 Cleveland Mashie (20.5o) - for $28.00. I know it got a so-so review here, but man, that thing is a BEAST!
  14. Diggin' the Bobby Grace long putter...very nice! One thing's for sure - no one's gonna pick up your bag by accident outside the Pro Shop...gotta love it!
  15. Range session with the new MP-59's today - Hitting the sweet spot is better than sex and almost as good as sweet corn!

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      wont say its better but it shd b pretty darn close lol

    2. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Ninja - you must not have ever tasted really good sweet corn!

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      You've obviously never had great sex. ;-)

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  16. I have the Tw9 wedges in black -- it's not "piano-black" though. I kinda like they way they've aged -- looks like the have a few battle scars, but it's a different finish than what's on these.
  17. Bingo! Still and all - they seemed liked pretty nice sticks, especially in the GI category. That and the price made them very tempting. Rockbottomgolf.com had them listed for less than $500...
  18. Demo'd these along with the FG V2's -- crushed the 6 iron a good 10-15 yards further than the V2 and even though I know better, I started grinning, thinking I'd turned back the clock about 20 yrs. The feeling was nice while it lasted... Despite the loft, I liked these quite a bit - felt nice, liked the ball flight. And dead sexy!
  19. Hmmm -- Katie Upton and Heidi Klum? Makes me want to keep both sets in the bag!! I think most of us are better at handling clubs than we are handling women - even if we've never golfed before! First round today - hit some nice shots, but these are pretty different - gonna take some practice!
  20. Also came with a nice little pamphlet with the specs...but no hat!
  21. Picked up the new stix this afternoon. I've never been physically attracted to or aroused by a golf club before (except for one Jan Stephenson was swinging in 1985), but oh my dear Lord these things are nice to look at! Had a short range session when I picked them up - and proceeded to top by first swing and it dribbled about 40 yards. Started getting the hang of them by mid-bucket. Found the longer irons VERY easy to hit - made me wish I got the 4 iron. Taking them out for a spin tomorrow. The Hogan's look a little sad to be leaving the bag... And a little putter love, too....
  22. The "Bubba" and the "Natalie." Gotta love it!!!
  23. Whack 'em long, straight and not too often. Good luck!
  24. Considering the VR Pro hybrids and will give the Adams a whack, too. Probably next season. Did pick up an'11 Mashie on eBay last night for 28 bucks, despite the "meh" review it got here. Hope to have the Mizzy's next week - it's gonna be like Christmas all over again!
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