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  1. What are you looking at for hybrids? I'm in my third season of Callaway FTiz's -- not bad at all and got a smoking deal on RockBottomGolf.com. Getting' the itch to try something new, though... And how do you like the E6? Played them quite a bit last year -- nice ball.
  2. Looking at the Wilson's next week -- what's up with the shaft? How do you like 'em? What made you pick 'em?
  3. [quote name='jmiller065' date='01 March 2012 - 12:08 PM' timestamp='1330625284' post='52750'] +1 on that Also, I see that you listed a few different blade models then talked about W/S FG Tour V2... If you are looking for a blade I highly recommend trying the Wilson FG62s have almost as soft as a feel as the Mizuno Blades, it was pretty hard for me to tell the difference even on slightly off center hits on the Mizuno MP69 vs to W/S FG62. W/S FG Tour V2 is a good players cavity that would give you slightly better forgiveness then the FG62 has to offer. It is pretty hard to find the offset spe
  4. Had my first fitting today - what an experience! Went to Pat Ryan Golf in Plymouth, MN, and was fitted by Tom Cook, Jr (it's a family business). According to their website he's a certified Class A club maker...it sounded impressive. Brought my Hogan Apex Plus irons (ebay, $75) and my Ping G-15's (golf shop, $500) - told him I liked hitting the Hogan's better so he didn't let me hit the Pings. I have a handicap index of 11.5 (up from 9 two years ago -- lost 60 lbs last year and lost my swing along with it!) Hit a lot of different heads with different shafts and he came up with the follow
  5. First ever club fitting tomorrow at Pat Ryan Golf in Plymouth, MN. Very excited!

  6. It's going to snow tomorrow - 8" or more...need a golf fix bad! Great forums here and the reviews are the best on the web. Thanks for a great site!
  7. MN winter is getting to me...

  8. Best answers to the question: "why is it called 'putting?"
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