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  1. 1 hour ago, daviddvm said:

    Have any idea where they are made?

    My guess would be Taiwan - that's where all their other balls are made. There are two high-end ball factories in Taiwan, so the quality will be very good. 

    I'll be interested to see how some of Wilson's claims bear out in the real world. I like Frank Simonutti very much, and he'll tell you what he thinks - which I respect. He says Wilson's own testing show the Staff Model to be the fastest urethane ball on the market, with short iron spin that's better than all the others except one (I'm guessing Bridgestone). Those kind of claims beg to be verified, so I can see that happening. 

    I have the sample dozen they sent for the article - I like the graphics (there's no customization yet), but I do plan on getting a couple dozen - one with 867, the other with 5309. And maybe a third dozen that says "Jenny Jenny, who can I turn to?"

    Shoot, if the ball is any damn good, that's worth $44.99 right there for the sheer fun of  it...

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  2. 4 hours ago, tyler621 said:

    Thanks for the feedback. I am looking mainly for something spikeless. I am a big fan of ASICS running shoes so I thought I would give them a try. How does the sizing compare to the running shoes? Other golf shoe brands?

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    I wear a 12 and they fit me just fine.

  3. 46 minutes ago, Titleist87 said:

    Perry Ellis manufactures the Hogan clothes under a licensing agreement.

    Technically, Perry Ellis owns the Ben Hogan brand name. They licensed the name to the new Hogan Company when it came back in 2015. After the bankruptcy and reorganization Perry Ellis has a minority ownership stake in the new new Hogan Company, with a much less onerous license agreement. 

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  4. Don't think you'd go wrong with either. I have a pair of the ASICS in spikeless and spiked (with BOA)...I like them both very much. Like any good ASICS shoe, they're very comfy and both have plenty of stability for my needs. I guess the looks are a matter of taste, but I don't mind them at all. They're definitely in the shoe rotation for 2020, whenever it starts...



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  5. What do you do when you prepare a special Limited Edition "Masters" product and then the Masters doesn't happen? If you're smart, you rebrand.

    That's what Golf Pride is doing today, as its releasing its special MCC Align Limited Edition "Spring" grips. Pretty much everyone has limited and/or special edition products for the Masters, as well as the other majors. Whether this was always going to be called "Spring" or if there was going to be a catchier name like "Augusta" or "First Major" or something like that, we don't know. 


    What we do know is it's green and gold, either for the Masters or the Green Bay Packers (I'm going with the former), and they're available now on Golf Pride's website. They're standard size only, and sell for $11.49 each.

    We know there are more than a few companies holding Limited Edition Masters gear (they can't use the name Masters, the boys at ANGC get very, very angry), so we can expect some quick reshuffling of the deck. 


    Just another piece of COVID-19 fallout...

    Are you an Align/reminder grip guy? What about special editions?







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  6. I'm a huge Big Max fan - they have several of their better models discounted to under $200 right now, including the Blade+, which I rolled for several years. I like how they're VERY simple to open and close, use simple components and don't have bicycle-type break systems - just move the lever with your foot to hold one rear wheel in place. Nothing to go wrong, nothing to wear out.  They also fold silly-flat for easy storage. 



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  7. This showed up on Twitter yesterday -- pretty cool move.

    Lynx Golf and Coronavirus - Leading the Way to a More Caring World

    MARCH 30, 2020

    From Wednesday 1st of April, for three months, Lynx Golf is starting an initiative to thank the heroic workers of the NHS who have been selflessly risking their own health and lives to save those affected by coronavirus.

    Stephanie Zinser, Owner, says “From 1st April, we are giving 20% of the value of every online order over £50* to a fund for the support of NHS staff. We will gather the funds and source a worthy arm or sector of the NHS to give these funds to. It may be a benevolent fund for bereaved families of NHS workers, or another under-funded arm of the NHS, but our primary aim is to help those who are so generously and selflessly helping us all. As you can imagine, with a situation as fast-paced as this, we need time to find the right vehicle.”

    “We all recognise the destruction that COVID-19 is having. We have seen unprecedented loss of loved ones, jobs, earnings, livelihoods. We also realise that amongst all the chaos, there are those who remain steadfast in their resolve and determination to see as many of us survive this global catastrophe as possible, and given our place as the only global British golf manufacturer, it is only right and fitting that we support those who support us in the UK.”

    “As a business, Covid-19 has obviously had a devastating effect on golf, and we are working with literally a skeleton staff, but it doesn’t mean we have to lose our hearts because we’ve temporarily lost our muscle. Steve (Elford, CEO and co-owner) and I have been watching the news constantly, and the one running theme of all of this is those who put others first. So…we thought we could and should put them first in our lives too.”

    “We want to support golf and golfers, but we also want to demonstrate that we understand where true North lies. Therefore, for the next three months, we are going to donate 20% of the value of every purchase over £50 made on our website lynxgolf.co.uk to a fund. We will search for the most deserving NHS support fund we can find, and will donate any money gathered as a result, to that. It is absolutely feels like the right thing to do.”

    Lynx Golf is a family-owned, British golf business and is the only British Golf manufacturer in the world. It is also the only Global golf manufacturer with a female owner, and is a participant of the UN Global Compact. 

    If you would like to suggest a worthy cause, please email us info@lynxgolf.co.uk 

  8. 17 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... You may know this Barbajo but I will share again with others. I was on staff with Wilson when the released the Progressive combo set. Payne Stewart want a more forgiving set of CB's after playing MB's. So Bob Mandrella kept making forged CB sets and grinding them for Payne, moving weight slightly and tweaking for Payne to play. But he just could not get comfortable with the CB's in the short irons and would play the new set but put his old pw-8 MB's in with the new 7-3 CB irons. Mandrella kept refining the short CB irons trying to get similar performance as Paynes MB's. Now we both know Bob Mandrella was about as good as it gets for designing and understanding club heads but he just couldn't solve the puzzle. He lamented to one of the reps that he kept building sets Payne loved by they always included his old MB short irons. The rep shrugged and said why not just make a new set with 7-3 CB's and copy Paynes pw-8 MB's, like a combo set? Something so simple had just not occurred to Bob because as a designer he was trying to come up with a full set of CB's as Payne was requesting. The funny thing is Payne had not thought o that idea either but when presented to him, he loved it. 

    ... And so the first combo set I am aware of was born. With some golfers still hanging on to playing their MB's I am a little surprised there is not an OEM offering a combo set. One of my favorites was the Bridgestone J36 Combo set with MB in the pw-9, CB in the 8-6 and Pocket Cavities in the 5-3. Obviously most of the OEMs allow golfers to special order combo sets but I think most have gapping issues. 

    I think you'll be seeing something along those lines in the next month or so from an OEM I can't name yet - you'll be able to customize your set with MB short irons, CB mid/long irons, utility long irons or hybrids. 😎😎

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  9. 1 hour ago, MGoBlue100 said:

    I’ve got KBS Tour 130x in my irons, (Bstone Tour B JGR’s from an MGS test) and I had my Ping wedges made with the same to keep the same feel through the set. I’ve read pros and cons regarding doing this, but it’s working well for me.

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    I'd agree -- my best wedge play has always been when I have the same shafts in my wedges and irons. Something to be said for consistency...

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  10. 1 hour ago, bellairemi said:

    Might look for a MacGregor 1025 VFoil CM set on Ebay - forgiving, good looking and nice feeling.  You could also build a combo set with some of Maltby's offerings.

    Have that exact set - it keeps finding its way into my bag as my gamer set. The blades feel unbelievable, but you do know when you miss the sweet spot and off-center hits will lose distance for sure. The CB's are tremendous - you can find them on the 'Bay.

    Another option is the Wilson Progressive set from '93-'94. Found a set on eBay a few weeks ago - got them out on the course twice before the shutdowns here in NH. Also pretty sweet...

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  11. Club buying season is usually right now - March through May and into June. If it gets pushed to May and people resume relatively normal buying patterns, then I’d guess no. 2021 releases may get pushed back, depending on old inventory

    If economy struggles, that may all change.

    Bigger question - do you see any companies/retailers/whomever not making it? Big discounts often are a sign of a cash crunch, at least for retailers.

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  12. 1 hour ago, silver & black said:

    Ohio's unemployment web site is still crashed. Ya gotta wonder how they didn't foresee this when they put 3/4 of the state out of work in one day. Poor planning is an extreme understatement.


    If this is considered political, just delete it. I'm just freaking out over not having any source of income at this point.

    You're fine, my friend.

    And thank you to all for staying on topic and keeping it real. This is why our members are the very best - you guys make this place what it is.


    And as my old pal Red Green would say, I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together...

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  13. 8 hours ago, CamDeen said:

    Is anyone using the Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS Golf Watch while playing? (or when they were playing?) What are your thoughts? 

    Hi Cam -

    Been a user since V1. If you're the type who doesn't like wearing a watch while playing, there's nothing about the V2 that will change your mind. It doesn't bother me any, but it might be a deal breaker for some. I've seen the new V3 - much sleeker and nicer looking than V2. Shot Scope says it's actually a wee bit smaller/lighter than an Apple Watch, if that puts it into some perspective for you. 

    I'm a fan of the way it tracks your shots without you having to do much of anything - no tagging, no phone, just play golf. You may have to do a little post round editing every once in a while, but it is what it is. The stats are presented simply, without being overwhelming. My favorite part of it, however, is the ability to save bucket list rounds - kind of virtual souvenirs, if you will.


     Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 10.50.52 AM.jpg


    It functions very well as a GPS watch, and the shot tracking and stats are both first rate. And they've priced it nicely.  It's not perfect, but for what it is and what it does, it's a nice balance. I don't think it should be compared to ARCCOS, even though they sorta kinda do similar things. I don't like that much phone interaction when I play, and battery life is always a concern (prefer and hand-help GPS, like the Sky Caddie). 

    There are better GPS watches that cost quite a bit more, but when you combine the shot tracking and stats - if that's what you're after - it's a great value and does what it claims. 

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  14. 46 minutes ago, chisag said:


    ... Awesome! I think tech is a huge benefit for all golfers. How much and what kind of tech for your particular game is always the big question. I started with an 8802 and had a rather substantial gated stroke, which was 100% instinctive and I have never changed. Putting is arguably the strongest part of my game and thru the years I have tried other putters but always come back to a blade heel shafted putter because as Barbajo said, I am sinking more putts with them. If you have a repeatable stroke and hit the center consistently, I think tech is irrelevant on a putter head that is moving so very, very slowly compared to other golf clubs. Obviously the least consistent and the more you miss the center, you should use all the tech you can manage. But confidence is King when it comes to putting and whatever head gives you the most confidence is the one you should use from an 8802 to a Spider. They all work. My 6330 has weights in the heel and toe as well as a face insert for roll technology, so I kinda have the best of all worlds. Here is a few of my putters starting with my Bobby Grace 6330 on the far right followed by Bettinardi BB2, YES Sophia, Tour Edge Ti-Copper 4555, Black Milled 8802 and my original 8802. 


    I think I need a moment alone...

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  15. I'm okay with Tampa Bay - if he had signed with the Colts it would have been a different story. Seriously, hope he wins another Super Bowl, just not against the Pats. 

    I'm a Stidham man now all the way! I always knew Jarett would make good. May he someday be up there with the greatest #4 in all of history...1180461429.jpg.0.jpg

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