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  1. Very cool experience! It's always good when a fitter listens and asks questions. I think you're gonna be very happy with the new toys. This is a fascinating business model - I think Honma is on to something. Working to schedule something with the new New England fitter soon. Will chime in when it happens!
  2. First round with the new V3 in the books. Some thoughts... Set up and syncing with the app is WAY easier with V3 than V2 - it's a one step process. V2 you had to push a couple of buttons to get it into sync mode, then hit the sync button on the app. This is way easier - just hit the sync button on the app and away she goes. Had trouble trying to install the firmware update connected to the computer, but again, when synced to the phone app it was a piece of cake. Operation was pretty seamless, and the GPS seemed to be pretty accurate. It recorded every front 9 shot perfectly, but mis
  3. Mine arrived today - from an appearance standpoint, they killed it. It's WAY smaller and WAY lighter than V2, and the charger has been completely redesigned for the better. And not that it matter - or maybe it does - the packaging is way nicer, too - definitely will have shelf appeal. Hope to charge it up and try it out over the weekend. I agreed to a July 6th embargo with Shot Scope, so I won't post any pictures (my word is my bond!), but it's a very nice looking watch - about the size/weight of an Apple watch.
  4. Terry is one of the most outspoken and interesting interviews in golf. He's made some friends and some enemies along the way (check the comments on that blog post about Edison - wow!), but he's always interesting and tells it the way he sees it. The Hogan TK-15 wedges remain among the best I've ever used (although you may have to pry the old Hogan Riviera wedges out of my cold, dead hands), and I'm anxious to try the new Edisons.
  5. The ICONs are typical of blades in that when you hit the sweet spot, they feel fantastic and they go like crazy. Easy to shape and hit either high or low. Miss the sweet spot and you'll pay a price in both feel and distance. I'm missing a lot right now, but the good shots have been really, really good. And I can't say enough good things about the UiHi Utility. The 22-degree is my favorite club in the bag right now - that is one awesome, easy to launch club.
  6. I have four rounds in with the combo set - with ICONs making up the 8-9-PW end of the set. Right now my game is one big dumpster fire, so it's hard to say, but the good shots I've hit with the ICONs are very good. I wouldn't call them particularly more forgiving or longer than the Ft. Worth 15s, but they do feel terrific and they're easy to flight - when I hit them well. Right now that's maybe half the shots, but that's true of pretty much every club in the bag for me right now. If this keeps up I may light the whole bag on fire...
  7. And not for nothing, here's a like to the 2020 Wilson update (pre COVID 19) https://mygolfspy.com/wilson-staff-2020/
  8. Here's a look at what happened to Wilson and how it went from dominant market leader to virtual non-entity. It was a long, slow slide, but it happened. https://mygolfspy.com/how-the-wilson-staff-empire-crumbled/ (Links to Parts 2 and 3 are in the blog post itself). Wilson stabilized starting in 2007 when Tim Clarke took over. One of the things I like about Tim - and Wilson - is they have a very closely knit team and they're very loyal to their people and their Pro Staff. They also own their mistakes -- the Baller Box in theory is a very good idea IMO. They screwed up the math
  9. Hearing through the grapevine Bridgestone will be putting the new Tour B series balls on sale starting Monday at $39.99/dozen. The sale is expected to run through Father's Day. Regular price is $44.99, and Bridgestone is running a Buy 3, Get 1 Free promo that ends on Sunday. That program will get you down to about $33.75 per dozen, so if you want to stock up on the new 'Stones, this is the weekend to do it. Otherwise, it'll be $39.99/dozen no matter how many you buy after that. Shots fired by Bridgestone, and in my book the new Tour B is THE ball story of 2020.
  10. So, finally got a couple of rounds in this week and tried the Staff Model ball, along with last year's Bridgestone Tour B X and a new Penfold Dual ID ball. Some thoughts: In terms of distance, the Staff Model is every bit the equal of last year's Tour B X. I didn't have any of the new 'Stones in the bag so I can't compare. I will say when I've played the Tour B's, they are incredible. The Staff Model ball is very good - and I'd certainly game it. Green spin is very similar to Tour B X - Wilson says it engineered this ball for more spin around the green and its own testing shows
  11. No - as far as I know, they contract out their work to the Taiwanese factory.
  12. Heal up quick @BIG STU - there are MacGrogan's out there than need to be hit by someone who loves them! Enjoy the meds and get better fast!
  13. Golf courses are finally open again in New Hampshire. Will take these out for a trial run today - hope my game is up for it. It's been a while....
  14. There are a ton of wonderful and worthwhile causes going on in the world right now that deserve our attention. In the grand scale, this one's not at the peak, but it is aimed at people who are hurting. The PGA of America has started the Emergency Golf Relief Fund to provide short-term financial assistance to members of the workforce who've been affected by the Covid-19 shutdown - that includes everyone from groundskeepers to kitchen staff to the pro and his staff. Honma has put together some pretty cool packages - for a donation you can be entered into a raffle. For example, for a
  15. Welcome to the Forum! Here's a link to last year's MyGolfSpy Golf Ball Buyer's Guide - that should get you started. https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/ The RB Tour X fared the better of the two Mizuno balls, but still scored as "Good." It did have the third best wedge spin of any ball tested. I tried a dozen of the standard RB Tour's last year - overall impression was meh. Didn't like them enough to buy any more. Hope this helps...
  16. Blog post dropped this morning (click here). Folks have been asking for a Hogan combo set almost since the company resurrected the first time in 2015. Now that the new hybrids and utility irons are in, a combo set is doable. If the UiHi utility irons are any near as easy to hit as the older Ft. Worth Hi's are -- and Scott White says they're almost like cheating - this set should be a winner. Here's a batch of pictures for you to enjoy...
  17. Srixon is postponing their new lines until the PGA Show in January. They said it was planned before the shutdowns took place, but I think they were trying to scenario me rosily. Cleveland wedges, however, are still planned for a fall release.
  18. The more I think about it, the more I think you're on to something @dlow206. An OEM dropping price is always problematic for everyone in the chain (except consumers) because it devalues existing inventories. Unless all hell breaks looks - and that's not a far-fetched scenario - maybe we'll see things like free FW wood with driver purchase, free bag with iron set or something like that. If they cut prices now on current line equipment, it's going to be difficult to raise them back up again when the 2021 stuff - if the 2021 stuff - comes out. Consumers are getting wise. Cutting price may make 20
  19. And then he goes through all the stuff he has in the bag....
  20. If you haven't been following Padraig Harrington on Twitter, you really should. He's been doing daily playing lessons, proving once and for that he indeed is the Most Interesting Man in Golf. Today he showed off his brand new Wilson Staff bag (yummmm) and switched his sticks from the old bag to the new bag, while discussing what he has for equipment and why. It's pure Gold...
  21. The Denver area has some of the best golf courses anywhere, I think. Have played a bunch of them - personal favorites are Fossil Trace in Golden - some say it's kind of gimmicky, but it sure is fun. Also love Murphy Creek, Green Valley Ranch, Bear Creek, Meadow Hills, Arrowhead and Red Hawk Ridge. I got very lucky one day and got to play the Sanctuary - it's crazy good. Played a few courses in the mountains, too -- Raven, Grand Lake and a few others. The one I didn't like was Gypsum Creek, but I played crappy that day, so it doesn't really count. Further west I LOVE Redlands Mesa.
  22. So this is where all those recycled milk jugs are going... Got this press release today from a company called All 19 Holes announcing their new ECO-Polo shirt made from recycled plastic bottles. As with any recycled product, it's not cheap, selling at $89 on their website. As a cheap ba**tard, I don't like paying that kind of dough for any shirt, but then reusing 8 to 12 plastic bottles is never a bad thing. What are your thoughts? The innovative ECO-Polo is a shirt made entirely from the world’s finest recycled polyester. All 19 Holes developed the ECO-
  23. They're pushing the metal woods and irons release into January 2021. Srixon told us the move was planned well before Covid19 related shutdowns, but we've heard conflicting stories about that - it's my guess there's a direct correlation, since existing retail stock is collecting dust at the moment. Normally the new lineup would have been announced in July/August and released in September, but now it'll be timed to coincide with the PGA Show. Srixon's a two-year cycle company, so you can expect new metal woods, utility irons and two new iron sets to replace the Z-585 and Z-785 sets.
  24. I really hesitated before deciding to put this up here. There are a TON of people hurting right now, no matter what country you're in, and it's human nature to want to help out the people on the homefront first, so please take this in which the spirit it's being given... Brett Murray was my caddie for two rounds at St. Andrews when my cousin and I made the trek over there last year, and getting to meet Brett was truly my good fortune. He was an excellent companion and an outstanding caddie who helped me shoot better than maybe I should have, especially during my second round. Anyway, Bret
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