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  1. I am primarily of the 'find something that works and go with it' mentality. My first set back when I took up the game 20-odd years ago was an Adams starter set. Used them for about a year while learning about the game and trying to find a swing. Due to family and RL commitments, golf got put aside for a number of years. I finally pulled out the set 3 years ago and started taking lessons. Used them for about a year while trying to develop some sort of a repeatable swing. During that year I demoed some Hybrids at stores and from instructors before settling on the Adams Idea Pros. Bought a used 3 and 4 hybrid and closeted the 3, 5 and 7W that came with the Adams starter set. Learned the value of the short game and added some Mizuno wedges. At the start of my second year I lost the 8-iron from the Adams set (left it at a driving range and it was not turned in) and tried to play through the gap while looking for a replacement set of irons - Figured since my set was 20 years old I could find something with newer technology. I demoed about a dozen club sets at stores before settling on a discounted demo set of Taylormade RSI2's. I did use the hitting bays when testing, watching the ball flight and such but, not knowing what I know now, I was not paying attention to the numbers, more of what produced decent ball flight, felt comfortable in my hands and had a decent price point. Still have them and am still enjoying the results I get with them. The wedges have been replaced with Cleveland 588's. I had found one of them on a course and turned it in. Happened to go back to the same course a month later and the owner apparently had not returned to pick it up as it was in the used club bin. Was able to borrow it for the round and even though it was much more used/abused than my wedges, I had better results with it. As the technology had been out for a little while I was able to get reasonably priced new ones off Ebay. The original Adams driver got replaced by a Cobra Bio Cell that was donated to me by one of my instructors (here, I don't use this anymore and I cannot stand to see you use that older driver. It looks hideous. Please don't bring it to your lessons anymore). It serves me well and I have not seriously tried looking for a replacement. I toyed with putters during the first year back in the game, trying just about anything in stores, purchasing some used(cheap), before settling on a Odyssey White Hot counter-balanced model. Have been using it for two years now and have upgraded the grip to one of the over-sized versions. Still continue to peruse the stores and playing with the new toys but have not found anything that piqued my senses more than what I currently have. With all that I have worked down to a 14 handicap and through the first part of last year was reasonably happy with my game. Knee problems reduced the amount of golf toward the end of the year but surgery is done, rehab is ongoing and I should be back out on the course by the end of spring. My goal is to start looking for upgrades next year. Before that happens I want to get comfortable again with my swing and a few more lessons. Next year I will be looking to get fit for a set of irons. Brand name is not important.
  2. I did a forum search and did not find a review of this swing analyzer. https://epson.com/For-Home/Wearables/Fitness-%26-Sports/M-Tracer-MT500GII-Golf-Swing-Analyzer/p/E61E501K23 It seems to be getting decent reviews on some sites but I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with it Thanks,
  3. As I get in 40-50 rounds a year, all walking, the shoes need to be comfortable. I have yet to wear a pair of spike-less, and I change spikes about 5 times a year, so it will be interesting to see how the tread holds up. Size 10.5, Black/Silver, wide if they run narrow
  4. AFC Championship Game: Broncos 14, Patriots 28 NFC Championship Game: Cardinals 24, Panthers 21 Final 4 QB with most passing yards: Brady
  5. Brian Armbruster - San Jose CA Current gamer is an Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Rossie
  6. She sports an Adidas pair that uses the PINS system. Based on what I have been able to rumage up, that has got to be the most non-color of the bunch.
  7. I am one of the lucky few that have a girlfriend who really loves golf. But, being as she is a girl, she likes to accessorize with color. Her golf shoes need new spikes and when I offered to replace them, she stated her desire for some colored spikes. We have seen a variety of colors for spikes while watching some of the LPGA events and the newer shoes come with orange, pink, red and other colored spikes. But I cannot seem to find a store that carries anything other than black, white or silver. She has considered buying a new set of shoes just to get some color under her feet but her shoes are in decent condition and she says they are comfortable. I cannot see spending $190 to get colored spikes when not really necessary. Plus they would wear out and need to be replaced. Does anyone have a source for "fashionable" colored softspikes?
  8. I did not get to see any of the Thursday/Friday telecast so I cannot comment there. Had about an hour to watch Saturday and most of the event on Sunday. My impressions: - there was too much other stuff and not enough actual golf - booth commentary and documentaries galore. I would have much rather seen more of the amateurs and other competetors than the perspective drivel. - the use of the shot tracker was great but they did not cut to the landing soon enough - seeing 3/4 of the ball flight is sufficient to see how and where the pros hit the shot. I also wanted to see how/where the ball landed more than was displayed. - Holly's interviewing skills are not as good as her analytical skills - unless the questions she was asking were determined by the network, she does a much better job discussing golf with others than asking irrelevant questions. - The booth team was lacking on golf knowledge All told, it was ok to watch, but could have been much better
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