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  1. Here are 3 kits and the codes that go with them.
  2. If your looking to add more head weight feel while still retaining the benefits of a good balance for this putter check out the Opti-Vibe interal shaft weighting sysytem from Tour Lock. They come in 12g, 20g, 30g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 150g weight variations. These weights are inserted down into the shaft and can be adjusted anywhere from 4-10 from the butt end of the grip. No more cork, sand and epoxy. don't like the weight, take it out and change it for another one. MGS did a review on this product about a year ago in their counter balance write up. Shoot us a call and I can go over the system in
  3. Thought they weren't make the TP line any more. Now it's Tour Perferred.
  4. Welcome, I too am from Ventura. I am a PGA Tour Rep as well. We should get together and play sometime.
  5. Those are nice, but when are the counterbalace grips coming out?
  6. Here is the Tank Cruiser model. It is adjustable for counter weight and head weight. Should be out in April.
  7. Any word back on testing Counterweights. MattF did you get a chance to test out the Tour Lock weights?
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