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  1. Happy with any option
  2. Is the league full?. Can I have the details? Cheers
  3. Very comprehensive Ace, and an easy guide to follow. But also very OldSKool, I don't know anyone these days who still uses adhesive tape for grips. As hckymeyer mentioned compressed air and build up tape is more common than not amongst the club builders I know. Very quick and reliable.
  4. I'm in, memory don't fail me now
  5. Well done JBones, I have made it into the top 2000, but top 300 is a great effort.
  6. My mistake for going on holidays and missing the first 3 days of the season opener...damn it. At least I got some points
  7. Congrats Moecat, looks like a very Happy New Year to you
  8. Says it's full when I go to sign up, link to the other codes?? Cheers Chappy
  9. Sactown you are amazing, you just keep racking up the points
  10. That's the type of Spring leaderboard I want to see
  11. Been able to string a couple of reasonable weeks together, now the hard bit, to keep it going
  12. First time this year that I did reasonably well, gee I've got a bloody long way to catch up though
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