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  1. Happy with any option
  2. Is the league full?. Can I have the details? Cheers
  3. Very comprehensive Ace, and an easy guide to follow. But also very OldSKool, I don't know anyone these days who still uses adhesive tape for grips. As hckymeyer mentioned compressed air and build up tape is more common than not amongst the club builders I know. Very quick and reliable.
  4. I'm in, memory don't fail me now
  5. Well done JBones, I have made it into the top 2000, but top 300 is a great effort.
  6. My mistake for going on holidays and missing the first 3 days of the season opener...damn it. At least I got some points
  7. Congrats Moecat, looks like a very Happy New Year to you
  8. Says it's full when I go to sign up, link to the other codes?? Cheers Chappy
  9. Sactown you are amazing, you just keep racking up the points
  10. That's the type of Spring leaderboard I want to see
  11. Been able to string a couple of reasonable weeks together, now the hard bit, to keep it going
  12. First time this year that I did reasonably well, gee I've got a bloody long way to catch up though
  13. Congrats Sactown that was some impressive picking
  14. This round is far and away the worst round I have had ........EVER
  15. Sac you are lighting this up, I am about middle of the road. I need to pick the winner about 10 weeks in a row to catch you
  16. Sorry to hear that mate. Hope things improve in the near future
  17. An update to my post r.e. Sonartec. I installed a Grafalloy EPIC and we are now BFF's again. Long combo
  18. All top players are at the match play this week.
  19. i got 19 and my selection for winner is still in
  20. Thanks RB, Shipping from the US to Oz is very strange, sometimes it's really cost effective and other times over the top. I had my cousin (in NY) ship a small box (gloves and hats) through US post to me in Australia and the post was only $15. Think I'll pass on the 3 iron, but thanks for looking into it for me. Hope everything goes well with your son. Cheers Chappy
  21. Post code is 3000 RB, cheers mate Also, I hope the surgery for your son is not anything to worry about.
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