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  1. I have had some extra time, so I decided to make a Tiger Woods Montage video of his greatest moments. Let me know what you think, here is the link!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8z_XgiZ3bw&feature=channel
  2. Thx I really appreciate it, good to know it is real and I don't need to do much to maintain it. It is my first Scotty Cameron and I absolutely love it.
  3. Hey, I just bought my first Scotty Cameron and I was wondering if I need to do anything special with it to keep it in good condition. On the Scotty Cameron website it says my putter has a charcoal mist finish with a rust resistant finish making it "virtually maintenance free." It is a Circa 62' No. 1 but not the first generation, it is the one released in 2007.
  4. Putters to me are all about look, sound, and feel. Go with what feels best and gives you the confidence to drain the tricky 5 footers. I personally like a heavier putter...it just feels right.
  5. Bubba is right and I think what he absolutely has the right to say what he said and I think Tiger should listen....which he wont.
  6. Kudos to Sean O'Hair for sticking up to Rory. Anybody remember when Rory was playing with Ben Crane back in 2005 and he got so fed up with slow play that he went ahead finished 17 and teed off on 18 while Crane was still in th 17th fairway.....or the time he said he could kick Tiger's ass at the Masters then failed to make the cut. The guy is a total Jacka$$ and I dont think a 30 day suspension is enouph.
  7. Schuyler

    U.S. Open

    Hello, This year I got tickets for the 2011 U.S. open monday practice round. Do you think pros such as Rickie Fowler will be there? Any tips on attending? Thx, Schuyler
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