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  1. ... Finally, someone that starts later than I do! I prefer the very first twilite times as that means the sun is starting to set as I am playing 18. My favorite time of day. My body as well as my brain is just not wired for mornings and I am at my peak late in the afternoon. I try to never play before noon at the earliest and thankfully the earliest twilite time is 1pm in December and 3pm in summer. ... LOL, I am still in bed at 8am so you are an early bird to me!
  2. ... Gonna be interesting to hear your opinions. To be honest, I am not expecting much as it seems to fit those with an index of 5.9 or lower so it might be too much driver for you.
  3. ... I let my 82 yr old pard play my autoFlex for 18 holes and he regretted leaving his shaft in the car. It should not have been a big leap as I put a NVS 45 A-flex shaft in his driver and he has killing it for 6 months now. For his age he is crazy long at around 185-200 and sometimes even a little longer but more impressive is he rarely misses a fairway. But he was all over the place with the AF hitting it high and low, missing both left and right (a very rare miss for him) and here is his quote "I think I hit one good shot in about 20 tries. The best part of the shaft was how happy I was to get back to mine." He took a few mulligans with little success. ... I honestly thought he would hit it either better than his NVS or at least similar. I didn't expect him to hit it so poorly. Your quote is spot on "That’s why there are so many shaft and head offerings: what works for one may not work for another." You just never know how the synergy of a shaft and head will work together for your swing, even if it looks great on paper. ... Adding my own experience I was fit for a Qi10 Max and really disliked it from the first to the last and every swing between. Starting with the over sized bulbous shape I never hit it well one round on the course and after giving it 10 rounds to be sure, I exchanged it for the standard Qi10 and for me, it was almost magical with the very first swing.
  4. ... David, I think one of the truly unique things about this amazing game is you can play it anyway you like. The game is just insanely difficult and some like the challenge of a game unfair by design. There is something very satisfying about hitting a good shot out of a divot but also something satisfying about moving the ball out if the divot and hitting a good shot if you don't have the skill to successfully pull off the shot. Taking a mulligan or breakfast ball is routinely exercised by many that play the game but there is also something rewarding about recovering from a poor opening tee shot. ... I play the ball down because I like the challenge. My regular group has one individual that adheres strictly to the rules under every circumstance, a few others that mostly follow the rules and will take a ball out of a divot and two that roll the ball everywhere. My 82 yr old rolls the ball everywhere and has a hard time following his shots. I feel he has earned that right because it enhances his enjoyment. We occasionally have team twosome matches for fun and how we play or don't play by the rules doesn't enter into it. We are typical muni golfers that love the game and play at our own comfort level.
  5. ... I have said this many times but most everything in life comes down to one simple statement. People are either considerate or inconsiderate. Considerate people in all walks of life are aware there are others involved in most everything we do around others like dining and having a respectful conversation at a nice restaurant not a drunken shouting match. Drivers either stop and wave someone into traffic or hug the front bumper not allowing someone at the mercy of heavy traffic to join in. And when sharing a golf course with others, they are aware of their pace of play, music level and respect for the course repairing their ball mark and any others they see while the inconsiderate could care less about anyone else blaring music, drinking to excess and never repairing anything.
  6. ... Since I received my autoFlex Dream 7 about 2 weeks after everyone else, I wanted to get in a few more rounds at my summer course, but after yesterday I just don't think I need any more time with my Dream 7. I hit every fairway but one, when I ended up in a fairway bunker that juts out onto the fairway. And a few just stoopid long drives. Final review is up!
  7. ... I have not played the TP5 but the '24 TP5x has been extremely durable for me. Desert courses are usually sand based and the luster of the ball can diminish over 18 holes. I have played several rounds with TP5x and it still looked almost new after 18. That's good news for me because I love the performance. I do start every round with a new ball so my primary concern is durability for 18 holes.
  8. ... I am gonna repeat that playing golf is like being in traffic. You can only go as fast as the vehicles in front of you. When traffic is light we see some driving much faster than others while some drive slower. Fast drivers can't understand why anyone would drive so annoyingly slow and slow drivers can't understand why someone would drive so recklessly fast. So yes, everyone has a responsibility to play at a reasonable pace and most courses set that pace at 4hrs. Like traffic some will want to play faster and some slower but they should all be within the recommended times. ... We have had the opportunity to play this spring with literally nobody in front or behind us several times. We all walk and golf is social for us, so we are not in any rush to finish but we don't take unnecessary time either. We hit shots, talk on our way to our balls and enjoy each others company as well as the competitive nature of the game. So we are what I would call "casually serious". Having basically a private course, we play in just under 4 hours, but I think most would agree anything in the 3:45 to 4:15 is the sweet spot with the bell curve right at 4hrs.
  9. ... What you might find interesting is I found the opposite. I have always played a soft draw and my Dream 7 just wants to go straight. I have had to adjust and aim a little more left because the ball just doesn't wanna curve back. I think it is awesome your fade has turned into a draw with your autoFlex!
  10. ... My regular group is pretty varied although almost all seniors. 36, 63, 65, 68, 82 and I am 71. Chris, our 82 yr old pard uses yellow balls but can still have a hard time following his shots and needs the rest of us to watch for him. About 25% of the time he has no idea where his ball went. He plays the forward tees so we are all watching for him. We all walk and go to our individual balls and much of the time we don't see others shots, other than Chris. Because he is the shortest hitter but pretty accurate, he is usually in the fairway and someone is close enough to watch his ball. ... I just started wearing glasses this year so my vision is still very good but when my eyes start to fail, I too will appreciate others keeping an eye on my ball flight.
  11. ... For about half the folks responding, this thread should be re-titled: Why Doesn't Everyone Think Just Like Me? ... Every drive on the road? People with their heads buried in their phone, leaving spaces and still looking down as traffic leaves the stop light. People driving well over the speed limit. People driving well under the speed limit. People in gas guzzling trucks. People driving EV's. Folks driving brand new cars/trucks. People driving cars and trucks over 20 years old. Compact cars, pick up trucks, SUV's, coupes and luxury sedans as well as family sedans. Even some station wagons. ... Yet all those radically different folks are supposed to have the same thoughts about music?
  12. ... One of my high swing speed pards played the X LS and loved that ball. He bought a dozen of the Soft X when he forgot to pack balls for his visit here and was losing about 10-15yds off the tee with the excessive spin. The new Chrome Tour X also spins more than the Chrome Tour so not sure you would be happy with them.
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