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  1. ... She carried several but you are right, she is all fairway woods now. 3, 5, 7 and 11. Lowest iron is a 6 which I find mind boggling.
  2. ... Good for you and CG2! A fitting is a very personal thing and can produce unique results with many factors coming into play. But the one thing a fitting will absolutely accomplish is find equipment that corresponds to how you swing. Most golfers will never change their swing blueprint. Yes, there is plenty of room for improvement in the case of a high index player and they can improve their swing speed and contact but it is very rare to change how they swing. Things like tempo, body, arm and wrist movements usually remain a constant. This is one of the reasons the Mizuno Optimizer is so e
  3. ... Yes both makes sense Rev. Most GI and certainly SGI irons are designed with offset and wider soles and as much weight low in the head as possible so they can be swept off the turf. Hitting a SGI iron fat will usually produce a better shot than hitting a Players iron fat because the sole does not want to dig into the ground but glide over it. You can hit down and through with them but they will be a little balky going through the ground. Some GI irons are a little thinner soled and made to both be swept and hit down and through. Players irons are made to compress the ball but again many can
  4. ... Instead of the lesson folder I am posting this here since so many have problems on the green. For those of you struggling with your putter, here is a great drill. I have always believed a true pendulum technique gives you the best opportunity to have a repetitive putting stroke. Swing the putter back and forward at the same pace. To help in not accelerating the putter head to start the forward stroke, balance a dime on your putter flange and take your normal putting stroke. If the dime falls off you are starting the stroke with too much acceleration and distance control will always be a pr
  5. ... It is so unique to golf but I never worry about a rider or all riders in my group. Unless there is a hole or holes open in front of us, walking never slows the group down. Unless they are hustling like your pard. But I just can't imagine playing baseball and sitting in a chair but jumping out as the pitch is delivered and then go back to sitting until the next pitch. I have always felt golf is an athletic endeavor so walking keeps me loose and my body ready for the next shot. Riding and sitting then jumping out for a shot does not and my game always suffers.
  6. ... Unless you have poor technique, there really is no reason to blade or fat a chip. (into sticky Bermuda the exception) It is an easy shot. Not easy to get close of course, but easy to execute and get somewhere round the hole in a 6-10 foot circle. Almost always the problem is concentrating on the result and not the process. Once you focus on the result, it is pretty easy to botch the process by lifting your head and looking up, dipping your knees, yanking the clubhead into the ball and just experiencing a timing/rhythm issue. ... OTOH just concentrating on making a smooth chipping stro
  7. ... I absolutely love my long irons. Iron play is the strength of my game but when I watch players like Wie and Ko that have replaced long irons with hybrids and hit them so very well, I am admittedly jealous because I do not. One day, hopefully sooner than later, I will make the transition to hybrids and join you ole gray.
  8. ... Yup, just insane. Elite QB's are soooooooo hard to come by so when you get one, you better hang on to him. The Bears would trade their soul for Carr, especially since he is good friends with Mack. Carr may not be a Franchise QB like Rodgers, Brady or Mahomes... but who else is?
  9. ... I think one of the most amazing things about this game is what you experienced never changes regardless of your ability. I played with an ex college player the other day and he was so frustrated that he missed 3 eagle putts and one rolled a good 7 feet past the hole and he missed the birdie. So for 3 holes he was 2 under and the next hole he faded one OB out of frustration and trying to hit it too hard and he said he felt like a beginner. I was shooting in the mid 70's for most of the winter before finding my form a few weeks ago and while I never seriously considered quitting the game, it
  10. ... Fans are a strange bunch and can be amazingly stupid. I over heard a bunch of fat white guys in the parking lot here in Phoenix arguing over trading Kyler Murray and starting over with a new QB in the draft because he could not get the Cards into the play offs. All but one agreed, Murray has to go. I had to shake my head at just how ignorant fans can be.
  11. ... Worst. Fans. Ever. You would think they could have some compassion with 2 HOF QBs in a row while the Bears continue to search for an elite QB starting 50 QBs in the same time frame. But no, they try and rub Bears fans noses in it every chance they get. Being a bigger man, I enjoy watching great QBs and don't hold the fans against Favre and Rodgers. That said, there are more than a few Bears fans still living in 1985 and bring them up every chance they get ... sigh. And I feel for Lions fans as I am not sure I have ever seen a team snatch so many loses from the jaws of victory.
  12. ... Frustrating day on the course. Greens were running slower than normal today and I took forever to adjust. I had 3 birdie putts on the front 9 of 8 feet or less and left every one an inch or shorter with one sitting on the lip and my pards made me wait to see if it would drop but it did not. One is excusable and even 2 can be tolerated but leaving 3 putts within 1 inch and dead in the hole is just a silly mental error. I did it one more time on the back, although it would not have fallen as it was outside the cup and then I finally ran several a few feet passed the hole, which was much bett
  13. ... Reminds me of a VW commercial, back in the 60's. It had 2 houses side by side and the one on the left was average while the one on the right was a mini mansion. A guy pulls a Porche into the driveway on the left as the announcer says "The man who lives in the house on the left drives an expensive sports car" and then a guy pulls a VW Beetle into the driveway on the right and the announcer continues with "and the man who lives in the house on the right ... fixes them."
  14. .... For the cost of a breakfast burrito he could hire an editor.
  15. ... Yea I am stuck on this one too Bens. I have a little free cash but a Nigerian Prince is gonna make me a millionaire as soon as I can figure out how to send him my money so he can buy a Money Order. So when my Million Dollars arrive I will jump at the chance to ignore teachings that are "our wrong" and use some of the money to learn "stuff that will leave you wondering why" because it almost sounds too good to be true.
  16. ... I am not surprised as I think the F8 is the best all around driver Cobra has produced. Newer drivers can reduce spin, change trajectory and can add a little distance but the F8 and Fly Z are still the most consistent Cobra drivers I have played. Gave my F8 to my son and he won't even demo another driver. It's important to remember for many that a reduction in spin is not always a good thing. Sure high speed players will benefit but the correct combination of spin, trajectory and swing speed have to be matched to maximize driving performance. When I went from my Xtreme to the Sim I picked u
  17. ... Have a smooth and rhythmic swing. Practice the short game until it is a strength. I can make a birdie after a bad drive. I can make a birdie after a bad iron shot. But I can't make a birdie after a bad pitch/chip/putt.
  18. ... It has been great to get back to feeling confident with my swing on the golf course. Had a very nice start to my round today with winds about calm to about 5 mph and I had 4 birdies with 1 bogie. Then the wind picked up quickly on #9 to about 20+mph and things got difficult as it was a swirling hard to judge wind. It's one thing to start with those kinds of winds an another to be playing well and have it suddenly appear after 8 holes. At least that is my excuse.
  19. ... Some crazy irony as I teamed up in a match between twosomes with a guy that just turned 70 and he was playing an older Cobra and a stock 60gm R flex shaft. On the back 9 I had been driving the ball well most of the day with my Sim, he told me he also had a Sim and showed it to me with the stickers still on it. I asked why wasn't he hitting it and he said he just bought it this morning and wanted to try it at the range first. He was a little worried it had a 50gm senior shaft in it and didn't know how it would react. I said "Well, LOL you aren't driving it very well with what your using so
  20. ... In honor of Hideki Matsuyama winning the Masters, I played my Srixon Z Forged MB's today and shot a 72 with 3 birdies and 3 bogies. As many of you know I am a big fan of playing the most forgiving irons you can effectively play and for me, Z Forged ain't them. I would guess there were at least 3 or 4 shots that most likely made a difference in my score, but specifically 2 I can relate. There is a 477 yd par 5 dogleg left that is uphill off the tee and has a huge bunker guarding the corner that I cannot carry from my normal tees. But they are giving that tee box a rest and have the Silvers
  21. Compressing The Ball (revisited) ... This will be a quick one as it is a follow up to a Tip I already posted. When strolling through golf stores I constantly see golfers pick up an iron and take a little swing to just past impact. I am amazed at how many actually lean back a little and make a move like they will lift the ball in the air instead of staying down with a forward shaft lean and compressing the golf ball. Again there are plenty of successful players that basically pick the ball off the turf, barely brushing the grass. I have seen players flip their wrists through impact with a
  22. ... Being old school I actually prefer the shiny chrome. And the badge serves a purpose so I rally don't care how it looks. Like many others I love a very clean look on an iron but I would compare it to my underwear. As much as I love a certain look and style I don't see them so comfort is my main concern and I would wear purple Barney panties if they were the most comfortable. If my irons look great at address and perform for me, that is my only concern. A clean cavity is just icing on the cake but so very rare in 2021.
  23. ... After playing them almost 4 months now, I wanted to do a quick follow up on my King Tour Irons. These irons just kept getting better and better. I think we all know Players Irons are almost just a matter of preference as they are all very, very good. As much as I enjoyed the smaller headed T100-S, and I enjoyed them very much, the MIM Tours are just the perfect size for me eye. Thin toppling, very little offset and a mid size head that gives me the best combination of forgiveness and playability. I posted elsewhere I shot a 67, one year under my age and the MIM's were responsible for 5 bir
  24. ... Well I have had 4 months of mediocre, out right bad and some occasionally pretty decent golf but only 3 total at par or under out of about 100 rounds. That said, I think I am finally figuring out desert golf and the conditions have improved quite a bit. Greens are rolling much better and I actually have some confidence in my reads now. What has been hardpan around the greens has grown in with just enough wiry Bermuda grass to miss a chip/pitch by 1/16th of an inch and not bounce into the ball. Today was one of those days where everything was working and I only had one bad shot when I hit a
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