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  1. ... Lots to unravel here. I play strictly by the rules, but honestly don't care if you do or not. Great thing about this game is like a dogleg over water, you can bite off as much as you would like. I also agree in tournament or league play everyone must follow the rules and as Rev stated, local rules can be anything from rolling the ball in the fairway to changing out balls on the green, as long as all agree. I do think changing todays balls on the green offers zero advantage, but them's the rules.
  2. ... FYI: https://www.hirekogolf.com/golf-components/clubmaking-tools-supplies/tools-machines.html?item_type=2012&utm_source=Hireko+Master+Email+List+V2&utm_campaign=c4a324c940-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_04_02_06_57_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_208e72accf-c4a324c940-294611669&mc_cid=c4a324c940&mc_eid=08b720e36b
  3. ... Yup, show me good shots from anyone instead of features or watching the leaders just walking.
  4. ...I really hate Fox interviews and features while the leaders are actually playing golf. We missed a few key shots down the stretch yesterday because Fox thinks viewers need more than golf to keep their attention. But I do think they have gotten a little better than having a camera follow Jason Day walking from hole to hole because he feinted, hoping to catch him doing it again while completely ignoring golf being played.
  5. ... To add to what many have said here, just remember how a shaft is designed makes as much or more difference than what flex it is. As a smooth transition swinger with a 100mph driver swing speed that I can get to 105 if I go all out, I can play an X flex with a soft tipped shaft. Yet I have a hard time playing an R flex in a very tip stiff shaft. Additionally if you cast from the top and do not have lag coming into the ball, just about any flex will work for you. K Solheim believed flex hurt early release players and basically had one option, unlabeled X flex shafts in the original Eye 2's and most of us know how successful those irons were. Eli Callaway went the opposite direction putting S flex labels on R flex shafts as well as adding loft so a 9* S flexed driver could be an 11-13* driver with an R flex and ego driven male golfers were hitting it better than any club they previously played and they could not keep them in stock many happily waiting months to get one.
  6. ... Mine is star shaped with several different groove sharpers on the end, but the idea is the same:
  7. ... Rev, I can send you my scoring tool that will bring those SCOR wedges back to life. They may begin to develop some rust but if you put some oil on the face and keep them clean and you were going to replace them anyway it is a great option. Unless you were looking for an excuse to start playing the Hogan.
  8. ... While I listen to quite a bit of different music, my staple is the 70's. Not only was it a great era for musical exploration taking advantage of varied and unusual instruments but the lyrics were as important as the music. I have little interest in vapid lyrics or the current self centered lyrics. As bad a rap some give the Eagles because of their most popular very pedestrian hits, songs like Hotel California, Last Resort and Desperado are as poignant and relevant today as they were when recorded. I worked as a DJ making my way from a small town in NC all the way to Chicago and the music of that era has a special place in my soul. The day Hotel California was released is only equaled by the first time I heard Sgt Peppers. ... I also spent 2 years working 2pm-6pm afternoon drive for a country station in Chicago because our station changed formats, and absolutely hated every minute of it and could not have been happier when WCKG, a new rock station hired me to do mid days. So while I do not care for Country, Rap or 80's music or any pop since the late 70's I have always felt like the more music you can embrace the better. So I applaud your eclecticity! My son listened to all my music growing up and thinks the Beatles were transcendent, loves 70's music but also likes the 80's, Rap and just about anything else. He balks at current pop, what tries to pass for R&B and hates country but I think his eclectic taste enriches his life musically.
  9. ... Yea, just spur of the moment usually brought on by someone I play with. I think it is very difficult to diagnose or even recommend drills without seeing the swing. There are quite a few reasons someone reverse pivots so there is not a one drill fixes all. ... That said, one of my favorites drills was to have my student attempt to move their head 3 get away from the target on their backswing. It is a very unnatural move in the golf swing but through trial and error I found many of those with a reverse pivot have no idea they are moving their head toward the target on their backswing. By attempting to move their head in the opposite direction a full 3 feet, most kept their heads relatively still for the first time but to them, it felt like their head was moving away from the target by at least a couple feet if not the full 3 feet. Obviously f they actually did move their head backwards a foot or two I would have them attempt to move to 2 feet, again feeling like they are but in reality just keeping their head still. ... For a variety of reasons this may or may not work with your friend. It was my job as an instructor to keep coming up with different ways or sometimes even the same way but explained differently until the student begins to find what works for both of us. For instance moving the head may not work so I might try moving their shoulders backwards or have them reach straight back with the club and never cock it just extend away from the target or attempt to reach their hands away from the target like a hitter trying to put their hands in a catchers mitt. All different ways of accomplishing the same thing. Everyone is different in their feel and how they process information.
  10. ... I'll be selling my Atmos Black TS for $129 but as I said, not sure the S Flex is a good fit for you. But ya never know until you hit one.
  11. ... Depending on how you swing I am not sure I would agree with that. There is usually a difference in trajectory and spin going from 7's to 6's in most shafts, not to mention the extra weight is usually better for stronger players. For me of course it is the opposite as a smooth swinger, usually going to a 7 does not provide enough trajectory or spin. It was hard to find the Atmos Black TS 6 but out in Phoenix over the winter I wanted to see if a slightly lower trajectory with a little less spin would give me more distance and the Atmos Black is an outstanding shaft but just too strong for me and I felt I had to work too hard compared to my Atmos Blue TS.
  12. ... Fwiw, I am about to list an Atmos Black TS stiff flex in the classified. Atmos Blue TS is a better fit for me, but I had to find out.
  13. ... As my son likes to say "we have the world at our fingertips. Instant access t anything you want to know". Our generation had to at best, wait to go to the library if you didn't own a set of Encyclopedias. Information was hard to come by and today it is virtually everywhere. So of course they seek information from any source where we did not have that option. Right there with you, not worse or better just generational differences.
  14. ... Ah Sluggo I was hanging with you but you lost me at "I would guess that more people might possible even benefit by playing blades." At WRX this is the cry of those that shouldn't be playing MB's and know it but try and justify their choice. I have fought the MB fight over there forever but it is like talking to a brick wall. You did say "quite a different animal in every way" and I feel pretty sure your opinion of your 2 irons would be radically different if you had the 68gm Recoils in the MP5/25's and the XP115's in the 790's. Additionally IF you do not have a high launch, the low spinning 790's can be problematic holding greens. I hit the ball very high with my 790's so holding greens isn't a problem here in the midwest, but in Phoenix with rock hard greens and the ball carrying farther even with a very high trajectory, I had to switch to P760's because my long irons were rolling off the back of greens, so I understand why they may not have worked for you. Of course this is used at WRX a ton too, can't make the switch from my MB's to players distance irons. While a good player certainly can adjust as golfertrb has done just the with i500's, most would do better switching to a players non distance iron that provides everything a MB does but with added forgiveness. It is up to each individual to figure out how much forgiveness is best for their game. Using Titleist as an example, some will find what works for them in the CB's, or a CB AP2 combo, full set of AP2's, AP2 and AP3 combo or a full set of MP3s. Going to AP1's would be problematic for any MB player and unnecessary to make that big of a leap. So lots of choices that do not include players distance irons unless they are desirable. ... I would add while playing shorter tee's is and should be desirable to most, better players like using all the clubs in their bag every round. My favorite course has 2 killer par 4's that call for anything form a 6 iron to a 3 wood depending on the wind and I love the challenge. I have been under par too many times to count coming into #7 a 448yd uphill the entire way, into the wind par 4 and walked away with a bogie. But the days I make par or the few times I have birdied this hole are extremely rewarding. It is a very difficult hole but fair. ... All that said (aside from others might benefit from playing MB's) it sounds like you have found a combo set you love. I don't know where the change begins but pw-8 and 7-5/4/3 is a great way to enjoy MB's. I also think that you truly believe you play better with MB's, so there is a very good chance that you do! And I agree, the candy for the senses feel of a forged carbon steel MB is so exquisite, although my one piece 760 short irons feel exactly like a MB but I appreciate the progressive forgiveness in the 7 thru 4 irons with a thicker face than distance irons and more foam in each head as the loft decreases so they still feel very good, although admittedly not as good as the solid short irons. Keep in mind many players near scratch or better can absolutely play MB's but it is the few shots a round where they may hurt our score that can make a difference. I had 178yds into a strong quartering wind from left to right with water on both sides and subconsciously trying to guide the ball (dumb) I caught my 760 #6 iron a little on the toe. It drifted right with the wind and stopped about 5 yds short of the water and I have no doubt an MB 6 iron would have ended up in the water. I had 2 other slight miss hits that might or might not affected my score but the bulk of my shots would have been pretty much the same with MB's. So for me, one shot a round is enough to play something more forgiving. Ymmv of course. ... I hope it didn't seem like I was attacking your choice because I am not, as you found some awesome Mizuno irons. I think this says it all "so for me, the game has become much more enjoyable now that I’ve switched back to blades" So congrats on your find and I am genuinely happy for you as you seem to really love your MP5/25 irons. And in the end, that is really all that matters!
  15. ... Thanks. One of the things I miss about teaching is I usually learned from my students lessons. I would show a student something and notice I was a little off and the reminder was something that often helped me too.
  16. ... This one is going to be painfully obvious for some, yet soooo many ignore this basic essential fundamental. I played with a high index player a few days ago that wanted to know "Exactly what are you swinging? Are you swinging your arms? Your hands? Your shoulders? Your hips? Your body?" He was a little perplexed when I asked him if he felt himself actually swinging the golf club itself. I am always amazed at how many players work so hard on their swings attempting to use a tip from a magazine, video, advice from a friend and even teaching Pro's that concentrate on body positions. "Be sure and turn your left shoulder under your chin" ... "Do not swing past parallel" ... "Do not flip your hands thru impact"... "Be sure and have some forward shaft lean with your irons" and plenty more that are sound advice but amount to very little if you are not swinging the golf club. Not your fault as most instruction ignore this basic fundamental because it is so obvious. Swing the handle or swing the shaft or swing the club head all work equally well, as long as you can feel what you are swinging. ... As trite as this sounds, if you are not sure or never even thought of actually swinging the club, this drill should help. At about half speed, hold the grip loose enough to swish the club back and forth in front of you like you are hitting a pitch. If you are feeling your body, arms or hands you are probably not feeling the club. For some this will be the first time you actually feel what you are trying to swing and additionally you will be swinging slower than you would have ever imagined. I have always felt too tight a grip is a major flaw because you can't feel the club swinging. Once you have the feel of actually feeling the weight and swinging the club, hit some pitches with a ball and then gradually increase the speed of your swing until you begin to lose the feel of the club. Now you have a reference of how fast/hard is too fast/hard. Now try and keep this same feel with a full swing. Many move their body, arms or hands so fast or worse so hard, they never feel the club. Since you are hitting the ball with the club NOT your body, arms or hands it is paramount that you feel what you are swinging. Next time you go to the range or warm up before your round, feel the club ... not your body parts. I will add this will make chipping much easier as many that struggle are stabbing the ball with their hands or worse lifting with their body. I hope this helps ...
  17. $19.99 PRICE DROP for the last heads. Perfect for some cheap experiments.
  18. ... Shot an 82, my highest score in quite awhile today. My 28 yr old son starting working at a CC as a bartender several months ago and finally took me out on employee day. First time he has played the course. 20+ mph winds, greens rolling at 12 with plenty of slope and just a very tight old school golf course with a plethora of bunkers lining the fairway right in landing areas and around the green. It is a fair test but very difficult if you are not in the right spots and of course first time playing it I was in plenty of wrong spots, especially on the greens. "Had I know I would have stayed on the left side" kinda thing. But an enjoyable test of all the shots and I don't see many old score courses like this anymore. Wind died down on the final 4 holes and it was a real treat. Of course spending the day playing golf with my son is as good as it gets, so a high score was the least of my concerns.
  19. ... Tom Watson did OK as a sweeper/picker. Nothing wrong with it if you are consistent with your AOA.
  20. ... Regardless of what anyone thinks of the name change and/or why, it is already creating quite a bit of buzz. Marketing Director mission accomplished.
  21. ... I could see a true combo set with these, depending on head size and look at address. MB pw-8, CB 7/6 and T100 5/4.
  22. ... Are you Hank Haney'ing drivers???
  23. ...LOL, so true. We have all been there done that. And a lesson is always a good idea. ... But those pictures remind of why I stopped using video for students that hit the ball pretty well but just needed some fine tuning, myself included. It is so tempting to take an Arnie "swing your swing" that doesn't look like you think it does and agonize over positions or how it looks overall, only to lose the things that work well trying to change it. Don't get me wrong, video is very valuable and many people can learn a lot from it. But the flip side are those that want their swing to be the very best they can be and chase aesthetics, not results. After all the camera hates Furyk, JB Holmes, Kuchar and Matsuyama but the scorecard doesn't care.
  24. ... "the correct shaft made all the difference" Amen my man. As I said in another thread I bought some Modus 105's that should have been a perfect fit and they were just awful for me. Felt too stiff, too heavy and launched too high. Went back to my Recoil Proto's and everything was good, using the same heads. Looking forward to hearing how they treat you. I think Hot Metals are some of the best GI irons out today. Ymmv ...
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