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  1. ... Again this is like saying "Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play?" If you take away ... Not considering ... Other than this ... are all sentence starters that many won't get past. If this had been Canada for instance we would be having a different discussion but no rational organizers without another agenda would throw this kind of obscene money at players. And the thing is it is pretty clear so either this is a non starter for someone or it isn't. Not really any middle ground. I have been around too long not to know people draw their own moral lines in the sand, and expecting or trying to convince them to move it is almost always a futile attempt.
  2. ... With all the fittings available today, it is a no brainer to take advantage of being fit. I did 2 fittings with Callaway as my first used only the Rogue Max and we ran out of time and I didn't get to try the LS. My 2nd fitting was scheduled for 1/2 hour and the fitter kept me a full hour and it was the best driver fitting I have had. He had me hit everything, even shafts he thought wouldn't work but we had the time, the launch monitor and I was swinging very well so he was really into it. ... Some shafts felt off with the first swing and some took two swings to be pretty apparent it wouldn't work for me. He never let me take more than 2 swings if it wasn't producing the trajectory, spin and most importantly the feel I liked. He narrowed down group of shafts I hit well and liked and we went back and hit them all again. In that group, the shafts that didn't make it to my final 3 were all shafts I could easily put in play and be happy. But without the fine tuning in this fitting, there is a good chance I would be playing a shaft that works just fine but not optimum. ... What I personally found very interesting is I ended up with a stock shaft in the Tensei AV Blue 55 s flex, the Made For Callaway RCH 65 s flex and the Graphite Design AD-IZ in s/r flex. The difference came down to feel with the AD-IZ feeling best producing a nice tight kick but honestly not that much different then the other 2 shafts. Considering it is a $250 uncharge and the other 2 were stock shafts I would have no problem playing either of them and saving $250. ... I have fit myself for years and have always done reasonably well and never felt I was in a shaft/head combo that didn't work for me. But it can always be better. The big question is how much better is worth paying a ton of money? Like the AD-IZ ... is a 5% better feel with similar performance worth $250? For me no, for someone else maybe yes. So I would highly recommend going to a demo day, take advantage of a golf store launch monitor or go for a paid personal fitting and then you know you are playing what is best for your swing.
  3. ... I have spent a lot of time in downtown Portland and absolutely loved it there. Until people from out of state made it unrecognizable to locals. And yes, they have a very legit reason for not wanting Saudi backed golf in their backyard. https://www.oregonlive.com/news/erry-2018/12/9b5b1eff724150/he-was-accused-of-killing-a-po.html
  4. ... Hello?!? The safest place is in the golf bag, but YB's ego won't let him sit out a potential birdie putt. This isn't even taking into account YB looks like an egg yoke to a bear.
  5. ... Well lets just say my original assessment that Yellow Ball is not a member of Mensa is proven once again. "It is not every day that you encounter a large bear on your local golf course and this golfer wanted to hole this putt before he was gobbled alive. Playing with a yellow ball, the player hit the perfect shot and he rolled it into the bottom of the cup. Throughout the footage, the bear remains unmoved." https://socalgolfer.org/watch-golfer-hits-a-long-putt-with-a-huge-bear-right-behind-him/?utm_source=newsletter06262022&utm_medium=newsletter06262022&utm_campaign=newsletter06262022
  6. ... I wish I knew someone in Law Enforcement I could have called. Played with two 30somethings last year at Starpass in Tucson and one pulled his tee shot almost hitting a huge Saguaro so then they decided to TRY and hit it with several balls until they did. After the first attempt I told them it was against the law and one replied "so are a lot of other fun things" We told them to go ahead of us and after several weak insults they did. We reported them to the ranger and he said without video evidence nothing he could do but he would talk to them. He catches up with us later and said they were "too polite" in denying everything and had no idea why we would lie or stop playing with them, which of course is pretty much an admission without being an admission. The guys in the video remind me of the two we played with: https://www.iheart.com/content/2020-12-07-golfer-takes-aim-at-protected-saguaro-cactus-in-viral-video/
  7. ... Stupidity knows no limits. I have taken photo's of gators from a good 25 yds away when I was on the green/fairway and they were by the water. I have my picture so don't need more of them. But I have been paired up with some Darwin Award Winners that creep down near them, sometimes as close as 10 feet. The absolute dumbest is the guy that turns his back on the gator while his friend takes the picture.
  8. ... Grip evolution has been pretty interesting. When I first started almost every grip made had a reminder and when I found one of the few without one, the Tour Velvet Round, I switched and never went back as I have strong grip, worked the ball with different grip positions and always disliked reminder ribs. Then reminder grips from all OEMs started to fade away. Golf Pride simply bringing back the reminder but under the Marketing of Align is a little stroke of genius.
  9. ... LOL, what a refreshing blast from the past. Great to see you posting!
  10. "and ton of other stuff that’s just no bueno." ... One of my new favorite quotes. We have all had those days where we struggle out if the gate and it never gets better. Hopefully it was with some good friends and the course looks awesome. "I would love to hear folks interpretation on what happened here lol" ... If you watch the Travelers today (Friday) Rory might be asking the same thing.
  11. ... This thread is a good example of not only how difficult golf can be, but also how you can achieve a goal in many different ways. I found with most of my students they tended to be more comfortable with one method over another. You can chip effectively with the ball back in the stance, weight forward and make a descending blow to the back of the ball with a stiff or hinged wrist. You can also chip effectively with a more neutral stance, ball in the middle or slightly forward and brushing the grass, basically picking it off the surface using the bounce or the leading edge just underneath the ball. The only way to find out what works best for you is practice and experimenting. If you can find a friend to practice with you, find a green and take turns placing the ball in different spots and whoever gets up and down with the least strokes wins. Makes practice fun. ... I would add where you are playin can make a huge difference. On lush bent grass courses it is advantageous to hit shots a little fat because the club glides through the grass producing excellent results with a large margin for error. On hard, tight bermuda courses with heavy grain that same shot is a disaster and can stop the club from even getting through the turf slamming on the brakes with no margin for error. Mickelson did an interview during a practice round and said when faced with that type of lie, he uses less loft and bump and runs the shot.
  12. ... I have several electric products and they all exceeded my expectations. Electric mower back in Chicago that was whisper quiet and enough juice to do both front and back yards. No pollutant smells or smoke, just plug back in and ready for next time. Of course my remote controlled ZIP with enough juice to easily go 36 and made it 54 a couple times by accident. I hate noisy, smelly gas golf carts on the course and thankfully most here are electric. I think with a home charger, you might be surprised at how many miles you can get before it runs out. I am not trying to convince you to change as that is your personal decision. All I am trying to do is to convince you to change.
  13. ... If Yunkory and I can switch to an electric car, you can certainly switch to an electric golf cart.
  14. ... I saw an unconfirmed report LIV is pursuing Martin Shkreli and the Sackler Family as sponsors.
  15. ... Marketing is no more BS than any other product under Capitalism. The purpose of Marketing/Advertising is to get your attention. It is then up to you, the prospective buyer to do their own research whether that is demoing products or looking online for reviews. I believe this is true for all levels. The Cobra LTDx Max may produce longer and more accurate drives for a high index player that tends to slice more than fade and the LTDx LS may produce less spin and faster ball speeds for the low index player. Then again, they may not. I just don't read or see any adds I find misleading or BS. Hyped up? Absolutely. That said, whether or not it will improve your game or if it does, by how much is certainly open for skepticism. Say the new, better, most awesome, best yet driver increases forgiveness by 4%. Is that even noticeable for the majority of people that play golf? Same for distance and accuracy, how much is improvement enough over your club to actually buy the product? ... Fwiw lets break down this marketing from Cobra: "The LTDx driver is the ultimate distance machine. Using PWR-COR Technology we were able to achieve zero CG and 5200 MOI for the first time to create a driver unlike any other. One that combines low spin, fast ball speed, and extreme forgiveness to deliver the Longest Total Distance." The LTDx driver is the ultimate distance machine. A bunch of nothing that sounds good. "Ultimate distance" doesn't even claim longest. Using PWR-COR Technology we were able to achieve zero CG and 5200 MOI for the first time to create a driver unlike any other. Zero CG/5200 MOI are technically true so no fault with this as it doesn't even say how it will effect you let alone if it will improve your driving. And of course it is a driver "unlike any other" but so is every driver every oem sells. One that combines low spin, fast ball speed, and extreme forgiveness to deliver the Longest Total Distance. Statistically it does produce low spin, fast ball speed and extreme forgiveness. Now Longest Total Distance is really pushing the envelope imo as compared to what? Their own previous drivers? Other Oem drivers? But since most every driver sold makes a similar claim you can't call out Cobra on this one point. ... I get many think tricking consumers with BS is the bailiwick of the evil golf companies but I have talked to many engineers for most every OEM and they are very serious about producing an improved product that helps golfers of all levels. Sales of course are a different animal and to say they care more about money than golfers would not get an argument from me. But most OEMs have demo days at clubs, ranges and golf stores to try their clubs and compare to what you are playing and if anyone chooses not take advantage of these or most golf stores that have launch monitors and buy a club based on Marketing, they deserve whatever they get.
  16. ... You guys are a little more active here and I love that because I have experienced mods that post little but have enormous ego's or a Hall Monitor mentality. Kinda like Umps that when they do their job well are mostly unnoticed and some even interact, talking with coaches during the game like we are all a part of the same thing. Too many act like dictators and never attempt a relationship with anyone on the field. I was coaching my sons team in the first round of the playoffs and we had an actual minor league ump on the bases helping out because of the heavy playoff schedule of games. Play at third and a quick throw to second got the trail runner by a good 2 feet but the ump called him safe and the stands went ballistic. I called time and when I went out to talk to him he held up his hand and said "Before you start, I may have missed that call coach. My vision was a little blocked and I could not see the tag but had to make a call and from where I was standing behind 3rd it looked like he may have made it back to the bag but it was a 50-50 call and I may have made the wrong one." I never heard that kind of honesty from an ump and was very appreciative. I told him thanks for the honesty and I was going to put up a little fight for the parents in the stands but understood he could not change the call. He smiled and said "well, have at me then". So I did a little acting and then went back to the dugout. He would have made a good Mod.
  17. ... I don't know who you play with, but all of my partners and the many strangers I have been paired up simply pull their rangefinder, shoot the distance to the pin and are done in 10 seconds or less. If we are on the tee it only takes one rangefinder. Playing unfamiliar courses I need to know how far to the water or bunker IF I think they are in play. When playing a familiar course and the pin is tucked over a bunker, I need that information but shoot them both at the same time. ... It takes much longer to step off yardage. One of the big problems I find with yardage markers is if the pin is middle left and I am 10yds left of the marker that is a much smaller number than if I am 10yds right of the marker and it is easy to be a half club off or more when a rangefinder gives me exact yardage.
  18. ... The way I look at it is rangefinders and GPS units finally allowed Am's to play like the Pro's. They have yardage books for every course they play and the caddie walks off yardage, not the player. ... I played a blue collar muni course where my playing pard was the GM so I played there quite a bit. One hole in particular always gave me trouble. Walking off yardages I constantly came up short, although other holes were also a problem. When I got my first rangefinder I found the yardages from the 150 markers were off and that one hole was off by 15 yds. ... But once you go down the road of "aspect of skill has been lost" almost every advance in golf would be the same. Play a round of golf with a persimmon driver, Wilson MB's with heavy steel shafts and a balata ball and I think using a rangefinder/gps pales in comparison.
  19. ... I didn't look at what place I came in because Alex Baldwin summed it up perfectly in Glengarry GlenRoss "First prize is a Cadillac Eldorado. Second prize is a set of Steak Knives. Third prize is you're fired."
  20. ... 52?!? A little like saying the Jets won 2 games in '20 and 4 games in '22 so this year is looking good ain't it?
  21. ... Yes it can look fashionable. Unless it is out of fashion*. But it can always look good, especially if you don't care about fashion. *"Fashion: The term implies a look defined by the fashion industry as that which is trending."
  22. ... Big'un I would posit there is a difference between "looking good" and looking "fashionable". Fashion comes and goes but looking good never goes out of style. And of course protection is more important than looking good. My legs aren't exactly pleasantly eye catching slathered in white zinc sun protection but I prefer looking like a Kabuki Golfer than taking a chance of skin cancer.
  23. ... Wow! Two crazy popular winners. I think most everyone was pulling for both of them. Congrats Foz!!! * (Does JohnSmalls get a bag of 10 wooden tees for coming in last?)
  24. ... Thanks for this detailed summery. I really look forward to hearing about everything you have to say and thank goodness you are picky as I hope to have my GV60 by fall and will know what to expect.
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