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  1. ... The flip side of the low spin, is both the TP5x and P790's produce a very high ball flight. So under most conditions the combo has no problems holding a green. But a few courses I play in Phoenix don't even produce a ball mark so hard and fast is almost an understatement. Yet in the softer conditions here in the Chicago suburbs they land and stop almost immediately or roll out a foot or two max, so I never have to take spinning the ball back into my calculations.
  2. ... Like all golf equipment balls can be personal depending on many different factors. But for me too, the TP5x combined with P790 low spin irons produce the best combo I have ever played in the wind. Not so good on hard, fast desert greens where more spin is desirable but for almost all other conditions I have not found a better combo. The TP5x has been my favorite ball ever since it was released. But on really hard and fast desert greens I switch to my P760's and the TP5.
  3. ... I have back problems from playing football with surgery in '95 and after that my back is always a problem. A manageable problem but a problem none the less. I tried going to a longer length than my 33" which allows my arms to just hang loose and natural. But I was disappointed to find not only did my putting get worse, it really wasn't much better on my back. We are all different of course, but I think the longer you have putted one way exclusively the more difficult it is to try a different putter length. That said, I do think most people are using a putter that is too long to begin with as most off the shelf putters are 35". ... As an experiment I would advise you to practice putting with a hybrid and you can vary the length at which you hold the putter. Of course it forces you to concentrate and make better contact but more importantly you will find out if it is easier on your back.
  4. ... I love reading about others experience with shafts/clubs, especially if you know they have a similar swing speed, tempo and distance. I think it is a great place to start if you are looking for a new shaft or club, but you always need to demo yourself and preferably with that shaft in your club or your shaft in that club. I have never bought something without trying it first until I picked up set of Modus 105's. From everything I read, they should have been perfect for my game. I loved Nippon 950GH and Modus 120 shafts and there were no Modus 105's for me to demo here in Chicago unless I went to a Club Champion, Tour Spec, etc. So I bought a set on Ebay and installed them in my P790's and was surprised to find they were a terrible fit for me. ... I hit them higher and shorter than my Modus 120's, and same trajectory but shorter than my 950GHs. They also felt very stout compared to those other 2 shafts which was a real head scratcher. My first round I was coming up a good 5-10 yds short and my second round I found myself over swinging to compensate, which led to poor directional control. And the killer is, I just can't explain it because on paper they should have been right between the 9650GH and Modus 120's and a great fit in my P790's. In 35 years I had never bought a shaft or club without hitting it first and making sure it was good for my swing, so going against my own common sense cost me. ... I do not post this as a negative comment about the Modus 105's which are excellent shafts, and for all I know their performance may be perfect for me in a different head. At some point this summer I will install them in a different head to see if they work better than the P790's. So I post this as a cautionary tale about buying something without demoing it first. I should certainly know better because you really never know what is going to work for you until you actually hit it.
  5. ... I think the best way to play golf is relaxed, both physically and mentally. I have a loose grip, with loose arms and my game depends on freedom of movement and my back appreciates 80* and above. When I need to pack on extra clothes because it is cold, I have learned what I do with cold clubs and balls has very little relation to golf. So it did not take me long to give up on playing in the cold and understand living in Chicago was a problem. Thankfully about 15 years ago I started going to the PGA Show in late January. Orlando is usually pretty nice that time of year so I go a week before and a few weeks after and that really helped. Add another trip or two when I could get away for a week and it made winter bearable. But now, on the precipice of retirement I went to Phoenix for March and April two winters ago and absolutely loved it. I went back last year for Jan-May and I was in heaven playing 107 rounds in 117 days. This year a herniated disc derailed my Phoenix plans and then a family problem caused a further delay but I will finally be leaving for Phoenix the first week of March and stay til June when I know it is warm enough to come back to Chicago. ... Courses and ranges were jammed full here today with temps around 50's but with 15+ mph winds and knowing Phoenix is a few weeks away I refrained from pulling/straining anything by running out and hitting balls when I have not swung a club in 3 months. Living in a cold weather climate is just recklessly insane for those of us that truly love the game.
  6. ... Fwiw I always preferred no music while playing golf, but I have changed my opinion in the last few years and now enjoy it as long as it is played at a low level so I can converse with my partners or hear all nature has to offer. That said, it has to be music I like which isn't always easy with a 4 some. No rap or country please. And certainly not loud. Like many, having to hear very loud music that I really don't like from another green, tee or fairway can be very annoying. Interestingly it is usually country music that is played way too loud here in Chicago. And I am always happy to have no music playing if any if my partners would rather not hear it. I walk so I have a small JBL speaker on my remote cart that is not audible from the green, unless my partners ask me to turn it up, which happens more often that I would have thought. And even then I have to turn my cart so the speaker is facing the green because turned away it is inaudible, even at a moderate level. ... But I hear ya Shankster, loud bad or unwelcome music combined with inconsiderate people and slow play is far from an ideal day on the course.
  7. ... Mine has a chin strap that I don't mind using either. But since it has a floppy brim, the wind can blow it down and it covers my eyes. Not good in the middle of a swing, chip or putt LOL!
  8. ... I have loved soft brimmed boonie style hats ever since my dad used them in Viet Nam when he did 2 tours with Special Forces. He was awarded a Silver Star and at the ceremony gave me one of his hats and as a 5th grader, I wore it everywhere and until I finally lost it. He passed away 10 years ago and would be happy to see I still wear that same floppy style but in lighter colors with a wider brim. I don't like stiff brims so these floppy boonies work great in the Phoenix sun as long as the wind is around 10mph or less. Any stronger and I have to go to a baseball cap. Pretty rare for the wind top be less back in Chicago but when it is I always wear my floppy.
  9. ... I think my putting grip is a little unique in that my thumb and trigger finger are inconsequential and are just resting on the grip. I actively hold the grip with the tips of my last 3 fingertips on each hand against the side of the putter grip. It looks relatively conventional. Again, thumb and trigger fingers are irrelevant as they provide nothing in my stroke as far as grip or putter head movement which all comes from the last 3 fingertips of both hands. Those 3 fingertips are also gripping very loosely so I can feel the putter head swinging like a pendulum and that provides maximum feel. I imagine it is why I have such good distance control. ... While this isn't something I would recommend for everyone, it can be worth a try to see if it might free up your grip and stroke adding some feel to your putting. The easiest way to see if it might be beneficial for you is to stroke some putts with your trigger fingers completely off the grip. You can rest your thumbs on the grip but try to feel no pressure from them and stoke the putt using your last 3 fingertips of both hands only, gripping as lightly as you can while maintaining control.
  10. ... Slightly off topic but I just love this video! By far the biggest mistake I see with poor putters is looking up early and moving their body to do so which causes inconsistent direction and distance. In this video you are rock solid with your stroke and follow through, keeping your eyes on the ball position after it is gone and then what I consider the most important rule of putting, you rotate your head and eyes to watch the ball rolling but DO NOT move your trunk or shoulders. Of all the mistakes I see in golf, this one is the easiest to correct and the form in this video is perfect and something anyone can easily copy.
  11. ... LOL par 4 and I hear ya but I like the hole. There are several easy holes on this course so the #1 handicap hole being very difficult but fair is OK with me. I am also guessing many higher index players do not feel the same way because 407yds for them from the mens tees over water (that is irrelevant for better players) with uphill and into the wind conditions and very tall heather left and right results in many 8+ scores on this hole as well as a lost ball or two. Mostly because they tend to over swing and slice/hook the ball trying to hit a big drive off the tee, then a big out if their shoes fairway wood attempting to make up for their poor drive. Typical high index mistakes because hitting an iron or hybrid off the tee turns it into a par 5 or even par 6 but takes the huge number out of play. I think putting the mens tees just behind the 333 yd red forward tees would be a much better option.
  12. .. The main thing that gets lost sometimes is not pulling the flag speeds up play, especially with strangers that are higher index players. Using last winter in Phoenix when I played 107 rounds in 117 days I would estimate 90% or more never pulled the flag. Lets say I am on the green with a 20 footer and the other 3 are off the green. Player 1 and 2 make mediocre chips and are 10-15 feet from the hole. Player 3 blades a chip over the green. I can go ahead and putt while player 3 goes to their ball, and if time players 1 and 2 can putt as well. No need to worry about stepping on someones line, figuring where to drop the flag or one of us holding the flag and then putting it back in for the chip. There is no doubt at all the pace of play is better not pulling the flag. And additionally, nobody is frozen out of the hole waiting forever to putt because one or more players are struggling around the green. ... Obviously with better players it is not as much of a time saver and I can also see regular partners may know each other well and intrinsically know when to pull the flag so it isn't as much of an issue. I also found that personally, I prefer the flag out if I have a 10 footer or less, especially for birdie or eagle. An empty hole just fits my eye much better. But just playing a casual round with 3 strangers I will leave it in if they all play that way, only pulling it for 10 foot birdie/eagle attempts.
  13. ... I will be playing Aguila in Phoenix for 3 months so probably not enough time to birdie every hole, especially since I will be playing other courses too. But back home in Chicago for June thru September maybe I have. chance. Links style course and the defense is the wind that ALWAYS blows as it is high ground and unprotected. I have birdied all 4 par 5's several times but the par 3's are really tough and I have had round were I bogged all 4. Hole 1 | Par 4 | 371 but a tough starting hole. One of the most difficult greens on the course. Birdies are very rare. Hole 2 | Par 4 | 339 90* dogleg left. Shallow green with deep bunker in front. Pretty flat and an easy birdie hole. Hole 3 | Par 3 | 168: Depending on the pin it can be a tough birdie hole to a tough par hole. Hole 4 | Par 5 | 513: Plays uphill off the tee, then downhill to the green. With a tailwind it is reachable in 2. Laying up short and wedging close means birdie opportunity Hole 5 | Par 4 | 367: Downhill off the tee and uphill to the hole. Huge bunkers guard the dogleg left and green is tricky. Birdies are possible but rare. Hole 6 | Par 3 | 142: Usually plays longer, very tricky green and wind is brutal as this is the highest part of the course. Birdies are rare. Hole 7 | Par 4 | 431: Uphill and into prevailing wind, so plays much longer. Not an easy par. I think I have birdied it twice. Hole 8 | Par 5 | 488: hard dogleg right. Cut the corner and reachable in 2. Easy lay up and wedge to a difficult to read green but plenty of birdies available. Hole 9 | Par 4 | 375: Water on bothy sides, on the left all the way to the green and prevailing wind is right to left so water is always in play. Front or middle pin can yield a birdie. Hole 10 | Par 4 | 362: Straight ahead and a breather after the break. Good tee shot sets up a birdie. Hole 11 | Par 4 | 402: 90° dogleg left with water guarding the turn. Hit it close and easy green to reach, further right off the tee for safety , the tougher the hole. Birdies are rare. Hole 12 | Par 5 | 513: Tough tee shot OB right and only woods on the course left with a creek. Pretty wide fairway. Downhill to green reachable in 2 with plenty of birdies and some eagles. Hole 13 | Par 3 | 129: Straight downhill and wind makes clubbing very difficult. Easy to come up short or fly the green. Green is tough and birdies are rare even at 129yds. Hole 14 | Par 4 | 362: Crazy though hole. Only tree on the course is huge, blocks 60% of the fairway with water to the right and OB left. Tough par hole and birdies are very rare. Hole 15 | Par 5 | 539: level off the tee then uphill the entire way. Can't see the green from layup so pin location is a guess. Long but birdies are possible. Hole 16 | Par 4 | 418: Long and plays longer. Uphill off the tee so little roll leaving 200-160 in. Deep bunker guards the front and birdies are pretty rare. Hole 17 | Par 3 | 170: another very hard par 3. Wind blows right to left with water left and right. Hard to get the distance right. But easy pin yields birdies. Hole 18 | Par 5 | 390: Excellent tough finishing hole. Water right the entire way, deep grass mounds left. Great tee shot sets up a birdie depending on wind.
  14. ... Just as a small example at age 66 I was fit into Modus 120 stiff flex. I also play Recoil 95 in stiff flex after being fit by UST. But in Recoil 95 Prototype it was recommended I play regular flex. And Aerotech advised me to play regular flex with the Steelfiber 95's I just installed in my P790's. I hit my 7 iron 170 and I am using a regular flex iron shaft. Yet I have hit Nippon 950GH in x flex, soft stepped once and they felt perfect. Unless you are very familiar with shafts and know what kind of shaft works best for you and then know how any given OEMs shaft plays for those flexes, it is just about impossible to navigate a choice without help.
  15. ... I would say a putter fitting can make a HUGE difference in your game if you are playing the wrong style putter for your stroke. Even the alignment aids can make a difference depending on if you aim your putter head to the line of your putt as perpendicular or parallel. The wrong alignment throws you off before you even start. And then loft can also be very important if you hang back with your hands or keep a forward press through impact. There are plenty of golfers that have a found a putter that works for them by accident, but being fit can be an eye opener and let you know exactly what kind of putter works for you going forward.
  16. ... Most forgiving they can effectively play. I agree with you that being exact is certainly part of the equation for better golfers, and the better you are the more importent it is in the equation. Someone like Tiger that basically shapes every single shot needs complete control of his ball flight, and since he hits the center almost every single time, the most forgiving iron he can effectively play is an MB. OTOH take Bubba Watson who also curves every single shot but he played more forgiving S55's because he does not hit the center like Tiger. ... Using myself as another example, I am around the center of the face most of the time so I play my Z Forged MB's on occasion, basically for a change and they are fun. But I have bad days when my back is stiff and my contact suffers with some shots. It may be only a few but those few can mean the difference of hitting my P790's low on the toe and landing a little short and right of my target 200yds away or landing in the water with that same contact using my ZF's which are much more penal in the mid and especially the long irons. I also need complete control of my trajectory as I flight most of my irons shots and my P790's allow me to do that. I will work the ball left or right to get out of trouble and if really swinging well on any given day, I will also work the ball to far left or far right pin placements. The difference between me and Tiger is I will work the ball from the far side of the green and hope to end up in the middle where Tiger will work the ball from the middle and try to end up next to the hole. Since this is rare for me and I tired to copy Tiger, my miss would be a short side and I just can't take that chance. But most off the time I don't work the ball, I just go at my target with a desirable trajectory. Too much of a GI and of course a SGI makes it harder to control my trajectory. Yes, I can do it but since I don't need the extra forgiveness and it is more difficult to work my trajectory with GI/SGI's a Players Iron is the most forgiving I can play effectively.
  17. ... There is no need for any testing because the reasons for playing any given iron are different for almost all golfers. Play the most forgiving irons you can effectively play. We just don't see golfers attempting to play an x-flex in their driver hoping it will increase their club head speed because they got away with swinging a r-flex at 95 with decent results but the x-flex will make them practice more and force them to increase their swing speed. Nor do we see anyone going back to a 250cc driver head because it will force them to make better contact, something they are lazy about with their 460cc driver and swing more recklessly. Yet we hear players doing exactly that with irons. ... Then there is the mental hurdle of some thinking a MB is the mark of a good player, or at least a thin top line, thin soled, minimally perimeter weighted iron. All of a players focus should be on improving their swing or technique or conditioning or mental approach to holes. Playing a more demanding iron should really not even be on the list. That said, there are those that are convinced playing a more demanding iron will improve their play so perhaps there is doubt using their GI's because maybe they are holding them back? In that case their attitude is holding them back so they need to at least give more demanding irons a try and find out for themselves. ... It is really very simple. If you are talented enough to hit the center or very close to the center on every swing, play whatever looks and feel best to you and gives you the best results. If you miss the center a little every now and then, play an iron that minimizes the effect of those mishits. The more you miss the center, the more forgiving iron you should play. Of course there are trajectory and spin consideration too. If you hit a sole weighted club too high or a higher cg iron too low and if you hit an iron with too much or not enough spin, you need to find what maximizes your overall needs. But the bottom line is, it is different for every player and results of testing would basically be irrelevant to each individual.
  18. New and never used C-Taper 120 stiff flex pulls with new Golf Pride 360 Taylor Made Gray grips 4 - Pw. These were never used and pulled from a set of RBZ Tours. Uncut these cost about $300 with grips. These are still new but pre-cut for irons and I am selling these for less than 1/2 price at only $139 shipped. SOLD!!!
  19. chisag

    New Chromesoft

    ... I have played a couple dozen of the MG CS X Tour Select balls and had no abnormal ball flights. This is from MG Golf that sells a ton of Chrome Soft and CS X balls: "Callaway's "Tour Select" versions—very special balls provided only to Callway's PGA Tour pros (including the elite pros whose names you would immediately recognize) and receive a VIP level of QC. Being tweaked for pro players (and not intended for public sale), they have slight variations to the standard Chrome Soft sidestamp (like a "+" or "★" appended). They are of course USGA conforming."
  20. ... On a side note, I am either very foolish or very lucky. I drank so much in high school and college, I stopped my senior year in college after a particularly bad 2 day hangover. Took off 6 months and when I had a drink for the first time after that alcohol recess, I felt a little queasy and I stopped after one. I have not had a drink since. Been over 40 years now and I can honestly say I really never missed it. OTOH I am no monk either and they have made weed legal in 11 states now and while I am philosophically too healthy in my thinking to smoke anything, edibles are a friend and companion. Talk about putting a strain on your diet, there is nothing quite like the smell of popcorn in a movie theater or seeing some chocolate chocolate cake at the table next to you in a restaurant or watching someone on TV eating a pizza after an edible really kicks in.
  21. ... Just trying too clean out the work shop. I have accumulated a bunch of shafts and will let them go crazy cheap. Great for experimenting or replacement shafts. OEM stock shafts. Just looking to basically cover shipping. $25 for all of them and none of them were ever used, just pulled from new clubs: 1. Ping TFC 59 Distance driver shaft. I believe it came from a LS head. (I think stiff but no designation on the shaft) 44.25" 2. TaylorMade Aeroburner Matrix Speed RUL-Z M Flex driver shaft. 44.25" 3. TaylorMade Fujikura Speeder 57 Lite Flex driver shaft. 42.75" 4. TaylorMade Rocket Fuel 45 L Flex hybrid shaft. 37 7/8" 5. Tour Edge JMax ReactiveFlex 74gm R Flex hybrid shaft. 38 1/8" 6. Cleveland Action Ultralite 50 W Flex hybrid shaft. 37.5" These are also brand new pulls and never used with new grips (not XP's). Steel shafts that came from a set of Cleveland 588TT's, a 7/6/5 Nike Forged Combo set and various wedge shafts. $59 $39 shipped for all of them: 1. Dynamic Gold XP R300 from 588TT's pw-5. PW is 33 5/8ths with no grips. I believe the set was 1/2" short of standard but obviously all hosels are different depth. 2. Dynamic Gold DG Pro R300 from Nike Forged Combo 7/6/5. Starting at 35 5/8ths with new Nike grips. 3. Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex from Cleveland RTX 3 CB 56 and 52 with plastic still on the grips. 4. Nike Wedge shafts from Engage 58 wedge flex, DG S400 and DG Wedge Flex. 5. True Temper XP90 from Vokey SM6 58 wedge. 6. Dynamic Gold Wege flex from unknown head. 7. I can also include p-8 shafts from Nike Forged Combo irons. Step-less design but unknown flex or brand.
  22. ... I was lucky enough to play a round of golf with John Oldenburg, the designer of the NV and NVS as well as many other shafts before leaving Aldila. I was playing the NV Xtreme at the time, basically a tour version of the NV, and John said that if the original NV or NVS fit your swing with great numbers, you were not going to find a better shaft. He said he was tweaking the designs for those that were just a near fit or didn't fit into the originals. But the Micro Laminate Technology allowing a constant taper was a breakthrough in shaft design and as a smooth swinger I was finally able to play a stiff tipped shaft without it feeling too boardy. Quite a few Pros were still using the NV just a few years ago. And Aldila did some more tweaking to the NV design adding some other features, but it was still basically the NV. Nick Price made a pretty good living using the NVS in his driver and fw woods. ... So in the immortal almost words of Johnnie Cochran "If it fits, you must not quit."
  23. ... Love your posts Pug. Living a healthy life is a choice, and with all the ads throw at us, not an easy choice. Many of us get away with crap when we are young but the older we get the more important a healthy lifestyle becomes. Obviously if we would have made the choice in our youth we probably would have never been in the health position we found ourselves. Overweight, poor digestion, tired, achy, inflammation etc, etc. ... I am reminded of a video I was the spokesperson for a good 25 years ago. A Money Management firm in KC and the CEO's philosophy was "The best time to invest is when you are young because it will make old age comfortable. The 2nd best time to invest is ... right now." That stuck with me and it seems to apply to most everything in life.
  24. ... What a breakfast azstu! I saw TOOL a few years ago at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago and it was one of the worst concert experiences of my life. Accoustics were atrocious and sound was just garbled noise. Thankfully I got to see them again this past fall at the United Center and it was one of the best concert experiences of my life with excellent acoustics.
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