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  1. ... Well done! I played yesterday with 2 guys struggling with all their shots. One on #9 after 4 shots to get pin high right of the green to an easy straight forward 352 yd par 4 and hitting over a mound from thick grass and the other on the left side having to clear a bunker from deep rough after 3 to get there ... guy on the right hits it a little thin and it smacks the pin dead center and stops. Guy on the other side hits his too strong and it takes one hop and ready to run off the other side but that one hop wedged right against the flag/foam donut and the hole. I have never seen 2 players pitch in from bad lies on the same hole AND both shots lucky the flag was in the way or would have had at least 15-20 feet coming back. Ya have to think the golf Gods have a warped sense of humor.
  2. ... I have had bogie free rounds, how many I can't really say although probably less than 10. And never 2 bogie free rounds in a row!
  3. ... As always, great read Barbajo! I kept my original 588 LW for quite a few years until The Iron Factory ruined it. Sent in at D8 and they put the wrong shiny chrome finish on it, so they took it back and applied the correct satin finish. But after 2 refinishes, it came back at C8. My only gripe with Cleveland wedges is they seem to have no idea how to blend a hosel, which should just disappear at address. They have also had a rounded leading edge that works well for many but doesn't fit my eye, especially when opening my LW for a flop shot. Just personal preference of course but I am hoping Cleveland finally went back to a blended hosel and a straighter leading edge for this players version because I would love to play a Cleveland wedge again.
  4. ... Yup, really nice shorts and an insane deal. I just don't like waist grabbers. I should never order clothes/shoes without trying them on. My loss and den748's gain.
  5. ... This is why we write reviews as my experience has been the opposite. Of course I am coming from P790's and P760's and especially compared to the 790's a true players distance iron T100-S are coming up short when not the distance I am looking for. Every now and then I can get to the back of the green and a handful of times just over, but always when in-between clubs. Not saying the T100-S are short by any means as it took me a long time to get used to the distance I was hitting the 790's or 760 mid/long irons and I was never comfortable with 5* gaps. It is gonna be interesting once I feel completely comfortable with the T100-S and play several rounds in succession with my P760's for comparison. Personally, I would not put the 790's in the same category but everyone is different. I am looking forward to your review!
  6. ... LOL, not my idea of fun. I have spent years trying to control my ball around the greens and I have gotten to where I know how aggressive to hit my ball to make it stop instantly or roll out a little. Last time I aggressively chipped a Top Flite XL it should have taken one hop, stopped and trickled a few inches. Instead it just hopped, hopped again and didn't even consider stopping until it reached the fringe on the other side of the green. Takes an entirely different approach to play those things. But I tip my cap to you guys for making life difficult... and enjoying it!
  7. ... Nothing different per se. My back gets stiff which is a fancy way of saying it hurts but I play anyway because life is short. I can't really throw my arms thru impact as that creates torque and my body naturally protects itself so my entire body turns thru impact. It isn't intentional and I can play that way with some degree of success, but when my back feels loose, I can make the kind of free flowing swings I need to make to play good golf. Took yesterday off and just felt pretty darned good today and with my first swing, a 4 iron off the tee that felt like dead center and went right where I wanted it to go I knew it was gonna be a good round. Stayed that way for 6 holes and then the rain. ... The 760's with foam and hollow heads in the mid and long irons are pretty long and very forgiving for a small headed iron. Really the best long irons I have played. But one area where the T100-S are obviously better is partial and knockdown shots. I think the foam heads and thin faces tend to fly a little farther than I like sometimes but the T100-S are very predictable with partial and knockdown shots, either on the money or a little short, which is exactly what I want with those shots.
  8. ... My T100-S must have heard my clubs talking as I played my P760's Sunday and hit the ball better than I have the last several rounds. They reminded me why I love them and was not looking for other irons until the T100-S were available for review, really the only other irons I was interested in playing. Started out hitting every green and every fairway thru the first 6 holes. Birdie-par-par-birdie-par-birdie. Hit my tee shot on the 7th hole and the heavens parted, thunder roared and rain cascaded down on Chicago. Sat under a pavilion roof for an hour and the rain finally almost stopped so we hit our tee shots on 7 and an unseen lightening bolt sounded like it broke something right over our heads. I could not get to the parking lot fast enough. ... But the T100-S were insanely accurate today. I have had some trouble with distances, not fliers or coming up short, just figuring out which iron toe use in in between yardages with wind and elevation changes but not today. PW from 121 to 6 feet birdie, PW from 129 to 12 feet par, 8 iron from 151 to 15 feet par, 7 iron from 161 to 3 feet birdie, 48* to 10 feet par and 5 iron from 184 to 10 feet birdie. Then rain, rain and more rain when ZERO rain was predicted. Again, I was hitting the ball better than I have the last 5 or 6 rounds and the Golf Gods evidently just weren't gonna have it. Hopefully I can pick up where I left off tomorrow but we all know how that goes...
  9. ... Amen. Could you even begin to imagine the whining and complaining from men if they gave birth? Their golf games would be ruined by the near death experience of childbirth. A gazillion threads like "About to give birth for the first time, what should I expect?"
  10. ... Pretty true to size for me. The entire shorts are made of a stretchy material so they can cover true fit to a hair smaller fit.
  11. PRICE DROP!!!! 6 pair of shorts that retail for $65 (currently on sale for $27.97 each) so 6 pair are $167.82 but I am selling these for $49 shipped!!!!
  12. ... In the words of Dennis Hopper talking to Christian Slater in True Romance "Slow it down man!" Just go at it slower to get a feel for your balance and maintain it all the way to your follow thru. Once you can swing and maintain your balance on one foot, then you can increase your speed slowly until you can't maintain your balance any longer. That is right where your speed and tempo need to be for most golfers. That said, if you can take an aggressive cut like your last swing and hit fairways and greens you are good to go. But most importantly, do it with a ball. We can all take great practice swings, doing it while hitting ball changes the dynamics for most of us.
  13. ... Shafts obviously perform differently for different players, but the Altus is one of my favorite hybrid shafts. Originally in my RBZ Tour hybrid, I have installed it in several hybrids and now it is back in my RBZ. A pretty tight shaft with a little controlled kick and for me, very accurate. I think they are steal at that price!
  14. … I played with a guy yesterday that was confused by years of Golf Magazine articles showing him the best way to hit a golf ball. Trouble was, he tried to incorporate them all and was in no mans land changing constantly during the round. Basically he wanted to know if it is best to have a body driven swing, an arm driven swing or a hands driven swing. My answer was it is different for every individual. He was really struggling so I did something I normally would not recommend. While we waited on the par five 15th tee box, I had him do a drill. He teed up 2 balls and with his 7 iron I had him take a full swing standing on his left foot only, then the 2nd standing on his right foot only. This drill can identify a myriad of problems from weight shift to over swinging but you must use your body, arms and hands together or you will lose your balance. It can also help identify if you are individually over using your body, arms or hands. … It is almost impossible to make decent contact by dragging the club away without a natural wrist cock. Granted some cock sooner or later in the backswing but dragging it back and then attempting to hit with the body is a common flaw, and exactly what Bucky was doing. He could not even start the drill without falling off of one leg. I showed him how to use his hands to cock the club while his arms and body moved in support and keep his balance. He thought the whole idea was to take the hands out of the swing and let the big muscles control the swing. I told him to think of a MLB pitcher throwing the ball at 100 mph and did he think they took their hands out of throwing the ball? He replied of course not and I said the golf wing is the same kind of kinetic chain. A pitcher pushes off his back foot, continues the forward moving by turning his hips first, then the upper body follows with the arms accelerating and the hands providing the final whip. Every successful golf swing incorporates the same movements. Now individuals may "feel” like those movements are more body driven if the have over active hands or feel it is more hand movement if they have an over active body. We all perceive a similar motion differently but a good swing incorporates the entire body from feet to hands. … If you struggle with swing thoughts or feel your swing is inconsistent from swing to swing, try the one legged drill. First take swings off the front foot only, then swings off the back foot only. It will force you to use a proper sequence and not over swing to keep your balance and make solid contact. Keeping your balance on one foot with your follow thru is best, but at the completion of the swing moving forward taking a step to your target is OK too. Falling backward or forward is not, so continue to swing on one leg until you can do so in balance and making good contact and then use that same feel with a normal stance and swing.
  15. ... If you fall into the medium swing speed category, there is a very good chance the Xtreme will be magical, according to MGS testing. They could have just read my review. https://mygolfspy.com/2020-most-wanted-the-best-drivers-for-mid-swing-speeds/
  16. ... Pretty much right there with you, the exception being in bold print. LOTS of reasons walking can be better for performance than riding as well as the reverse. I like to stay active, keeping my muscles loose and walking makes that so much easier and I never sit during a round. Sitting in a cart and passively riding, then getting out and swinging a club athletically, then getting back in a cart and passively sitting is a recipe for poor play for me. After 2 back surgeries sitting in a cart and bouncing my discs is never a good thing. When I m forced to take a cart on a course with distances too long from green to tee or elevations that make walking impossible I always try and let my pard drive and I walk as much as possible. I'm happy to buy them a beer or two or whatever they want from the cart girl if they allow me to walk and meet them at my ball after they hit their shot. ... Then there are those with bad knees, hips, ankles etc that can walk but might get too sore or start to hurt by the back 9 so riding in a cart will make a difference in their play too. You were generalizing for the majority and I get that, but I just wanted to throw out there lots of different folks play the game with different physical abilities.
  17. ... There are just so many not good but great options available today. Every single OEM offers an array of irons to fit any ability requirements. Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to play any OEMs clubs our being a fanboy. 10 years ago this was not the case, but today you can choose from Srixon, Mizuno, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Wilson and Callaway and they all have a club for every level of player and every preference. ... This is a golf forum so asking for suggestions is never a bad idea and always fun, but give me 25 different golfers looking at Z785, 919 Forged, P760, T100/T100--S, i210, FG Tour V6 and Apex Pro and everyone of those irons will be selected as The Best.
  18. ... No need here amigo. Justification and Rationalization are meaningless words on a golf equipment forum!
  19. The Player Current gamer - TaylorMade TP5x Handicap - +0.7 7 iron distance with current ball - 160 yd Trajectory - Mid/High Putter - Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 The Ball Bridgestone B-RX - 2020 Distance - Maybe a hair shorter? Trajectory - Mid/High Spin - High Spin Feel - Medium/Soft Durability - Best Ever! Rating - Outstanding performance and durability Notes: - I find it just a hair shorter with all clubs - Performed well in the wind, but not quite as good as my TP5x - Softer feel but similar performance as any premium ball I have played - I like the minimal graphics approach with just a big B and a red number - Only played 3 rounds with this ball but durability is the best I have ever seen. Ball looks almost new after 18 holes. #2 ball on the left after 18 holes compared to new unused #4 ball on the right in the picture. - Previous RX balls have never spun enough around the greens but this ball spins almost as much as my TP5x and the first RX ball I have found playable for my short game style. - I have played in strong winds all 3 rounds so not sure about distance until I can play in some benign conditions. My gut tells me it is just a hair shorter than my TP5x, like less than 5 yds off the driver and a couple yards shorter with my irons. Since the TP5x is a firmer ball, I'm not sure how much I like the softer feel of the B-RX but it certainly is not too soft. It is hard to argue with the durability and those of you that don't start every round with a new ball will be ecstatic with the durability of the B-RX. My initial impression is it will not replace the TP5x as my gamer, but after some practice rounds in less windy conditions where I can compare them side by side, I reserve the right to change my mind.
  20. ... I was thinking of this thread when playing today. I was hitting my T100-S really well and getting off the tee nicely too. I am getting tired of the wind which was around 20 mph today. Seems like we have had only 1 or 2 windless days this spring/summer. It makes putting difficult as well. But enough cry babying, I missed 2 very makable birdie putts and after chipping close after just missing the green from 181 with my trusty 4 iron and that 20 mph wind dead in my face, I realized I had 2 birdies and 2 bogies. Parred 17 and then hit a really nice drive on 18 leaving me 165 to a pin tucked back left over 2 bunkers, wind left to right so the play was go right at the pin and let the wind drift the ball to the middle of the green. I thought "that makes a solid par but only an outside shot at birdie so I started the ball left of the green with a 6 iron and let he wind bring it back to the hole. Landed in the fringe and trickled to about 8 feet. ... Felt like tournament pressure knowing even par puts me back in this thread but a birdie means 1 under par and I could post in How'd You Play instead. Putts just are not breaking like normal this year so I decided to not give the hole away, looked good until the last 6" and just caught the lip on the low side for a tap in par. So here I am.
  21. ... The irony is, those are the golfers that usually improve the most and the quickest. Especially women. Women tend to be much more literal than men. If you tell a women to swing at 1/2 speed just trying too slow them down a little, they swing 1/2 speed. Tell a guy to swing at 1/2 speed and he reduces his speed by 5% and says "I barely swung the club!" LOL. But many women have some fundamental issues that can be fixed with a lesson. I loved teaching women because they listened and responded. Not to generalize too much, but most women tend to attempt to keep the face square to the target line because it just makes common sense. This causes a myriad of problems that can be fixed with some good drills. If she loves playing, I would highly recommend a lesson package. She might be surprised by the results. And lastly, it is a lot easier to teach someone with a very flawed swing than someone with a decent swing that just needs some minor tweaking, so let her know good instructors love 20 handicaps!
  22. ... I have had 18 straight pars only once, and it felt like a tie. It was a course I play a lot and if it were a championship caliber course I was playing for the first time I would feel differently. As cnosil said, it ain't like I hit every fairway, every green and 2 putted. It took some grinding to save pars and some misses to avoid birdies. I much prefer having some variety with bogies and birdies. I had 5 birdies yesterday and 3 bogies. One of the bogies was a topped tee shot that went 30 yards when I tried to tee it up higher than normal and ride the wind ... just dumb as a normal tee shot downwind would leave me a 9i/Pw in anyway. I still almost saved par missing a 10 footer that just didn't break. Plugged in a bunker on a par 3 for another bogie and found a fairway bunker with a 3 wood but right up against the lip and could only 58* myself out for my 3rd bogie. For me at least, much more fun than 18 straight pars.
  23. ... I always told my students never give advice about anything you learned in a lesson, especially if it worked well for you. Quite often a good instructor will give advice that would normally be very bad advice but in the case of one individual student, it can work wonders. It might be an exaggeration or an attempt to accomplish something to correct a fault. An example would be someone reverse pivoting and leaning toward the target at the top of their backswing. I might ask them to move their head over their back foot at the top of their backswing. Of course I don't want them to move their head more than an inch or two, preferably keeping their head in the same position but because they are moving their head forward but thinking they are keeping their head still, it is necessary to exaggerate the movement. After getting comfortable with the move, I can explain what we are doing and why it worked. But you don't want to tell a student up front "I really don't want you to move your head over your back foot, I just have to trick you into a proper movement." ... The biggest danger with giving advice if you are not qualified to do so, is you may certainly recognize a symptom but not the cause. You cannot address the symptom without fixing the cause which of course might just make things worse. When asked during a round, I will sometimes give one piece of advice if I think it is something they can accomplish on their own. Simple fixes like moving their shoulders or head following their putter head or the ball, so getting them to recognize they are moving and how much more stable their putting stroke will be if they remain still and not not lift and look but swivel their head well after the ball is gone... kinda thing. It has to be something obvious that can easily be recognized and addressed or I recommend seeing a professional for a lesson.
  24. chisag

    Evenflow anyone?

    ... Have you hit the Tensei Pro Orange? I would think it might be a nice fit for you combining the best of the Even Flow Black and Hzrdus Yellow. Extremely stiff tip but a smooth feel which is a very unique combination.
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