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  1. Joe Fresno, Ca Sim Max D 10 103 TSi2 Thank you these looks amazing!
  2. Joe/Fresno/California Scotty Cameron 5W I went through the fitting and the Ketsch is the one they recommend. I have had a full bag fitting but the putter fitting seemed like an after thought so I'd like to see if this can help.
  3. Joe, Fresno Ca Cleveland RTX4 54/58 Loft you would choose- 54
  4. I reside in Fresno, California and my handicap hovers right at 10. I currently play the 2020 Cobra Forged Tec irons and hit my 153 yards according to my Arccos app. I do not know that much about Sub70, but I think I heard that the owner is very responsive and their customer service is top notch. I'd love to learn more about the DTC company. Thanks for the chance!
  5. Joe/California Ping Tour Stiff 65 103 mph I actually am hitting my driver really well right now, but my flight is a bit too high. I'd like to lower the height of my driver. My teacher has one that he would allow me to use during a lesson.
  6. Joe California 10 handicap 108 MPH Cobra F9 9* G410 Plus Thank you!
  7. Thanks for the oppurtunity - Joe, California - I currently use a Golf Buddy laser range finder and a Golf Buddy VS4 GPS
  8. What an amazing opportunity! 1. Joe Fresno, Ca 2. 11 3. Driver/3W/5W/3H/5-P/CBX GW/SW/LW and a TFI Elevado 33 inch with fat grip or Whatever you say I actually need!
  9. Joe California/USA 9.5 Cobra F7 4-GW Thanks this would be exciting!
  10. Joe B. California 9.5 I have used an app on my Apple Watch and a Garmin GPA watch I have an Arccos on my driver Thanks for the chance!
  11. 9.5 Fresno, Ca 107 255-260 F7+ Just bought the F7 irons and I love them!
  12. Joe Bracamonte Fresno, Ca longer shots are a strength, sand is a weakness as is a tendency to shank once in a while with a sand wedge Purple, NS Pro Modus3 105, Stiff, -.25" Dyla-Wedge Aqua Thanks!
  13. Is the black and silver putter still for sale? Which is it?
  14. Joe Bracamonte Fresno CA HDCP 11 I use Taylormade EF wedges 50, 54, 58
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